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Candy Grabber Tivoli

It's crazy how yummy candy is if you have to play a game to get hold of it.

Candy Grabber Tivoli - Candy Grabber Tivoli
Candy Grabber Tivoli
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Candy Grabber Tivoli -  D Batteries 2-pack
D Batteries 2-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Fun machine!

written by Snofsan, 02/12/14

A fun machine for both the slightly smaller adults! Hearty and stands firmly on the table. Would have been fun if we had gotten up claw slightly higher so that you can get up things that are a bit lar... Read more

Guaranteed playfulness

written by SDHE, 08/12/14

The "Candy Grabber" makes great fun. One drives the gripper arm front / back, up / down and tried to grab small candies. In the confectionery but you should think about what you will .... A ... Read more

The first error since right!

written by Sofia, 19/12/14

When I got home Candy Grabber Tivoli so it did not control the sides. Felt boring / tedious to have to complain but sent off an email to customer service about the situation. There I was well treated ... Read more

Big enthusiasm!

written by Steffi, 22/12/14

The Candy Grabber caught on with the recipient (our son). When friends come, it will be used again and again and also we adults have our fun. It is quite a bit of skill to fish out the candy, but that... Read more


written by beate vindfjell, 22/12/14

Thank you for letting us ordered theirs with you, it came at the right time. not afraid to shop there. mail delivered on time also merry Christmas

It's fun, quality is not so hot

written by Eric E., 28/12/14

Really very funny with great fun factor. Unfortunately, the quality to be desired. For this price, I expect a little more. The 3 D batteries (Varta have new uses), appear after a short time already dr... Read more

Distractions device with small defects

written by Norman B., 29/12/14

We had purchased the product to give it away. It was also great to However, we quickly realized that the device has a defect. The platform of Greifschaufel could not be completely turn right. This mea... Read more

Fun Stuff!

written by Ems, 30/12/14

Affordable and works well. Nice that you can turn off the sound. Funny thing that employ children as well as adults.


written by Channa, 04/02/15

Unfortunately just did Candy grabber once, then it was just the sound and the clone which worked: / but a big + for customer service was very accommodating! :)


written by smultron.101, 19/03/15

It is just the right bit difficult and son like it very much, he is 12 years old. Even little brother who is 8 years old are able to use it,

For even use too expensive

written by V.hemmer, 20/03/15

Total boring it would have presented me exciting, are used only once, it is the rum superfluous

Candy Grabber Tivoli

written by Jonna, 07/04/15

I ordered a Candy Grabber Tivoli. but did not get any. so I wrote and sent a new one. when it came, came the second also, and I contacted cool stuff. but was told that I could just keep it. It's w... Read more


written by Veronica, 10/04/15

Was so disappointed when it was an Easter gift for children ... and one lever did not work. Pure crap indeed. However, good reception on Cool Stuff.

Shame on the one who gives up

written by Tosse65, 16/04/15

A sudden angagemang for both large and small to get a piece of candy. A perfect mechanical toy that got everyone's running fine motor skills and thinking skills.

funny stuff

written by Lisa, 17/04/15

Candy Grabber Tivoli was a very popular birthday gift for a friend. Super fun but we would have liked to claw been stronger for it was very difficult to get up candy with it. We used candies with pape... Read more

Although Looks great ...

written by .....Thomas, 22/04/15

but it is almost impossible to get hold of the gripper things. The visuals are really great but the Grabber is completely made of simple plastic and non-functional. We tried the recommendations contai... Read more

Candy grabber fairground

written by Helle, 08/05/15

It's so fun, konfirmanden was so happy, it's a great gift idea and it works, you have to be a little careful, as it's small buttons.

Unfortunately, I am really disappointed

written by Nina Pedersen, 18/05/15

I'll call you when I motager my package is the lack of things in it, and first I wait over a week at the .. So missing things in it, the promise to send thing missing I have not it seen any thing ... Read more


written by Henriberta, 20/05/15

Pestle go service☺️ product I received was damaged in the mail, called in and got new item m engang☺️ Coming to act more there next time, without tvil☺️ Candy crabberen were fighting cool to was well ... Read more


written by Jeppo, 23/05/15

Good live good price works and has a cool color scheme. Now it's 100 characters I think! Nope now? Tiresome hmmm I like villecskrivs here .. maybe ignore it then ...

