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Blow Monkey

Blow Monkey devotes its life to drying your nail polish! It sits there all cute on a shelf until you place your fingers on the monkey's small banana plate, then it immediately begins to blow your nail polish beautiful and dry.

Blow Monkey - Blow Monkey
Blow Monkey
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Blow Monkey - Batteries AAA 4-pack
Batteries AAA 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Blow Monkey - Batteries AAA 10-pack
Batteries AAA 10-pack
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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91 reviews

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What is this?

Blow Monkey

written by Jessy, 29/04/13

The nail dryer as Monkey is just totally cool. A real eye-catcher, you press the bananas and already it blows off. keep fresh painted nails underneath and there you go, the nail polish dries really su... Read more

pusteabe nails dry

written by annemette, 16/05/13

had probably imagined that it was bigger and so noisy it completely vild.alderstrin 4-6 år.synes price is at the high end

poor quality

written by Jan, 29/05/13

The product is unfortunately larger and high quality in the pictures than it is in real life. Thus, it is not suitable as a gift, as a notice the inferior processing quickly. The actual function of th... Read more

Nail polish dryer

written by Nana, 02/07/13

What surprised me the size of the Blow Monkey: it is in fact larger than I had imagined. The handling is easy: 2 batteries that are not included insert, and you can already get started. The nail polis... Read more

Super gift

written by L., 16/08/13

Looks super cute, but unfortunately does not work, even after multiple battery exchange ....


written by Raffe, 18/08/13

The product I received huh broken ..... (upset) I do not understand why you can not chek that the product is functioning before you send it out ......

Funny gag but overpriced

written by Himbeere, 26/08/13

The product looks like on the internet. However, the nail polish dryer is made very small and very cheap plastic. You have to press a finger fixed relative to a button so that a built-in fan dries the... Read more

Blow monkey

written by johanna, 14/09/13

Well the thing looks so nice but that was it already! strikes blow yourself brings more and costs less. Moreover, my part had a wobbles and thus went back a new blow monkey I did not!


written by Mel-B, 15/10/13

This widget is not even worth the plastic it is made of. Only an expensive dust collector, for blowing it can not!

Did not like

written by Emla, 11/11/13

One is forced to press really hard for something to happen and it sounds really loud. It also stopped work on the day

Funny gift idea

written by kriko, 18/11/13

Very funny gift is well received. The monkey was indeed delivered without batteries, but is so far as no problem. Nice idea.:-)

sweet but cheap

written by Maja hansen, 04/12/13

bought it happily on offer, and therefore will not send it back, but it seems a little cheap, used and slightly worn.

Kam super as a gift

written by Dumbo, 25/12/13

This monkey I have given away at Christmas and this came to super. Although the fan is not as strong as hoped, but the monkey itself is an eye catcher.

Nail Drying

written by USAM, 25/12/13

Small monkey making noise and very little wind, totally ineffective and that you have to push all the time.

Perfect Christmas gift for my sister (14 years).

written by Sooo Süß!!., 27/12/13

I bought the little monkey for my sister for Christmas. He's really sweet as sugar and also convenient. All in all a great joy for little money.

Super Product

written by Tilfreds kunde!, 27/12/13

Super good product. Bought this for my 8 ålige little sister for Christmas, and it fell into good soil. However, the relatively small and therefore the plate to the fingers also quite small, which mea... Read more

Very satisfied

written by alf, 27/12/13

order was fast and secure cleverly and I'm happy with the product. Trades usually also later with cool stuff.

Strong fingers required!

written by maria72, 29/12/13

The monkey is really cute but the plate where you place your finger must be pressed very hard for the monkey will blow. It would have been better if it sufficed with a light touch.

A nice little monkey

written by Emmi, 30/12/13

A gift that will untie a lot of laughs and will definitely be proven - the actual-power does not yet experience, but the toy-like product still is.

