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Cash Stash Keyring

Smart waterproof canister made of hardened aluminium that you attach to your keys. Fold up a banknote, stick it in the cash stash keyring canister, screw on the lid, attached it to your keys. And now you'll always have some money when you need it!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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19 reviews

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What is this?

Cash Stash

written by Seba, 23/04/13

Optical seals very well and with a rubber ring of the locking mechanism. And once it is open, even 5 stars coming out ;-)

If you are forgetful!

written by Mikkel , 02/05/13

Very small! But there is ample space for one hundred bill, so you can not completely empty! Its size is good, and seems as if it is sustainable. Just in case! ; D

really handy!

written by Thomas, 03/06/13

The Cash Stash Keychain metal is practically right one can be described as tablets, money or do other daily. Habs tested whether it really is waterproof and lo and behold everything dry. If someone is... Read more

Cash Stash as emergency money container

written by Peter E J, 04/07/13

Quality of Cash Stash is quite magnificent, although it is a little loose in tollerancerne. It can be used both as a money container (just one note at a smart little metal clip that helps to fold slip... Read more

Good idea

written by Porrpung, 26/12/13

Good idea, good quality. The minimum team as it barely enters a note in the tube. Can be savior one day!

less than expected

written by Dan, 06/01/14

It is ok to use it for some pills or something else ULTRA small. Could not scroll any banknote into it. Had course not expect to be able to put some of the larger pengesedeler in, but not some of the ... Read more

Very happy!

written by Thomas, 16/01/14

If the Cash Stash had been anything less would still easily fit a femhundring, but it is certainly not ponderous great in any way. After a month in the key chain, I got this weekend finally benefit fr... Read more


written by Trollet, 12/02/14

Bought these for the purpose of if I lose the wallet I'll always be able to take a taxi home (if I managed to keep your key of course). Do they serve their purpose well. Looks discrete on your key... Read more

Cash Stash tip top

written by N, 03/03/14

smart and durable little "stash" that helps to remember my medication when I go home. very convenient to always also have money when going out. I am very happy for it. so I also bought two f... Read more

Cash Stash Keychain

written by Fredrik, 13/07/14

Well, this I think I was not entirely happy with. I was not able to accommodate a 500-kronor banknote in it. With a bit of trouble, I received place with a 100-lap.

Very good

written by JoPa, 02/10/14

Misunderstood dimension of the image, it was hard to figure out from those specified dimensions. But I am very happy anyway !! And a good product!

Useful packaging!

written by L, 21/12/14

Small o smooth as promised. Moreover packaged in the "plastic container" that can store things in.

Very pleased with this product.

written by Thomas, 22/04/16

This article was super, it came with an extra waterproof box / box that the product was packed in. Two products for the prices of a .... I like it!

Real happy, perfect size

written by Ad/Hd, 03/05/16

I was actually pleased with the diss, the size was perfect for f.ex. to put on your key ring. You had to place a note, I have putted in a 200-lap, then I think 100 - is too little, and 500: - do I bec... Read more

always money with

written by Milla, 03/05/16

usually do not take the wallet to the job so they good to have this little they have all appropriate dog ring with me if want to spontaneously buy from the kiosk or otherwise.

cash stash

written by Britt, 06/05/16

Key rings with room for banknote was very very small and I could not use them for the intended confirmation present. I saw no goals in the keychain on your website, it was perhaps a good idea to futur... Read more

Smooth but small

written by Anita, 05/09/16

Think it is ok. It does not take much space Print function is very solid. Coins may not fit, unfortunately,

Hard to fold notes so they can be there

written by Jc, 30/06/17

It's super smart, it's hard for you to fold a note so that it can be in the small tube because the guide provided is not very comprehensive and it therefore requires some time and practice to ... Read more

Nice item for the price

written by Tanja J, 25/07/18

It requires some fingertips and technique, but the note could easily be there. Good was for the price ............

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