Bandy Grabber Tivoli

written by Tjo2, 03/06/15

The first unit we got was wrong, called and sent them directly, a new no-frills. Very good! The appliance is ok it is too short in the longitudinal and lateral direction and is weak in the tong and th... Read more

Very beautiful!

written by D.Hirt, 15/06/15

Our son has to get Candy Grabber for 9th birthday and absolutely loved it! That was a direct hit! Very fast shipping.

Very plasticky and cloned

written by keasp, 31/08/15

Plastic Clone is so weak that it can not cope squeeze on candy. The kids thought it was fun for a while, except that it turns all the time so you have to press the start button again and again.

Super fine

written by Ann, 01/09/15

Used it as a wedding gift. Brudeparet wanted only money, so I came caramels at the bottom and rolled banknotes with band around and came into the machine. Brudeparet fished all things up with grappen ... Read more

candy grabber

written by dowa01, 09/09/15

I was a little bit disappointed I had the candy grabber ordered as a gift for my niece, Sundays, then I got an e-mail has been sent that the article and he just could not get on with me, why? Because ... Read more

Really fine and good for the price

written by Christina, 30/09/15

We used the crane as part of a donation, where the birthday girl had to catch money (that was rolled up and put a bow on) in the machine when he is bitten by a mad carnival crane. The gift was a great... Read more

Entertainment outstanding

written by Lizette, 30/09/15

Candy Grab Eren was given as a birthday gift to my father who is over 50. The gauges have GREAT happy;) The machine working at full capacity, and it is really fun to play with it. I recommend people w... Read more


written by Yvonne, 19/10/15

After a single test phase I presented the Canygrabber, and unfortunately experienced a little late, that the lever is to move the grabber to the front and rear, not working at all. Since only the oute... Read more

Mega Fun Advent Gift

written by Heidi, 04/11/15

Mega Fun - works as it should. Bought for my son as Advent gift - put 24 small light packages into and he must catch one every day. Can definitely recommend it to everyone.

Super fun.

written by Beba, 19/11/15

Alletiders product, there were some light bulbs inside the machine which is not called, so I called customer service, where I got a very good service

met expectations

written by Saanis, 03/12/15

The product was exactly what I thought. It is enough a lot of fun for a long time. Of course, would be a plus if the batteries would include in the price. Fortunately, also those receiving the ordered... Read more


written by Karl-Andreas, 14/12/15

Goods as described. Quick and unproblematic. So the shopping fun on the internet. Thank you very much, anytime again. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2016. Karl-Andreas

to peace

written by Mimi, 25/12/15

Great gered over again I would bestellen.der hit on kids birthday party.

Candy Grabber Tivoli

written by Linda, 29/12/15

Grip claw was too weak to pick up the candy. Tried several different varieties and no variety dryers claw grip. Big disappointment :(

candy grabber

written by mfh, 30/12/15

Very fun to get this, but not easy to find something it manages to pick up. Ente up non stop, but can not usually take more one one or two at a time

Favorite gift

written by Misirlou, 01/01/16

My son got the Candy Grabber for Christmas and the grabber is in days of Renner. He is a bit small but compared to the other Candy grave Bern it has the distinct advantage that you can correct the mus... Read more

written by charlotte, 04/01/16

My daughter age 9 am really pleased it so that it is satisfactory at home and fall in really good jord☺

Very funny!

written by Maria, 04/01/16

I thought it was very funny! A little difficult to get the candy into, among which four stars but one must quickly technology!

I would do it again !

written by MaMarion, 04/01/16

The joy has this little thing, triggered by my friend who I have given it was just incredible and so I would Grabber order again! The efficiency of the device is improved. Only very rarely succeeds re... Read more

Works sometimes

written by Peoph, 04/01/16

Bought candy machine and there were Christmas lights in the 9-year-old eyes. Seemed only occasionally It was perhaps a little too cheap.


written by Lisa, 04/01/16

Damn fun for big and small. Quite difficult but it depends on what kind of stuff you should pick up ... A little too easy to cheat, but encourages it clearly.

funny gadget

written by DeKarrmen, 05/01/16

Have I bought as a Christmas present. Arrived super. Not only as a super safe wrapped package but also as a gift when the recipient. Negative: - Needs electricity and additional batteries. - It only f... Read more

Not wild fantastic ...

written by Maja, 06/01/16

I am not overly impressed by the candy machine. Had thought that it could create mini Haribo bags up, but they are clearly excessive. Nor large caramels can handle. Small school caramels or gold caram... Read more

fine fn service

written by janni, 11/01/16

good service, food was easy to order and came as promised next day. Seems to "grapple" Candy Grabber candy vending machine is a little klein and a little cramped, so it might have seen that ... Read more

