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Cabeau Evolution Pillow

Neck pillow with memory foam that adjusts itself to your tender neck and your pretty head. A perfect fit. Use it while travelling, at the beach or even for a cosy time at home!

Cabeau Evolution Pillow - Grey
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Cabeau Evolution Pillow - Blue
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Cabeau Evolution Pillow - Black
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written by Telly, 19/06/15

The cushion is super awesome and keeps its promises! Highly Recommended, even if it is slightly more expensive!

Everything great

written by Klaus, 20/07/15

Just in time for the end of the postal strike I got the delivery! Ordering, delivery and payment (paypal), Processing: All the best! Would not hesitate to order again at COOL STUFF.

Not quite as expected

written by Ole, 24/08/15

One of the better neck pillows I've tried. But not as amazing as everyone has it. Slightly too little support in the pillow on my part.


written by Kirsi, 07/09/15

First I tried the neck / travel pillow that supports the neck and actually prevents the head retkahtelut. A handy storage bag and a pleasant addition to ear plugs and mobile phone pocket :)

a variety of pillows

written by pirjo, 27/01/16

I bought the whole family headrests, both blue and gray. Greys are much stiffer !! Blue softer. Travel just beginning, so it has not yet been tested which one is better.

Cabeau Evolution Pillow Neck Pillow

written by MK, 03/02/16

Perfect! How beautiful any time and very useful even at home when they are reading, resting and sleeping! Although it is primarily intended for our flight!

Super good service

written by Yvonne, 09/02/16

With the delivery service, the delivery period and the product I am extremely satisfied. Just in time, before my trip to Thailand, I got the "neck pillow Evolution". Anyone who has a longer ... Read more

Good for travel

written by Laura, 17/02/16

The head rest was as expected. This soft, with great support when you need to sleep on the journey in an uncomfortable seat.

Superbra neck pillow

written by Cami, 06/04/16

Have tried a variety of neck pillows for long flights. This is the absolute best! Well worth the price and the extra weight compared to an inflatable neck pillow.

Good gift - Really soft

written by Anders BK, 18/05/16

This was a big hit as a mother's day gift. It is very soft and molds to really after the same position. I think even that I must have for summer vacation. Also works really well to lie with his he... Read more

Best headrest

written by Helen, 30/05/16

Best headrest I tried, give very good support for your neck. Big difference from the usual inflatable. Well worth the money and the extra space in your hand luggage. The only negative is that it is a ... Read more

A real bargain!

written by Toke, 19/08/16

I am really happy with my new neck pillow! it is very soft and good quality. It's not the cheapest neck pillow, meeeen can definitely recommend it.

I really liked.

written by Artsi, 08/09/16

Very good neck pillows that can be used in "the wrong way" if eg. The machine bench neck pillow is a large model. Going for a very small space.

Very good product

written by Ninsku, 17/10/16

Functional and sturdy neck pillow. I recommend a lot of traveling. Takes little space when necessary and takes shape of body heat.

Neck Pillow

written by Suz, 24/10/16

Finally, a chance to sleep in a plane without getting a sore neck and headache and without waking up every half hour.

You can get them cheaper at the airport

written by Victoria, 22/12/16

Cool Stuff has no price guarantee, so buy this pillow at the airport, they have it even in far more colors than cool stuff has. The pad is very comfortable and good to take along on long trips, for ex... Read more

Uncomfortable and broken

written by Emil, 29/03/17

Make sure that it will be for others, but for me it was incredibly uncomfortable. When it was tested immediately after I got home it jumped the locking mechanism out its Feste and I had to hold on to ... Read more

Very happy

written by Mubera, 31/03/17

I'm very happy with kudden.Det was just as I wanted and expected me to be. Tested when I sleep and rest in soffan.Det will be easier to travel long journeys.

Super travel pillow

written by Vielflieger, 15/06/17

The Evolution of Cabeau is comfortable and soft, but it still supports the neck really well! We recommend!

I recommend to order

written by Ansku, 04/09/17

I ordered a blue Evolution pillown for traveling abroad so that sleeping on the airplane would be as comfortable as possible. I wanted to support the headrest and I also got it. The guy ordered a gray... Read more

fast delivery

written by Lars, 18/09/17

delicious pillow, it is very comfortable to use does not fill much packed together in the supplied shipping bag.

Better flying distance

written by Mari, 28/09/17

This neck pillow was wrong! You can not talk about the flattery cushions on the same day. In previous flights, the sleep was interrupted whenever she fell asleep and the head swung in some direction .... Read more

Verkar super

written by Dorrit, 30/10/17

Nackdynan's online submission. The hearing is heard from the audience in order to find out who is doing the job.


written by Peter83, 03/11/17

It's okay if you sit in the middle of 3 or at the aisle of the plane. But if you sit by the window, you'd rather lean against the window, and then a pillow will work much better as this will o... Read more

Just great

written by Kathrin K., 13/03/18

The neck pillow is just great, whether traveling or at home. Always recommended. Price / performance 100 points. I would buy again.

Class product

written by Martina W., 17/04/18

The neck pillow is awesome. Convenient and small zusammenrollbar. Perfect. Order, delivery, service great.

A nice, but slightly plush travel pad

written by Susanna, 03/05/18

I bought this pillow to curb the neck of the servic dystonia. It does not quite support the headrest, but in its original purpose it is certainly a really nice and practical neck pillow for a trip and... Read more

Super satisfied!

written by Cicci, 21/05/18

When I tried it at home, I was a little nervous when it felt too small and unstable. Once upon a fly, it is the best neck pillow I own. Wonderful with the included packing bag, so it's easy to car... Read more

very comfortable

written by ab, 04/06/18

I'm very satisfied with the 'pillow'. Also use it as a neck support while reading or as a pillow while napping on the sofa. It is super soft and supports anyway. I love it.


written by Lentomatkustaja, 05/07/18

I'm really happy with this niskatyynyyn. Good ergonomics and a pleasing overlay. Adapts well to the user. It rolls into a small space when it is not in use and quickly returns to shape as needed.

Good product and fast and good service and delivery

written by Pinar M, 09/07/18

The neck pads I bought have been indispensable on our journey. And I got them delivered the day after my order, so there's no finger on it. Good products and good and fast service and delivery.

only halfway reasonable neck pillow

written by grit, 17/07/18

Have long been looking for a neck pillow, which really supports in the most imaginable directions and found it with the Cabeau. I have a relatively long neck and with most neck pillows I get tense, if... Read more

Wonderful support

written by Cecilia, 05/08/18

Likes it's higher than regular neck pillows. Even the top that it has drawstring so you can put it together at the front. An extra plus to the included storage bag, easy to carry in the baggage. H... Read more


written by Carro, 13/10/18

Just tested this on a long flight and have to say it's the best I tried. Did not have the least pain in my neck after the trip, which I usually get, since the previous neck pillows I tested did no... Read more

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