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CGear Sand-free Mat

CGear Sand-free Mat is your best friend on the beach, while camping or on a picnic. With its patented technology, this underlay is guaranteed to stay free of sand and dust.

CGear Sand-free Mat - CGear Sand-Free Mat Large
CGear Sand-Free Mat Large
1 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
CGear Sand-free Mat - CGear Sand-Free Mat Medium
CGear Sand-Free Mat Medium
60 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
CGear Sand-free Mat - CGear Sand-Free Mat Small
CGear Sand-Free Mat Small
19 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Works galant

written by Tobbe, 18/07/14

Tested the carpet now on 3 different beaches. Can not say anything else that it seems totally damn galant. Could have been something bigger. Maybe an xl variant? Drops all sand as it is supposed to be... Read more

Great thing!

written by Hanne, 13/08/14

This beach mat, through which the top lying sand is miraculously transported to the outside, and therefore sand-free - so not "breaded" - is simply the HIT! Highly recommended - if not exact... Read more

Perfect sandy beach felt

written by PiaLarsson, 27/06/17

Worked just as it should. The sand goes straight through and you will not get back. Easy to shake off when packing. There are softer blankets, but even sandier ......

Finally sand free

written by JudithRy, 13/07/17

Finally, no constant shaking out of the ceiling, the sand trickles through. You do not have to wipe the sand off the body beforehand, just walk on the blanket and the sand will naturally disappear thr... Read more

We recommend!

written by Martina, 07/08/17

So we were skeptical before buying if it really works. We bought the middle size for 2 persons. After two weeks Baltic Sea holiday we are completely convinced and enthusiastic. Our beach camp was free... Read more

Hardship test passed

written by Gö, 04/09/17

Delivered Thursday and Friday with camping in Croatia. There was no sand on the beach, but as a "tent rug" optimal. Dust and dirt from the feet and shoes, almost everything remained in front... Read more


written by Fredrik, 09/08/18

Bought this rug and unbelievably enough, it works! The son climbed on the carpet with wet feet. Oh, the sand lay on me, I thought, and I got pissed off. 10 minutes later the gravel had dried and fell ... Read more

Sand-free mash

written by Leif Nielsen, 13/08/18

Have not had the opportunity to try it yet, but I'm sure it's perfect - and in any case they're a nice big blanket to go to the beach! Sincerely

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