Very fine

written by Iben , 30/12/13

Very nice and super fast delivery. Will definitely shop here again :) Aben breathes fine and my daughter thought it was fun!


written by Kalkveien, 01/01/14

Genial apeblåser. Dries nails in a fun and practical way. Build quality seems good and durable.

Blåsapa Nageltorkare

written by Susbro, 01/01/14

Really fast delivery. Perfect gift for a teenage girl! Take some time for your nails to dry but a fun gift!

good little mackapär

written by Dani, 03/01/14

Have tested the two eggs and it works fine. The only annoying is that it is not automatic, you have to press pretty hard for it to get out air.

Works like that ...

written by Pat, 04/01/14

The wind blows as it should, but the nail polish does not dry as fast by it. It takes quite a long time before it dries. Faster to shake hands in the air :)

Funniest o good!

written by Seeyou, 07/01/14

Funny little different for Christmas. The daughter was thrilled. Works as intended o is so cute! We are happy with the little monkey!

blow monkey

written by Fabienne, 14/01/14

The idea st really very sweet and the monkey is bigger than we thought but unfortunately it is also very noisy. Nevertheless, for the idea it's worth


written by Assarsson, 30/01/14

I bought three nageltorkare to my older grandchildren of these very much appreciated. The girls are between 19-16 years so than are young at heart. Very good and fun gift was.


written by Mormor, 20/02/14

Cannon gift for my 6 year old granddaughter !! Coming home mates and want to paint naglalrna. Even her mother uses it.

Is satisfied!

written by louise, 11/03/14

Blow Monkey fulfilled my expectations. It's cute and actually quite effective! It may sound a bit too much but it can take because it does not need to blow long at all. I am satisfied!


written by Vijo, 18/03/14

A fun gift to give away. Not so efficient drying effect. The fan is located below the mouth, a little loud fan noise.


written by Sanni, 08/04/14

The cutest and most fun way to dry nail polish on;) Looking forward to buying more whimsical thing in Cool Stuff.

Very cute

written by Tweety, 08/05/14

Super sweet part, nice change for Nail polish and blow repays better than myself :-)

Nail polish dryer

written by atina, 21/05/14

This nail polish dryer not only looks funny also, my daughter and her friends find him mega-maxi-screaming. So should it ever have in stock for the next birthday party. Prima and funny idea Greetings ... Read more

simply too little

written by stinne, 07/06/14

Completely useless. There is not bright enough air flow to dry any place, and the "puffing" is not in the right direction. Quite simply call a product. I ought to have sent it back, but who ... Read more

cool stuff

written by Markus, 30/09/14

fast delivery time and everything like on website empfehlenswert.wuerde, order immediately again, thumbs up for

For the girl who has everything

written by Gitte Smith, 21/11/14

It's a really fun thing, which is also very useful. A must for every girl who loves to put nail polish.


written by Perry, 15/12/14

Not so efficient perhaps, but very enjoyable pastime while your nails dry! It sounds quite a lot but is very cute!

Good service

written by Kasper, 16/12/14

Quick delivery and product is as promised. The first time I shop at I act here certainly again if I need fun gadgets :)


written by Claudiii, 19/12/14

It is a fun feature that but can not really be used to dry nail polish. For this purpose, the fan is really low!


written by Tompa, 28/12/14

Fast delivery


written by Frank, 29/12/14

Have me for the purchase in "cool stuff" chosen because of the available Produktrezessionen.Die delivery time was also an important Kriterium.Produkt as described in my opinion very good sol... Read more

funny product

written by Whity, 30/12/14

I can not and do not want to judge whether the nail polish dryer its purpose to dry the nail polish quickly, really not satisfied, or at this point - because he is an absolutely funny, cool and above ... Read more

Again any time

written by Sisa, 01/01/15

Product is great and the delivery was super fast! Came to us a perfect gift for Christmas to give time. So again any time

Happy Monkey!

written by Helena, 02/01/15

Bought this for my niece for Christmas, became a huge hit! Unclear whether fueling faktist dine helpful in getting your nails to dry but is very sweet and was much appreciated!

