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Butterfly Surprise

Fit a magical finish into your party invitation or set up for a practical joke with a finesse in the office - hide your Butterfly Surprise and let a lucky soul release it.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

lazy butterflies

written by meanfiddler, 07/10/14

These bounces only slightly, even when knitting is pulled up to the maximum. Not fly at all

funny thing

written by Sanna, 20/10/14

Bought it as a fun thing to scare my sister who is afraid of butterflies. Works just fine, spins to the 40 laps flying butterfly also up in the air. Now is the most lying around in the room, however, ... Read more

Good product

written by minni, 22/10/14

Good product. Can give even to the surprise of the children, and adults too, I recommend this muillekkin.

Butterfly surprise

written by Monica, 23/10/14

Well, here I was a little disappointed. It fluttered away not at all like the film, besides, it was very big, probably thought it would be a little less.


written by Lena, 04/11/14

A hit in the birthday card that went hot all day. Buy a lot for everyone will expect a butterfly in his card.

is well received

written by Jen25, 12/11/14

great idea funtioniert exactly as described, rotate 40 times up and down in the card for the recipient as well as the present a surprise, especially for the children they were well received

I really like her!

written by Susanne, 18/12/14

I was searching for it long and gefunden.Eine fantastic fun! ... Easily walkable ... I like them very much! I recommend very happy to!

Nice idea

written by Leonie, 22/12/14

Given away, I have not the butterflies, but when you first try everything worked perfectly. The butterflies are a little hectic and surprised more by the shock effect (if a somewhat counter kick from ... Read more

pleasant surprise!

written by ecuatala, 02/01/15

The handling works better than expected, simply turning the butterfly as often as possible and then put everything in a folding card with envelope. Make absolutely sure dauf that the card is big enoug... Read more

pure pleasure

written by Micha, 03/01/15

The butterflies have made Christmas cards and birthday greetings to a funny event. Not all are optimally flown, but surprised by the movement in the card has any. And everyone had a smile when opening... Read more

Bad rubber

written by Anneli, 07/01/15

These were meant to fly out Christmas packages, but the rubber bands were too bad. After 3-4 uppsnurrningar went the rubber band off.

So simple, so funny!

written by Nickel, 16/02/15

Order + delivery perfect. Those things came supergut with the children, but one had what heavier draufstellen (we were's the saucers) draufzulegen than just a napkin. A napkin would not have thoug... Read more

The big and beautiful butterfly - flew yes

written by EQ, 11/06/15

Must be a big card so that the butterfly fits inside the front-facing, wingspan of about 12cm, and when the card is still a tad kuprulle, so does it discreetly get the card in a standard. The smaller ... Read more


written by Susi, 08/08/15

I think it's a very funny idea that you should use but better with warning in fright haftenn people. I scared myself scary when you open the card xD

Butterfly Surprise

written by Melanie, 16/08/15

One of the butterflies was not working, which is very annoying because it was part of a birthday surprise. In addition, the packaging was impossible, the order has come in a much too small box, where ... Read more

great Goodie

written by Joe, 15/12/15

Funny Goodie for the office. My staff had great fun! And not only, but also my family incl. Grandparents.

quite funny

written by bagge, 17/12/15

got them quickly and they are quite fun to throw in a kort.Bare remember to drje them well otherwise they just fall to the ground ;-D.


written by M, 10/01/16

Do as promised. Flies off like crazy. Might have been a bit smaller in size, a little afraid to attack any of these;) Funny thing.


written by L, 26/02/16

Funny gadget, perfect to scare the little guy who does not like butterflies. But you must be quick to open eg the book that it is in order for it to be able to fly properly.

Very nice

written by Fornøyd kunde, 11/04/16

Very nice and user-friendly butterflies that can be used over and over again. Slightly larger than I had expected, and if you put it in a card must be giving it to keep the card well again, where some... Read more


written by Tina, 04/10/16

Cool will ensure a smile like much. I like that and I think that is geburtstagskind smile. Thank you very much

Test Flight

written by Stoni, 07/11/16

After a few "test flights" I wanted to only the Butterfly "bad" mark with, but then had to find out if the "motor" to the "breaking point" rearing, the animal p... Read more

funny little things

written by andre nielsen, 20/12/16

a fun little thing. the flying wildly rapid out of the letter when you open it like a little rocket .. pretty funny

Sales letter - surprise

written by Gaby, 09/03/17

We have the butterfly for our prospective sent to draw attention to our letter - arrived fully well !!


written by Maria, 11/10/17

Bought 3 pieces. One broke down before I pulled it the recommended number of times up. Elastics AND plastic cracked. So not particularly good quality. In addition, I got the three two even, even thoug... Read more

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