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Camera Lens Mug

The mug that looks like and feels like a camera lens. Furthermore, with lens cap, perfect for keeping warm in the mug or maybe as a cake dish.

Camera Lens Mug - Black
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Really great

written by Steffi, 22/05/13

I imagined him realistic, but he was really better than I thought:) I think he's really true to detail


written by Jan J, 05/06/13

It was a fun little thing to drink coffee by, some who wondered if there was one right objective, just had to say that there was one mug. One nice thing ....

Shocking really handsome :)))

written by froomni, 07/06/13

I have presented the product to a graphic and media designer and he has seeeehr about gefreut.der cup looks very real and has simple style. Hammer teil.gute investment u supergeiles Geschenk.Daumen hi... Read more

Super gift

written by Line, 24/06/13

Given the 66 th birthday to my grandfather, who are interested in photography. He had "unfortunately" already a similar mug, but was still super happy with the gift. He believed that this le... Read more

very nice

written by jj, 29/07/13

The product arrived super fast. Was packaged very well and had no quirks on. Looks deceptively real and provides lots of fun. I think he's great, but still great he would if he was not inside plas... Read more

I have not fået last for now

written by Kirsten Juel Henriksen, 28/09/13

I have not now Recipient my last for now. Because I live in Copenhagen, and I booked it on the Norwegian website. I will very soon LIKE my care, then in has pressing money on my account. I would very ... Read more

Property cup

written by Tanja Volk, 04/10/13

Very nice gift for people who love to take photos-looks totally genuine from! Price, -leistungverhältnis fits!

Very satisfied

written by Monika, 19/10/13

Good deal. And quality product. I would have it wrapped, this was also fine, though a bit expensive. 39, - for a happy piece of wrapping paper. For next time packages myself into.


written by Ann-Sofie, 13/11/13

Funny thing, but easy to knock down. Had believed that it could be in the car holder, but they did not work. Get stand as the shelf, or end up in the game package, now for Christmas.

lens Mug

written by TH, 04/12/13

Very nice mug. Very lifelike and like a objetiv, with fine details. Perfect gift for photo enthusiasts.


written by Birgit, 05/12/13

I am amazed at how real the cup acts. The surface is made very detailed and clean and feels like a real lens. The cup is a Christmas present for a friend who shortly after the cup arrived me with me, ... Read more

Really cool !!!

written by Cec, 09/12/13

Amusing and tough mugs, nice and easy and fun to give as a gift. Fun with lid for cookies. Looks very real!


written by pusekatt, 25/12/13

Would have liked swapped delivery point! Having to travel across town to retrieve it (4 km one way). The alternative was right down the street 1km away.

lens Mug

written by Emelie, 26/12/13

A great Christmas gift or present with very good quality. A fun thing for those who are camera enthusiasts or those who just want to have an exciting and fun mug. I had purchased the product again.

lens mug

written by Birgit Langgaard, 26/12/13

The mug is made of a nice material, but it was a disappointment that looked like a lid on the image was simply a kind of cake tray that can not be screwed on but just be solved. That should be enough ... Read more

The lid is fully resolved. Not a portable cup

written by Susanne Lousdal, 27/12/13

We had expected that it could be used as a portable coffee cup, but the lid is only loosely on without sealing o-ring or the like. The cup is super smart, but is probably most suitable for decoration ... Read more

Almost too real?

written by Helena, 30/12/13

It was a present so I have not tried it myself, but it was appreciated! The only downside was perhaps that it looked almost too real, so the recipient was perhaps a little too happy at first ... A len... Read more

lens mug

written by Sara, 04/01/14

Really fun product! Perfect for the photo-interested farfarn to give away as a Christmas present, and grandmother were of course she also so that they can have a coffee together! :-)

lens Mug

written by Kjelle, 05/01/14

Lens mug (coffee mug) became a very popular Christmas gift! Fast delivery, two days, did it managed to arrive on time.