Funny but weak

written by FRNY, 03/01/15

Fun and resourceful product, but it blows a little too weak. Takes a little too long to dry nails.

The christmas present

written by yz, 05/01/15

I have given it away three times and we curled us three times with laughter. Just great fun while it works even quite good. Rather a fun gift, but the gift recipient really use it.

grim business

written by Robban, 05/01/15

Both cool product and a really cool company that knows how to take care of their customers .........................

Good and fun gift!

written by Emma, 05/01/15

To see the reactions when you open it was unbeatable! so funny and "practical" for those who love to paint your nails!

Nail polish dryer blow monkey

written by Ms*rocky, 05/01/15

Ideal as a (Christmas) gift for girls who like lackiern fingernails. My daughter finds him sweet and has the same ordered him three times to give away. Best suited for home use. Not for continuous use... Read more


written by Jk, 06/01/15

Sweet Design. Although Tocknet not optimal, but as a special gift it fulfills its purpose.

Fast delivery

written by Betaray, 07/01/15

The product was delivered super fast and was so even prima Christmas. Functionally he think I thought more than cute gimmick. But that was when ordering already clear. but works anyway;)

It says the stars

written by Nike Perlefelt, 07/01/15

I think your products are great, and those who got them for Christmas are fully satisfied. But when I do not think the order should be confirmed before you pay. The payment is a little difficult, and ... Read more


written by CoolStuff-Fan, 08/01/15

Nice gift, the high but not really convinced (but of course at the price) ..

funny gift

written by Supernöjd kund, 15/01/15

Was given as a Christmas present for my brother's girl. Highly appreciated when she is doing her nails a lot.


written by Andu, 21/01/15

works very well, is fun to watch. Since the wait does on dry nails much more enjoyable.

So sweet!!

written by Kirsten, 05/02/15

The nail dryer is really cute and not so small as I thought ... Ca. 8x9 cm. In fact, the monkey blows the painted nails dry. However, the course takes a long time: the air flow is not very strong (oth... Read more

thumbs up

written by Martina Neuenfeldt, 18/02/15

Everything was great! Delivery soon, goods fine! Price okay! Has everything worked out well! thank you

Super gift

written by BriJu, 20/02/15

Am super satisfied. A funny gift. Stuff noisy but meet my expectations. Shipping was very fast and the settlement generally straightforward. I will gladly order again.

blow monkey ...

written by Cool Monkey, 24/02/15

..kam many women of all ages for Valentine's Day as a "cool" to! Great idea. Super Service. Thank you.


written by Anne, 26/02/15

Super Service: fast, friendly and efficient! Although we have sent the order very late, the delivery came just in time to after only 3 days!

Effective blåsapa

written by Mia, 03/04/15

Fun idea and thanks as well to give away instead of a flower. Impressed by the good and fast service at the complaint. Got a new one within a few days!

arrived super

written by jasy, 07/04/15

Was an Easter gift for my friends and came to Super !! Each even a nail polish to - perfect! Fun and functional!

Fun stuff for the girls who love nail polish

written by Marianne, 15/04/15

Gave this to my daughter, a little fun gift because she loves nail polish only a 13 year old can .. At first she thought it was toys but was thrilled when she saw it was a nail dry .. There were more ... Read more

nail polish dryer

written by Hamster, 17/06/15

wanted it as a small gift, and it was very well received. was very satisfied with the delivery


written by Jessi , 29/06/15

As a joke, meant really great the monkey. Just stupid, that there are no batteries to. My mom found the idea very funny and was pleased with their little own Bimbo


written by sonnenhut, 07/07/15

This thing really makes noise and really is not "practical", but more plush. A superfluous "must have"!


written by Melanie, 16/08/15

The packaging was dented and a thick tape hung in mind, which no longer went off again, it was a gift, which gave the impression as if it was not brand new. Since you should definitely put really tryi... Read more


written by Linda, 22/10/15

The idea is good and it is good but get less because it takes some time. Funny is it anyway and do nail the job nicer

Affordable and so cute!

written by Frida, 20/11/15

Bought it mostly because I thought it might work, but oh how wrong I was. It works just fine and then it's a big plus that it's so cute: D Price is not the fy-bad either :)

Jättesöt monkey

written by lerumstessan, 14/12/15

This works great and is so cute! The children find it difficult to release it only when it also works as a super toy! :)

Fun unnecessary stuff

written by Kjelle brälle signaturen fäller , 14/12/15

Innovative and funny little monkey. Attracts if not a laugh, then at least a leende.Hårtorken works better, it has o anyway heat.

