Bottle Light

Turn on the LED light and insert the cork into a empty bottle. Let there be light: You now have a bottle light! Rechargeable via USB.

Bottle Light - Bottle Light
Bottle Light
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Nice gadget could be brighter

written by Andreas, 26/11/14

I'm a big fan of accent lighting and I was very happy in this bottle lights. Quality and value are good, the cork is genuine, it enhances. Charging via USB goes smoothly and rather quickly. In the... Read more

Lights not enough

written by sak, 28/11/14

Lights not a bottle of special "far down" - ie the only lights at the top. But it's still a nice idea :)

Light on :-)

written by S.Meyer, 07/01/15

In bright transparent bottles top !!! In Green or brown bottles, the light goes unfortunately somewhat below ...

fun stuff

written by JJ, 11/01/15

A fun little gadget that is a little different in detail hemindredningen. Stylish light, välfigt smart USB charging to avoid expensive battery purchases and replacements, it looks like a real bottle c... Read more

Bottle lamp

written by VikkeCoolBoyNo1, 30/03/15

Long lasting and loaded quickly. Solid finely in the bottle. Too bad they did not go down well in ordinary bottles.

funny thing

written by CK, 04/04/15

Funny thing, good with USB charging into the computer. Does not last as long as I had expected of a LED lamp.


written by Nina, 06/04/15

Works super well and they are easy to recharge ... They are cozy a late night awning :-) Can only recommend them!

Dim light

written by Fredrik, 07/04/15

The light is low, although it provides a cozy glow depending on the bottle. Unfortunately, also the lamp itself a little too big so the "illusion" that it is a cork is more or less lost all ... Read more

Ok product but was praised

written by MP, 17/04/15

It was possible to find the exact same product via Ebay or Aliexpress for about £ 2 so affordable, they were not. ok light but for the high price.

Gleam in the bottle

written by Nilla, 10/06/15

A super cool design. but EXPENSIVE

Do not buy!

written by Nicklas, 12/06/15

Poor, miserable light, not worth the money, is not at all like the "advertising" for the ... Hard on coming up in less than 100 characters when d is not something positive to write about it ... Read more


written by Kriss, 14/06/15

Rechargeable bottle lamp thought in all my enfalld that there were several lights in a package and not just 1st at a price of just over 160 - luminosity was wimpy, represented not as it appeared on bi... Read more


written by Kriss, 14/06/15

Rechargeable bottle lamp thought in all my enfalld that there were several lights in a package and not just 1st at a price of just over 160 - luminosity was wimpy, represented not as it appeared on bi... Read more

Nice and easy

written by Charlotte Granat, 16/06/15

Bought 2 bottle lamps, we have set in 2 different sizes of bottles. They provide a good light in both bottles. The light is cozy and warm, and it keeps impressive long. And then the super easily recha... Read more

Soft, indoor lighting

written by Jill, 28/06/15

Gives a very nice glow in the summer night! Fun with some new illuminations. Easy to upload! Fun to put in different colored bottles.

Fun lamp which can be varied endlessly

written by Jessica, 06/08/15

Funny lamp that can be varied endlessly! Very effective with colored bottles. But there is no lamp to light up a room just like mood lighting

Cool lamp!

written by Monalund, 01/10/15

Even hotter was the lights in the white bottle shaped glass vases. It made the whole bottle to light up the beautiful.

Evocative, but must be recharged after a few hours

written by Unni, 22/10/15

Bought 3 pieces. of this, and they gave battle stylish effect in the living room located Oppi London Dry Gin bottles in varying sizes. The bottle lights will move, is that they must be charged every d... Read more


written by Kg, 14/12/15

Lighting gives very nice light, but they hold many hours. Must be charged on all the time and is a bit tricky to get turned on again.

Everything's better with USB

written by AK, 27/12/15

Item as described: A cork with a USB port, which by turning the tower lights. Of course, is in and of itself, merely toy but it looks very chic if the bottles shine inside. In terms of material and wo... Read more

Bottle lamp

written by Ruth, 02/01/16

Like my bottle lamps. Nice not just in empty bottles. Along with other bottle lights saw them cool in the middle "flaskträ" New Year's Eve. Or why not brighten up the single bottles in t... Read more

funny thing

written by Charlotte, 07/01/16

Simple and fun thing to bottles. Could have been some more cork feel and warmer light. Good to charge via USB.


written by Lea, 26/01/16

It gives a nice and pleasant light, looks like a real cork. It is atmospheric and I'm happy!

Cosy - and different

written by Pernille, 01/02/16

Bottle Lamp is really nice and so are the "different". It's fun to have something that everyone else does not have. And because it is not living light, bottle lamp stand on shelves etc..... Read more


written by Pothuset, 08/02/16

Bottle lights work as they should. Do not use too dark bottles and try to get Danish water in the bottle. The effect is cool.

3 of 5 funka

written by Eirik, 08/02/16

They light as just that - three of the least. But remaining two of them does not respond even (even after much probing of charging etc.)

funny light

written by Henning, 09/02/16

It was fun light to put in the bottleneck anywhere on a colored neck so it looks great. Fast expedition fully satisfied with the trade.


written by Morten, 21/02/16

Fun things like creating fun and easy and use and small footprint, a fun and fancy stuff and the perfect girlfriend gift


written by Umpan_, 22/02/16

Was disappointed the brightness of the lights, I do not think they are suitable for being in such a dark bottle then I'm also disappointed in how quickly they discharged again. Given the price, I ... Read more

bottle lamp

written by Minttu, 20/10/16

A nice atmosphere and a beautiful small rechargeable lamp cap to the bottle. The only negative thing is the relatively short duration of the download.

Get rid of it

written by Kärjetön, 24/06/18

The idea of ​​the lamp was wonderful, but part of which put the bulb off and it broke out immediately after the first time

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