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BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Game Set

Play by spinning the wheel to choose a colour and see which flavour you get. Booger looks just the same as pear and rotten egg looks like popcorn and ... Dare you play the jelly bean game?

BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Game Set - BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Box 5th Edition
BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Box 5th Edition
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

BeanBoozled Jelly Beans Game Set - BeanBoozled Refill 4th Edition 54g
BeanBoozled Refill 4th Edition 54g
78 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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101 reviews

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What is this?

Simple game for those who like a challenge

written by Freddan, 06/05/13

The game is very simply designed and can easily be carried in your pocket. Offers a lot of laughs when someone grimacing runs off to spit it disgusting. One tip is to have something for breath in stor... Read more

invaluable entertainment

written by Nikolaj, 27/08/13

They were used as punishment for a men's evening .. It was immensely amusing and created a really good atmosphere .. MUST try it!

Great party game

written by -SarahS_MuM-, 16/10/13

I gave it to my friend for a birthday, because he's raving about Jelly Belly. I would recommend playing it in a round with friends. The varieties are really disgusting. :) Have twice turned on the... Read more

Great fun!

written by M, 23/10/13

We have played with just adults and children and adults. Had as much fun everyone :) Tasted as described on the box, in both good and bad

Halloween Games with many laughs :)

written by Hippie69, 06/11/13

Good to know the customer: it is a one-off game, "candy enough only a game. A game that can be played in all age groups large and small. Many laughs will be when mom gets to eat diaper for exampl... Read more

Jellybeans in all flavors

written by Vicky, 10/12/13

Who ever wanted to see a face that has a fist, should buy jellybeans. The facial expressions are worth it! ^^

terribly funny!

written by anastasia, 16/12/13

fantastically fun game! the "different" flavors are really something special! To see a teammate reaction when they received centipede taste in the mouth is priceless! highly recommended!


written by Carmeee, 19/12/13

It's fun to see others get a flavor that tastes properly disgusting, but when you have to roll on the wheel itself and take a bite, it is not even funny, says himself perhaps. Some of the flavors ... Read more


written by r0b3rt, 20/12/13

I really like the games of chance, especially if there is a kind of punishment with the losing, so this was urkul to play with some friends, just "because", and see the funny expressions whe... Read more

Very good

written by pf, 26/12/13

Super fast delivery Rating: Very good article and as I imagined Chow

Fun but obnoxious

written by Judith, 27/12/13

It's amazing how they can get it to taste just as one would imagine it tastes. Damn fun, but also a little obnoxious!

funny games

written by Cornelia, 30/12/13

Very small carton but it does not so much in that it still can not handle very many "bad" taste in a row! Really fun game and perfect gift!

Fun and obnoxious

written by Lena, 31/12/13

It was really a fun Christmas gift giving and also to try afterwards :) package is not so great, but the flavors are super dank! The worst is probably snot think. They taste every bit synthetic in it ... Read more

Big fun

written by Mutzke, 02/01/14

DAs game brings a lot of fun for all ages. The beans are actually so disgusting that you / woman she could not swallow. The game is very exciting, because you do not know what to expect when chewing. ... Read more

Very Funny game!

written by NuffelChy, 02/01/14

We played the game with three players and it was really fun. Pretty strange varieties, but it was fun! xD


written by Malin, 03/01/14

A fun product. I have not opened it yet, but have tried it once before. There are some very strange and not so good tastes. Not for those with sensitive stomachs. Fast delivery.

Not for the sensitive stomach

written by Tina, 04/01/14

The fun factor of the game is huge, so long as one gets only the good dragees. Full 3 laps we did. All coated tablets are actually the disgusting taste as described (rotten eggs, vomit ...) but with l... Read more

Laughter for all

written by Det stora barnet, 07/01/14

Very affordable festive fun for big and small. Easy to get started, tension with unknown flavors and a large dose of genuine glee !!!

Sehr Gut.

written by GBYE, 23/01/14

The flavors were disgusting as it should be. Has become a bit discouraged since I ate it with the taste of rotten eggs, but I did anyways the product that I hoped I had bought.

