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Beta Inkless Metal Pen

Pen and tip made entirely of metal. It lasts a lifetime and never needs to be sharpened or refilled. It can write on all types of paper, in all temperatures and in rain and stormy weather.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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12 reviews

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What is this?

That deserves a beta review ;-)

written by Seba aus der Ferne, 23/04/13

Yes, yes, that's for a pin which is working well, and where the air does not break off, need not be replaced and ... is loving not alpha-moderately! And writes well ;-)

Limping quality

written by Skäggapan, 17/05/13

Bought beta button on a keychain. The rubber strip between the key part and the pen went off and came off the first day. I guess that is why the pen screwed out of himself into his pocket and came off... Read more


written by Silke, 22/04/14

I was in the order really skeptical that the pen really works and does what it promises?!? Lo and behold ... he does it! Small, handy, practical and thus always with you! Super gift idea by the way :-... Read more

Trade safely with cool stuff they deliver in a ruff

written by Mona, 05/01/15

I am extremely pleased with the deal in Cool Stuff, they live completely up to their promises, good and fast delivery.

very fine writing instrument

written by cojiro, 11/01/15

In short: this pen is great !!! I can write very well with him, he is good in the hand (if you get along with shorter pins), looks nice and makes a durable impression. Clear I discovered breits scuffs... Read more

Works perfectly, writes like a pencil

written by Taisia, 29/05/15

A bit hard to keep it from my fiancé, I have to buy one for him. As the key is always with me.

gift for dad

written by Tytär, 13/11/15

Father's Day gift I bought a pen and yes it was delighted. I could think of a suitable product even better outdoor people such as runners or the hunter!

Good gift for your partner

written by taisia, 24/11/15

It does not matter that it is short, clear that it is not made to write novels with it: D Writes the pencil.


written by Riffraff , 04/01/16

I hope this pen writes really everywhere. Typeface little weak, more gray. But great idea. Blitzversand.


written by Gregor, 11/03/16

The idea: Super, I hope he writes a lifetime, then there is a star now. Functionality: writes gray like a pencil, that's ok. Handling used to, as a little too short, but ok. Price / Performance: t... Read more


written by D, 09/05/16

It was good. The text is that of a pencil. However, the text is best on white paper. Not so clear on cardboard or newspaper, then it becomes more then that to carve with a knife. But you have to watch... Read more

Too short iki-Pen

written by Heidi, 04/11/16

The pen works, at least on paper. That's all I have not had time to test. But, the pen is too short hand. (I bought it for a longer 8cm, version) My small hands (glove size 7) lacks the stylus is ... Read more

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