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Spralla® Beer Tracker

Beer Tracker is your best friend when the beer has made you too tired to perform mental maths. The inexorable tracker's display records exactly how many bottles have been opened.

Spralla® Beer Tracker - Spralla Beer Tracker
Spralla Beer Tracker
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Very funny gift idea!

written by Merkkari, 28/10/13

That is, indeed, a friend my birthday Tallassee You did get hard when you have the beer with filler. A fun idea to do this that remains accompanying invoices and the next morning still Memories: D


written by Darius Venclovas, 03/01/14

Idea good conversion bad. What most bothers me that it is so unstable after 11 Flsche it has given up the ghost, and the plastic is broken. Had the whole stable, it would have given me the score of 5!... Read more


written by Lasse B, 22/12/14

Cannon stylish must hide it from the old woman will soon reach the 44 st, my friend thinks he will have time before me to 100, gotta go home and work on

Do what it should be ...

written by NoNameAtAll, 12/03/15

About the number of drowning beer is beneficial for the party is not known, but it does what it should and if nothing else, you have a more expensive bottle opener than your friends.

Do not lose count

written by Ruth, 02/01/16

Funny thing to give as a gift when you are invited to the barbecue or sauna evening. With the "beer tracker" will not be lost if the bill sauna evening will be a bit longer than usual.

Beer Tracker

written by eva, 07/01/16

My grandson wanted to give away something funny to her father for Christmas and was overthrown fond of ölräknaren. Equally disappointed he was when the father opened the package and it turned out that... Read more

Good, but not quite accurate on the count

written by Jonatan Kleveland, 08/07/18

I needed this one for street car and works great! But the count is not completely accurate if I open a bottle a bit slowly. It can count 3 times or more when I open a bottle sometimes.

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