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Camera Lens Thermos Mug

Now the camera lens mug comes in a Thermos variety! It looks like a camera lens, keeps your drink warm and is definitely a conversation piece for on the underground or on the train!

Camera Lens Thermos Mug - Camera Lens Thermos Mug
Camera Lens Thermos Mug
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What is this?

Lenses Thermo Mug

written by Börje, 20/08/13

Funny thing to a photo-loving friend. A little larger than a perceived image (+). Credibly appearance also.

Jättefin gift

written by Saraeksas, 21/10/13

Bought this cool thermos mug for my brother as a birthday present when he is working in the media. Thermos mug was very appreciated. Good size and very stylish and comments like "oh, how realisti... Read more

Fun and funky, but ...

written by Berra, 29/10/13

I ordered this for about 1.5 weeks ago and was very happy when I got it. It really looks like a real lens but it does not work nearly as well as a thermos. The leakage at the cap at the top ... I assu... Read more

Thermal Cup that guarantee calls

written by Adrian Højfeldt, 29/11/13

I bought the first two such cups, one for myself and one for Christmas. I took ibruk this cup day after I got it and sat down at the breakfast table in my group. One of my neighbors so I drank it, and... Read more


written by Maja, 06/12/13

I bought this mug for my boyfriend for his birthday and he was super happy at first. It is incredibly realistic and stylish appearance, but no further as a thermos. Keeps the heat causes it, but it is... Read more

very realistic

written by Charlotte, 19/12/13

Must use for hostess gift for a retired photographer - and I'm quite sure it will be valued. Because it is both practical - actually looks very realistic - and surely a cup not many others have.

Fun but ...

written by BGH, 27/12/13

lens mug is great fun and clearly a good gimmick, though - it's probably a bit exaggerated to call it a thermo mug. It comprises an outer shell which is similar to a lens quite well - at least in ... Read more

Always in sight

written by Salamandra, 30/12/13

I bought the mug for a friend as a Christmas present and she was pleased incredibly sleek design! The cup was just the thing for a creative person like them! It's perfect for all hot drinks and is... Read more


written by Nanna, 30/12/13

really nicely detailed and mugs, as I'm sure my sisters will be happy. However, one must be aware that curled easily topple when the bottoms of the mug is not as oppressed as the rest.

Speedy delivery

written by Bente Hansen, 06/01/14

Bought Objektivtermokrus for Christmas gift for a hobby photographer. There was laughing a lot of the gift ;-) that do not fit any of fotografiapperaterne ;-) but definitely a hit and solid and finely... Read more


written by Eija, 17/02/14

The grade I give, but good, because a great-looking product was a gift for a photographer that is, I do not know works well. When you order .. enough to make an appointment for delivery time. We got a... Read more

Fun but delicious coffee

written by Smoglord, 27/06/14

Fun, but unstable and right leaking from the cap. It must be completely airtight when closed otherwise it is not a good thermos mug.

Verligen Good

written by Krister, 08/09/14

Can not say anything but super nice, good-looking Mug True, well-made, it is not 100% tight but I had suspected already, but meets all the requirements I have on it .. Completely Satisfied


written by Hanna, 27/10/14

Have bought as a gift for a passionate photographer this mug. I find that it really looks like a lens and the birthday child he came to super!


written by maibi, 27/12/14

Although the cup to put it to catch leaks. It is not tight. It can not be put in the bag, it must be considered only in the hand or on the table. According to it can not be? I wonder why?

The lens is enough

written by Tzalama, 29/12/14

What could have far description gigs as of warm beverages will be included in such a nice mug. And, as befits, drinks also remain warm and then cold.

It looks really crazy, but is not quite tight

written by Yvonne, 02/01/15

The thermo cup has been a gift and in appearance he has scored 100PROZENT. Unfortunately, I informed the new owners that the cover even if it is completely closed, is not very tight and always collect... Read more

Lens Thermos Mug

written by Waza, 07/01/15

My sister who shoot very turned the knob on the figured out what the right kind of lens before we explained what it was.

Cool and creative

written by Karen Bech, 19/02/15

Cool and creative mug. Not one of the heaviest and thickest mugs and probably can not keep the coffee warm for so long. However, it is very creative, with both the aperture in the lid and the lid can ... Read more


written by Karin, 20/02/15

Thermos mug is startling and an attitude marker that beats most. Anyone who has the slightest clue about photography know what I mean.

The mug

written by Sarah, 30/03/15

Love this mug when I photograph and camera buff! Use it several times a day, then that regular tea mug. Comfortable to hold, the cup holds heat well and the cover is one of the better a thermos :)

Very hurtiig delivery

written by Lise, 29/06/15

I ordered an object termokrus which came after only 2 days. It lived up to my expectations


written by Victoria, 05/11/15

Really happy with the purchase! very lifelike and spacious. Not tested it when there is a Christmas present but I did not really like that other said that it is tightly sealed. The appearance made me ... Read more

Nice design.

written by J, 19/11/15

It is as beautiful as the picture, and very comfortable to hold. It keeps the heat very well.

The ideal Christmas present

written by kittybrombeere, 01/01/16

for my brother, he was excited. On the first holiday of the breakfast coffee was drunk from it! Mug acts deceptively, is stable, the dishwasher has survived without any problems. Great idea!

cool mug

written by Matte, 04/01/16

Good quality binoculars just a really objective, rapid and smooth delivery, was a perfect Christmas present for a photo interested.


written by Hanna, 05/01/16

Gave this as a Christmas gift to a photographer and it was much appreciated. Incredibly lifelike, his response was "looking after exactly like a Canon The apertures".

termokrus disguised as objective

written by karen, 17/02/16

hæhæhæ .. game good gift idea. quick delivery and product was in nice packaging when it came out. very natural :)

Professional Mug

written by nealbrus, 07/03/16

Looks great, many have first been fooled into thinking that i am pouring coffee into a camera lens, but then have Commented how realistic it looked. Much large than it appeared to be on the web-page. ... Read more


written by Rudi, 06/04/16

Optically very appealing design! Insulation quality excellent coffee remains "very long" hot bzw.warm! Value is my part okey! Rudi

Do not buy. Clean shit.

written by Simon, 26/07/17

Sleek design but the lid does not hold tight for 5 pennies. Proper dirt product that should not be bought if you are looking for a thermosmugg. As a regular coffee cup it works but it's crazy like... Read more

Lens thermosmugg

written by Saga , 25/08/17

Will give it to a friend who is a hobby. Thought it looked very similar to a regular lens so it will probably be appreciated.

Top product for hot drinks

written by Mike, 27/09/17

We got a top product which keeps all its promises. Not to mention that you can not escape the looks of others. The mug is just an eye-catcher.

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