Great product!

written by Daa, 03/02/14

Hey COOL SHOP! I love this product, it is unbelievable how realistic the various small "bean" tastes. My friends, family and I have had much fun with this game. We made a "challenge&quo... Read more

Great product!

written by Daa, 03/02/14

Hey COOL STUFF! I love this product, it is unbelievable how realistic the various small "bean" tastes. My friends, family and I have had much fun with this game. We made a "challenge&qu... Read more


written by Becky, 10/02/14

The box was very small, I thought it would be a bit bigger, but the game itself what is not challenging that yes had thought, and the beans were very many disgusting beans, such as they brown, all but... Read more


written by HC, 17/02/14

Funny game, see if friends can take it. Eat a bugbear elle dog food, you do not know what you / I we hade a fun night out of it,

What a party fun ...

written by Moldextr, 12/03/14

The absolute hit at all diehard Harry Potter fans !!! Finally everyone knows as "puke", "ear wax" etc. actually taste! Great idea! I brought the wheel of fortune on my birthday use... Read more


written by Beatrice, 26/03/14

It's a very fun and cool thing to try sometime. It's really fun to make with his best friend, or you can do a little prank on their parents to give them a bean o see whether it is good or disg... Read more


written by Merrycris, 31/03/14

I like the product to the right so very exciting. My family liked it very much. The best flavors are soooo worth running game, they are jäääkligt good. That said, we liked playing really, really great... Read more

Highly recommended!

written by MiatressFish, 29/04/14

This product I ended up buying when I was holding a party and wanted to have a little "entertainment". Can immediately say that it was VERY popular with guests with their flavors. Unfortunat... Read more

Millipedes are not well

written by Naomi, 11/06/14

BeanBoozled is disgusting fantastic! Guarantees laughter - the facial expressions of the victim who get to taste them is worth gold. Coming enough to buy more boxes later.

fun games

written by Malene, 12/06/14

Very fun game that you may well get some time to go with. It's always nerve-wracking if you get one with good taste or tastes vile.

Troubled fun!

written by Linn, 17/06/14

Bought them without any game plan, but it could just as well anyway! Shared simply print them to the group and so we took one color at a time. Drove it with the team I train (teenage holder) and it wa... Read more

Purchase of product with cool stuff

written by Pia hougesen, 21/06/14

Is pleased with the product. However, it did more than 1-2 days delivery, but we got it in time so we are satisfied. We also purchased by

That's fun

written by Elke, 30/07/14

The game is fun to children. There was a lot of laughter. but had to put spit bucket, which was also used.

Jelly Bean Boozled

written by Thea, 05/08/14

I think the game is very fun, but we lacked skunks, licorice, blyantspidsersnulder and banana. It was quite disappointing.


written by Iben, 18/11/14

It was a real cool game and rather obnoxious to play, but lived up to expectations! Well found at

Is there anyone who has missed Jellybeans?

written by Patricia, 11/12/14

A fantastic fun way to play with family & friends, it is sick nervy in case you get a nasty taste! Suitable for both small and adult, to become somewhat addicted to it!


written by nicole, 12/12/14

I wanted the parts have always and can not be expected where there will be a bean-boozled challenge the party. THANK YOU


written by beate vindfjell, 22/12/14

Thank you for letting us ordered gifts with you, it came at the right time to us no problem with the mail rather ***

Finally, to obtain

written by Mette, 23/12/14

It has been really difficult to find food, but is happy about it now succeeded. Is a gift to my children who have requested it very long

What a success! Howler Disgusting!

written by Adiemus, 05/01/15

The hysterical roar that surrounds the game round says it all. Dirty The candy kettles vomiting reflexes at a part, and titter intestines dancing lambada on the other.

BeanBozzled Jellybeans

written by Mary, 05/01/15

I ordered BeanBozzled Jellybeans so that we could continue to play our game that I purchased before the Cool Stuff. I am delighted with these beans that we have so much fun with on Christmas Eve inclu... Read more

Tastes really bad

written by Camilla Louise, 07/01/15

Living up to expectations, used them almond gift for Christmas. It is a hit among both children and adults


written by Jimmi, 09/01/15

Super good game, we were entertained to a grand medal. Both children and old knavler with. I bought an extra pack of beans but was a little disappointed that one color was snug two.

Funny jelly beens

written by Joan, 23/01/15

Fun and a fun game for both children and adults. Can easily recommended. The children were moved by it, so they would love to have many more, it is so terrible that the shipment of the product is as e... Read more

It was ok

written by Haris, 25/01/15

They love them. Play and eat sweets, that's what kids love. Here, they get it. Do you think really that it was the "bad" are the most exciting. Anyways, the only comment is the size - co... Read more

ADD !!!!

written by Martin Østergaard , 13/03/15

Great fun game, it lives up to my expectations! Should you so "unlucky" to take a wrong, so it tastes just as ugly as promised, highly recommendable

Easy and quick

written by Heidi, 04/04/15

Easy and clear ordering page. The goods came as promised a few days after ordering. Nothing to expose. Acting like this again another time.

super fun game and very fast delivery

written by Lena, 06/04/15

my children had seen BeanBoozled game on youtube, and were eager to try it myself, I ordered it on a Monday and had it delivered Tuesday so that play could start after school. Imagine a kind of Russia... Read more

The bean boozled

written by Eleanor , 06/04/15

The fat product. Very content and you too much for money, despite how expensive it hvar. This stuff here deserve to heat cool stuff