lens mug

written by Rázor, 07/01/14

very satisfied with the product gave it away as a Christmas present to a real photo nerd, he said it was very much like a real objective, and thus it was a very fun Christmas gift. The only minus I co... Read more

Unusual for photo enthusiasts

written by uw, 12/01/14

Faithful reproduction of a telephoto lens as a practical container with lid or cookie plate; Product as described, good, robust quality and neatly packed - overall a nice gift for camera lovers!

lens mug

written by Torben Hansen, 18/02/14

It is probably the fifth time I bought this mug that looks like a lens to confusion - it will NOT be the last time - I use it as a brilliant and original gift idea. It has made great happiness every t... Read more

Plasticky but looks good.

written by Nenne, 21/02/14

Plasticky course, and rubber rings keep the heat at bay so-so good. But buying the course at any time as a fun thing and a fun thing is that well serves its purpose. The lid feels most unnecessary bec... Read more

Although mug

written by Sofie, 17/03/14

Will definitely recommend lens mug! I gave it to a friend who loves photography, and it fell in very good taste. The only drawback she thinks it is that it gets pretty hot outside! But otherwise beaut... Read more

Perfect gift for photography buffs

written by Uppskattad, 18/03/14

Was clearly appreciated as a gift for my photo interested friends! Thought they would be a "fun stuff" but they turned out to be really seriously good to drink from. Drink Friendly edge and ... Read more

lens Mug

written by Ann, 19/03/14

Well, was not quite as I had seen the picture and thought me .. got one that was bad, but got a new fast and well without problems.

Looked good, but hopeless "solved" lid when to use ten

written by Aristo, 29/04/14

Looked good visually, but hopeless "solved" lid when to use it for coffee in the car :( This should be stated in the ad! Can only be used as usual mugs (cap is the whistle, when it is not ja... Read more


written by Lene, 04/06/14

Super fine mug and fine performance. It brought great happiness at receiver: -) ..........................

A hit !!

written by Peter, 16/07/14

Gave my girlfriend a cup of each kind of birthday gift. When she hang out with a lot photo of people, it was a double hit, when many thought she converted from Nikon to Canon, when they saw Mug nr1. -... Read more

Really from!

written by Jennie, 14/10/14

Super fast delivery and very realistic model! Was greater in reality. Super satisfied! Would existed in silver to match the birthday boy camera;)

looks good

written by Jen25, 12/11/14

I purchased the lens mug equal in two colors, looks very identical from, with lid for either biscuits or tea bags, unfortunately can not be screwed the lid

nice gift

written by Monica, 15/12/14

Perfect gift! Stylish too. I was a little jealous when I saw that you also had a cover where the "hood" actually went to screw on, and that is also made of porcelain. But then my mug was alr... Read more

funny Christmas

written by Madde, 18/12/14

Bought as a Christmas present for my dad because he is very interested in the camera so I thought it might be a fun surprise. :) Have not tested it but hopppas that it works well. The delivery went in... Read more

Something else

written by Leonie, 22/12/14

From the previous reviews showed already that the lid of the cup can not be used as a closure, but simply rests. That did not surprise me accordingly, but is still a bit of a shame. The walls of the c... Read more

Funny idea

written by Jana, 23/12/14

my daughter had the idea to give a Pbjektivbecher her dad as a real objective is too expensive. This was very well received, was shipped quickly and looks great.