Fun unnecessary stuff

written by Kjelle brälle signaturen fäller , 14/12/15

Innovative and funny little monkey. Attracts if not a laugh, then at least a leende.Hårtorken works better, it has o anyway heat.

Fun unnecessary stuff

written by Skansenbesökare, 14/12/15

Diselvärmare becoming excessive. Hair is also to take in. Blow Monkey is just right!

Funnily nail polish dryer

written by Petra G., 15/12/15

I intend to give the product of my daughter. Your customers often bring their children and get bored quickly. But if this can use a "own" nail polish dryer plus as a sweet in the "waiti... Read more


written by Steffi, 19/12/15

Is a nice and funny invention, but relatively much too large. Had it a different idea ...


written by Claudia, 25/12/15

Fast delivery, goods well packaged. Christmas gifts for nieces. All were thrilled! Thank gladly again!

Not so satisfied

written by Vero, 28/12/15

Firstly, the supply has taken over a week. And secondly, it looked like this when the products would have been unpacked before. They were intended as Christmas presents and I do not give like what loo... Read more

The daughter loved it!

written by Camilla, 29/12/15

The daughter and cousins ​​thought it was amazing. Fun stuff but I do not know how much it really dried nail polish ..

So cute

written by Zauberfee , 29/12/15

Have this sweet breath monkey my girlfriend for Christmas you :-) was thrilled. Looked just like the pictures. Clear purchase recommendation .....

Blåsapa Nageltorkare

written by Elin , 31/12/15

The question is not if I like it, the question is how much I älakar it! It's great and sweet! Dries nails quickly and easily. Saves a lot of time too. However, it allows the fairly high when the w... Read more

Gag Gift

written by Jutta, 01/01/16

The delivery arrived very quickly, the product was exactly the description. Unfortunately I had not read that the batteries were not included. But that's my fault. As Joke Gift it was well receive... Read more


written by Mary, 03/01/16

Blow Monkey's cute. Whether he actually what brings, I can not judge because it was a gift. but was very well because so cute.


written by Carro, 05/01/16

An entertaining moments while waiting for nails to dry! Highly recommend it to all ages, the nail polish dries too!

A really good gimmick!

written by zoe, 05/01/16

Was a gift for a young girl schminkwütiges that has insanely happy about it. Whether it really is a great help when nails drying I can not judge, but it serves its purpose as an eye-catcher and show o... Read more


written by Marie, 07/01/16

Funny thing, but it works like that. It is faster to inflate himself. But the daughter (10 years) was thrilled.


written by Lea, 26/01/16

Cute and funny, blowing actually good on the nails! Sounds a little more than I thought it would but it's nothing that bothers


written by Lea, 26/01/16

Cute and funny, blowing actually good on the nails! Sounds a little more than I thought it would but it's nothing that bothers

Puste monkeys

written by jannacool, 12/02/16

fun and practical idea for nails to dry, also good for traveling, easy handling cool design

Blåapa Nageltorkare

written by Sandra, 13/04/16

Funny gadget to the daughter who was super happy. Blowing with good strength compared with the way like product from Teknikmagasinet.

Blåsapa nail drying

written by Sa, 16/11/16

Really funny. Gave away my daughter really appreciated it. Bought three pieces, but two pieces are presents.


written by Lisa, 15/03/18

Bought it in a gift to my niece who filled 11 .. It was appreciated, and it works too .. So not just a nice stuff, but the nail polish really dries ..

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