BeanBoozled Jelly Beans refill

written by Rikke, 10/04/15

Sorry, we could not get hold of the game itself, but a huge hit for the kids even outside the game itself - then they found just a breeze even with Jelly Beans'ene. Mega hilarious they seem.

fun idea

written by Joen, 13/04/15

It's something the kids enjoy themselves. We adults have given us some interesting "taster". The fact that you can take a tastes of unsavory things instead of a tasty lozenge, it is real... Read more

Jelly Bean

written by Britt, 13/04/15

It is too expensive. Freight should be free for such a small thing. Had ordered a small box of jelly beans for 40 kr. And the cargo was on top also 40 kr.

incredibly fun

written by caroline , 20/04/15

The product came on time and is fun to play with at all times, both with friends and family :) you do not necessarily have to buy the game itself, but just buy the beans and use them for other games s... Read more


written by Lena, 07/05/15

Fun game that engages all ages. Appreciated especially by the younger teenagers. Provides much laughter!

Became a really successful video.

written by Kevin Alexsson, 11/05/15

So I bought this product to make a YouTube video on my channel 'Sedated Cat.' And I must say it was a very successful video and the product was exactly as we had expected: horribly disgusting ... Read more

foot experience

written by IbenKG , 11/05/15

best breakfast in town! Or .... It did not taste as good, but I think almost everyone

Super Fun Games

written by Kasper, 15/05/15

We could easily play 10 people with that one game where we in turn train trip on the spinner. All the people thought it was fun, big and small.

everything ok

written by Jakob, 28/05/15

Good and easily store, everything was as it should be. Transparent and fast delivery. Info Mail disappeared, however, spam filter, but it is not the store's fault.

Fun but disgusting

written by Elise, 30/05/15

Very fun but add when you get a disgusting taste :-) They're a little expensive when you consider that it is candy ..:


written by Matias Engelbrechtsen, 23/06/15

They were both good and very disgusting, especially those who were with Rotten Eggs Sure socks and dog-food. The toothpaste slid as did those with cloths. : D Regards a very satisfied customer. :);): ... Read more

Fun but small?

written by Nathalia, 17/07/15

It's super fun and well found on (: but it looks bigger on the photo (: ... The cost much how little you get (:

Too funny

written by Kate, 20/07/15

Can so much recommended. People make the funniest facial expressions when they got there was less good. mega humor boyfriend has already ordered three new bags

Ugh ... in a good way

written by Chrisse Ryhänen, 20/07/15

Fun flavors, and the box can be found in enough beans! I recommend almost everyone! (No herkiksille!)

Great fun for the whole family that dare

written by Majken, 20/07/15

Lots of fun and spas for parents who dare to be childish with their children. We certainly had much fun out of having a bag each and then turns choosing color ... Counting to three .... And then hope ... Read more


written by Manja Wendicke, 22/07/15

It was fast delivery and excellent quality of the game and to cheap money I highly recommend Cool Stuff.

Living up to expectations!

written by Jokeren, 27/07/15

BeanBoozled Jelly Beans fully lived up to the description and all the reviews which are available on youtube - The bean that tastes like dog food, canned is just disgusting and vomiting is also bad, b... Read more


written by Morten, 11/09/15

I bought it as a gift to a 9 year old boy :) He packed it out and there was almost Christmas lights in his eyes. Did not really understand that this could give so much joy, and my expectations of flav... Read more

For game with Bean Boozled

written by Jenu, 22/09/15

Delicious product .. A little expensive! But worth ☺️

Fun for kids

written by Heidi , 25/09/15

The kids think it is fun to play on which one they should taste. Some tastes good and other tastes terrible to the amusement of those who are lucky enough not to get the bad.

the taste of the game

written by eo, 28/09/15

Overpriced game ... Not worth buying. Boy commissioned when the picture was nähttänyt good. Disappointment was. Well, you know which ens at a time to be more specific.

time for fun

written by Smirde, 01/10/15

However, more fun to look on as the play itself - if those less delicious flavors, like rotten eggs or vomit strikes. However, this had already three times with different people to play, but still ord... Read more

Super fun!

written by Clara, 14/10/15

Love this game, everyone's faces when they receive one of the worst ones are unbeatable:) And the nervousness before they know what flavor they received ....


written by betti, 20/10/15

Super fast delivered! Have it a friend for her birthday - she was thrilled! Perfect little joke for all Harry Potter fans;)


written by Gabby, 22/10/15

This was probably the most disgusting thing I've tasted in a long time. I will definitely never want to play this again. So I guess those made jelly beansen has done a good job. Too disgusting it ... Read more

Good, Gøyalt

written by Simen Hjortland, 03/11/15

Came quicker than expected, nothing was wrong product was swell! : D I recommend using Cool Stuff

Obnoxious .. vomit inducing .. Mega brilliant product!

