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Spralla® Camouflage Christmas Tree Balls, 6-pack

Forget glaringly glittering Christmas decorations in garish colours and go for a more toned-down Christmas with our Camouflage Christmas Tree Balls. These cools balls are made of glass, are roughly 6 cm in diameter and have a silver-tinted top and string. They come in a stylish giftbox of 6 balls.

Spralla® Camouflage Christmas Tree Balls, 6-pack - Camouflage Balls, 6-pack
Camouflage Balls, 6-pack
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Very happy!

written by GFGO, 09/01/18

6 nice bullets that melted well among the branches of the spruce and other embellishments ... I learned from NATO kammo someone, did not confirm that task, but the military in the gang was happy!

Never got the item

written by Aht, 10/09/18

So handsome those bullets, but they never got that cool stuff ran out after I placed the order. But but that can happen.

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