Popular Christmas gift to age five

written by Jørgen, 17/01/16

Fun toy for big and small. Remember to buy batteries and maybe something suitable candies to avoid anticlimax if the recipient is a child who can not get used it immediately. Pretty hard to get up pre... Read more

Was a great success

written by Christina A., 18/01/16

Was a great success. It was a hit :-)

Super fun

written by Luise, 09/03/16

It's super fun and function as it should, but it is difficult to catch some candy, but it is perhaps the wrong I have in

The best gift of my life!

written by Pia, 22/04/16

It was the words of my 11 year old niece when I a few weeks ago gave her a Candy Grabber Candy Machine birthday present. Of course I had remembered to buy batteries and candy, so when the gift was unw... Read more

Very good.

written by Sandra, 11/05/16

I bought it home to my boy of 4 years and it was a huge hit. It is great fun for both adults and children. For the content I do not think it is so good to caramels, dumle and chocolate in small packag... Read more

Maybe you can be funny ...

written by Madeleine, 12/09/16

... If you put in the 3 batteries and not just the two that came ... A bit difficult for small children and a little difficult to choose the right candy to make it work ... We hope, however ...

lousy quality

written by Svenn Erik, 25/09/16

Took delivery in September 2016. I unpacked it and put the batteries (which cost almost as much as the product), it came a little carnival music from it, then it died completely. Fantastic lousy quali... Read more

works fine

written by GhS, 26/09/16

Yes as the title says it works fine, beyond that there is a mega plus of the sound can be muted, nice when the kids go crazy Friday tuck =)

Super fun thing to all ages

written by Vikindia, 13/10/16

Bought it for my son who turned 12 years and wanted gadgets as gifts. He was so happy for that and everyone else who sees it wants to try the machine. It takes time to learn to control it so that it t... Read more

Works not a

written by Wilma, 09/03/17

Very poorly made product. The machine can only have 2 pieces of candy in the same time to be even to have a chance to get up something. Clones are two thin pieces of plastic that barely able to lift f... Read more

asking not

written by besviken mamma o son, 20/03/17

Can not even lift up a little jelly, both I and the son was really disappointed. Clone is really really bad!

More difficult than you thought

written by GB, 07/04/17

Does not correspond to our expectations! Looks like a cool thing, but it's almost impossible to get anybody candy, it does not hold.

fun candy machine

written by yvonne, 01/05/17

Cozy and fun candy machine, with light and sound. Functions just like the machines on the tray. But be Obs. To be three giant batteries to make it work. Sold at cool stuff in 2 pieces. Packets. The ki... Read more

Real fun!

written by Luc, 23/05/17

Awesome toy for adults! I use this with a dog snap. My dog ​​is quite excited when we play with it!

Candy machine

written by Adde, 14/08/17

Awesome machine. To use when you want to eat candy. Fast delivery. Everything went well with the delivery. I am very pleased.

Great Christmas gift

written by Kirsi, 14/11/17

The product was very well packed. The device was exactly what was promised. Inside it is easy to put candy on it. The sounds and functions are exactly what the devices on the table are. Fun!

Do it for less than a day

written by Tiina, 02/01/18

The desired gift was for the boy, and the joy was enough for the Christmas Eve on Christmas Day ... It just did not come on and did not help with battery replacement or USB charging. Fun and challengi... Read more

Broken after 24 hours

written by Nilso, 05/02/18

I ordered the candy grabber. Delivery time was as stated. For a star. The device unpacked and it also looked like described, and also worked. For the 2nd star. However, I only had one day of fun with ... Read more

written by Altan, 05/02/18

Everything went very well, delivered very quickly and articles as described ... Pleasant business partners, can only further recommend. I'm very satisfied

Candy Grabber

written by Anonym , 12/03/18

Okay, quality could be a little better, but works and is also really fun, very fast delivery ... highly recommended!

Candy Grabber

written by Bent, 14/08/18

Ordered Candy Grabber for birthday gift for my friend for years. His greatest wish. Hope he will be happy with it. Easy to order and fast delivery.

For awake

written by Ulrika, 20/09/18

Fun idea for children's party or other events. Unfortunately, the idea is better than the execution allows. The gripping clone is both too weak and too clumsy to make the use fun and feasible.

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