written by Nicolai PH, 16/11/15

Had it in use at work and had it in use at home for family birthday. It's unbelievable how realistic and disgusting it tastes. Truly a brilliant product! Buy it and try the experience yourself!


written by Dorte, 17/11/15

Goods as expected and prompt delivery - perfect :-) ....................................... ..................

refreshing hurt

written by Ruben, 24/11/15

Very funny product, has had a few nights where I and several have played beanboozled game is to recommend whether to see some weird facial expressions haha;)

disgust gotta!

written by allo, 10/12/15

Fun game idea, but could have been a little bigger !!!! in the picture, it looks like a bigger game, but in reality it is a damplånbok ...


written by Cassie, 15/12/15

Had fun with offering them to Mom :)

Success of the children

written by Joj, 21/12/15

Wishful gift that went home with the kids (10 and 7) and their friends. I do not dare challenge them ... A good gift ideas for kids this age, buy some and be ready when it's party time.


written by hanna, 24/12/15

Fast delivery, good condition / nothing was broken, a good side and a safe buy and of course a fun and unusual gift for his brother.

Good service

written by Mette Ulrich , 25/12/15

Son love them and fast delivery thanks

fun Christmas play

written by Henke, 25/12/15

Played this for Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, destroyed the entire Christmas dinner husband. Rotten eggs were the worst. All was about to throw it. Yet infantile fun to consider all responses. The ... Read more

Christmas gift

written by Ekkir, 26/12/15

Hilarious game! Little East was very happy with this as a Christmas gift. Tasted known as awful as it should

Funny Christmas gift!

written by Michaela, 28/12/15

Giant Funny Christmas Gift to give away! Fast delivery, got my after two days. The flavors are different and them "disgusting" is really disgusting.


written by Anna, 28/12/15

Bought this game hoping to liven up Christmas Eve and it was exactly what it did! We had many laughs and less good taste experiences ☺ Highly recommended for the judgment is not äckelmagad and want to... Read more

Obnoxious - just as it should be

written by Ditte, 29/12/15

Do not even tasted the food, but my nephews had it very fun to try out the various disgusting taste. Seems like a fine game for the age group (10-15 years)

Blast disgusting thing

written by Johan, 29/12/15

Get the whole family laughing and I have not seen my father laugh so much and then I have known him for 17 years

Bean Boozled

written by Emelie, 02/01/16

So, where do I start ... I have nothing good to say about this, it sure was a fun thing but no ...

Bean Boozled Jellybeans

written by Susanna, 04/01/16

Fun games to entertain the whole family. The flavors are very realistic on both good and evil. :) The kids thought maybe it was a little more fun than the adults, but all tasted everything with good h... Read more

Never again!

written by D.Brunotte, 25/01/16

From the delivery up to after 4 weeks still unsettled refund (despite repeated phone demand!) A complete disaster! It will be put off, not taken seriously and apparently the product, there was the ste... Read more

Mixed emotions

written by Sara, 11/02/16

Really fun to do with friends. Elicits many funny faces and lots of laughter! The "disgusting", such as vomit or rotten egg tastes really disgusting! Dog food was not a favorite. Unfortunate... Read more

buttoned went

written by räkäkarkit, 20/02/16

Awesome product! It was nice to give as a gift for this, a little bit different gift than usual. Candy was very well received allot these flavors such as vomit.


written by My, 04/03/16

Fun game for a spelkväll, they're disgusting huh really disgusting and I felt sick looong time, but clearly worth the money!


written by Camilla, 07/03/16

It does not pay to buy the game when the wheel at all can not run around ...................

Boozled Bean Jelly Beans

written by Seba, 30/03/16

Whether it's real terrible. The price is high relative to the size of the package. I would order again. After all the bad taste of bad-tasting, in the sense that the product corresponded to the de... Read more

Flavours bull's-eye

written by Linda, 29/08/16

Both the good and the flavors taste just disgusting what they promise! Dog food, for example, both the taste and smell of dog food !! But you can always wash out your mouth with the taste wipe that re... Read more

Was nauseous for several hours

written by Lars, 05/09/16

This worked to speak. Tastes absolutely absolutely horrid. The problem is that several of Jellybean Sene which shall not taste bad did just that. A trial then, but the kids loved it. :-)

fun games

written by Poul, 20/12/16

Very fun game during a Christmas party. Both young and old liked it. Children can also easily participate and possibly. stand for the game.

Super fun game

written by Oxana, 16/01/17

It was very entertaining to watch those who received the disgusting jelly beans. The bad taste did not stop my son to eat them anyway. :)

Bean Boozled

written by Mariell, 06/05/17

Is veldi for satisfied with the product, plummeted delivery. The article was well packed and protected so that no loose objects had the opportunity to move around in the box. The website is lucid and ... Read more

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