The cup is Epic

written by JB, 29/12/14

I think that the actual cup is good and has an okay size. It also looks very cool out, just as I had expected. However, I thought you could use "cover" as a lid! It may NOT be screwed! It ca... Read more

Good service and quality

written by Felix, 29/12/14

It is nothing negative to write. I am very pleased with the product and the service I have received! :)

Class gift or for yourself

written by <3, 31/12/14

I gave away this cup, because love for people who need coffee, cameras and photograph this is the perfect cup. He was happy about super and loves this mug! Personally, I think that&#39;s great, I woul... Read more


written by Katharina, 01/01/15

My dad got the cup for Christmas, and yet was highly confused for all the cameras like and ye leave sometimes look silly out of the clothes, the perfect gift

Great part to give away

written by Klaus Beckers, 12/01/15

By chance had he to whom I had given the lens mug, also desired a real zoom lens Birthday. So the part of course was a real joke. I&#39;ve rarely seen such here an imitation lens, which so real lookin... Read more


written by Lærar, 12/01/15

Bought this in Christmas gift to me self, and it has got to be on the job. It took a few days, my colleagues understood that there was not EiT expensive lens so &quot;careless&quot; was placed on the ... Read more


written by dea, 13/01/15

Bought this for my sister whose main interest is to photograph, she loved it! It is much larger than I thought but it was only positivit. However, do not sit &quot;cap / cake plate&quot; the OHT. Had ... Read more


written by Anders, 22/01/15

Bought the mug for my sister who is in a lot of photos. She thought &quot;lens&quot; was very light but did not until she held the mug in his hand! Really fun to watch !!

Lens mug almost like the real thing

written by C. Gatzke, 23/02/15

Looks super real out - unfortunately, the lid is placed and thus is a good piece of content not transportable. Therefore, &quot;only&quot; 4 stars. Settlement was super good, gladly again.

Stunning objektiivimuki!

written by ~JJR~, 17/04/15

A great mug, which appears to the right of the camera lens. I ordered these two pieces. Another might be going säilytysmukiksi pens, coffee mugs and the other a small minus :) I give the cover, which ... Read more

almost too good to give away

written by Klaus-Dieter, 21/05/15

The mug see the original better than the pictures and are intended as a gift. My expectations are met and description on the website is correct. Quick and easy payment delivered.

Very good!

written by Sofia, 20/10/15

It is super sleek and good, but there are two negative things, the lid is not on properly and the bottom is very small.

lens mug

written by Sigvor, 09/11/15

Dei was super stylish mugs. Should be present so that they are not tested Enno, but calculates that this is nice gift for fotointerresserte people

lens mug

written by wa, 23/12/15

Fast delivery good merchandise, am satisfied ........................................... .......................

Good stuff

written by Jesper, 25/12/15

Good mug and fun design. The only thing that would make it even better is if there was a lid that you could drink from.


written by Leseratte, 31/12/15

Very real looking part. Holds a large cup of coffee or tea. Great for people who are related to photography. If, however, even more beautiful, you could completely cover the lens shield cup.

Almost very good

written by Eistibus, 09/01/16

Have 2 Lens mug ordered a black and a white has since been replaced a sticker with the white there is a star trigger, but otherwise am fully satisfied with it is well received as a gift.

Very original part

written by DL2QB, 02/02/16

Already given away for the second time to a birthday and always excite you this wirklch accurate imitation lens once a stir and amazement, you will not find anything. Some want it not gluben and veruc... Read more

No, it&#39;s not Nikon, it just looks like it.

written by J.N., 20/09/16

Some animals not to be thermo cup, but it looks and feels good. Real rubber where a real objective has rubber. Easy to think Nikon once one sees the package. Both I bought was given away, one to a pro... Read more


written by Sandra, 30/03/17

Super good and really looks like a lens! Easy to hold, slide and not the skin but is very narrow at the bottom so you get eh careful not to overturn it. Very pleased :)

satisfied with their product

written by shahab, 16/04/17

hey here&#39;s feedback on their product, fornøed 100%, because I order the same product from other companies. what kjedd that I panicked because I got a little coup that corresponds to a doll coup. I... Read more

Lens for the extraordinary coffee pleasure

written by Anni aus dem hohen Norden, 29/01/18

Great look - deceptively real - price / performance is full OK - &quot;protective cap&quot; with screw thread would be optimal

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