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Binary Clock

The clock displays the time in binary code - the language of computers - but it will take you only a few minutes to learn how to read it by adding the lit bulbs in each column.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?


written by Lasse, 30/07/13

The watch is in our staff room. Only one employee figured out function (techies). Helkul, unnecessary gadget. Most people can not help but constantly figure out what time it is.

Funny little things

written by Molle, 02/12/13

The binary watch is a very fun little thing to have standing in the living room or the kitchen, where you yourself are the only one who can read the time. It is not smart to have standing in a bedroom... Read more

Fun train

written by Roffe, 29/12/14

We bought it for our 12 year son a Christmas gift, both to create interest in digital technology but also to train the little gray brain cells in us adults. The clock is easy to set up and learn, are ... Read more

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