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Bacon Jelly Beans

Since sweets are so good, and bacon is so good, there's no reason not to merge them!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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11 reviews

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What is this?

Cool but not well;)

written by Tuttings, 04/06/13

Very fine boxes and cool come on! The children in the street LOVE bacon, but bacon mints fell not in taste - still get the top score for gimmick :)

More for fun ...

written by pson, 04/07/13

Do you have imagination and spoiled taste buds so bothered you enough both to eat it and think it tastes bacon. Self I spat it out immediately.

Perfect for a bacon lover

written by Sussi, 08/08/13

Gave this gift to a good friend and he was very excited. A good buy for anyone who loves bacon :-)

tasted bad

written by Sophie, 22/10/13

I ordered this as a gift, but tasted them to be sure that the tastes of bacon. I spat it out immediately and the remaining 69 beans landed in the garbage. They tasted the head not of bacon, and it was... Read more

Almost threw up ...

written by Ulrik, 21/11/13

When I opened the box, it seemed like one of those moments of left out series where someone opens a pack of something, and there comes a green cloud up with a skull in the middle. It smelled bacon. It... Read more

Expectations not met

written by Mutzke, 02/01/14

The Bacon Beans taste only initially by Bacon. If you then continue chewed unfortunately sustained a very strong "dentist-taste" in the mouth. From Bacon no trace. Pity me had hoped for more... Read more

Add, add, add ...

written by Karla Barbier, 15/08/14

I ordered these "bacon beans" as a gift for a friend. When they came I tasted just a matter of curiosity and was VERY negatively surprised! They taste not even the bacon and you too with 100... Read more


written by Iben, 18/11/14

Tasted the scent straight and not of bacon, as me and my girlfriend had expected. But it's not Cool Stuff guilt

Okeej ...

written by Smilllan_, 01/01/15

They are very disgusting, but think they are funny. You can set out a bowl like that and pretend it's sort of strawberry. It's great fun to watch !!

Super fast delivery

written by Brogaard, 11/03/15

Very good service and fast delivery. Also wrote on a product that was sold out, got in a short time message that it was now back in stock. Lovely with link in the email.


written by MaraiiKawaii, 21/07/15

When I got it it did not meet my expectations. Selvføglelig I had not anticipated that it would taste good but it all did not taste of bacon bothered me. It tasted more burnt. I gave some of them to m... Read more

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