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Battery Case for iPhone

More juice for your iPhone With a battery case, you can wirelessly charge your telephone no matter where you are; at the same time, it is protected if you happen to juggle it! The case is available for iPhone 6/6S/7 and for the iPhone 6/6S Plus/7 Plus.

Battery Case for iPhone - Battery Case iPhone 6/7
Battery Case iPhone 6/7
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Battery Case for iPhone - Battery Case iPhone 6/7 Plus
Battery Case iPhone 6/7 Plus
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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iPhone loses functionality

written by Daniel, 01/09/17

Very smart compared to a PowerBank, but unfortunately beyond the phone's features, if you have an iPhone 7, the sound goes through the lightning plug and not a regular jack. Your headset will not ... Read more

An ok product

written by Allenby, 06/09/17

A perfect product for me who use tele much! But the charging hole has already begun to leave just 2 weeks old!

Battery cover for the phone

written by Lene, 18/09/17

A bit heavy and big for the iPhone 7+, yet amazing. Incredibly convenient to charge the phone with a touch of the cover. Then a power bank and management will not have to go. I'm going to buy more... Read more

Cruel battery

written by Kjell, 21/09/17

Rarely as my expectations (after the MacWorld review) have become so embarrassing, and in this case exceeded, and that with a shame. The skull is really good for my 6+, it adds to the weight, but now ... Read more

Uses every day

written by Atterbom, 21/09/17

Perfectly nice to avoid tangled wires. Something heavy, but not so much that it botheres. Good price! Stylish and simple

Help mobile phone charge

written by Hasse, 21/09/17

The product is a bit heavy to have tel all the time, but so easy to use, so the amount is included in the bag or the jacket because it is not bulky or heavy. I was very surprised by the product qualit... Read more

Battery shell iPhone 7

written by Anders, 12/10/17

Pleasure with mobile mess, the only disadvantage I discovered is that I can not use handsfree wires. Otherwise fully satisfied.

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