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Chess Drinking Game

Exclusive chess game where each piece consists of a shot glass that must be emptied when it has been captured. Ingenious!

Chess Drinking Game - Chess Drinking Game
Chess Drinking Game
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12 reviews

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What is this?

Fun, but!

written by Køber, 18/09/13

"Drinking Chess" is effective, it is undoubtedly in a good mood after just one game. But I met a couple of problems with the product, some undoubtedly well could have been avoided. First the... Read more

Fast, safe and cheap!

written by Ellen, 30/09/13

Is very pleased with the product, it did not cost too much, the delivery was very quick and the product was of good quality. Bravo!

Funny thing to have

written by hegedm, 26/12/13

There is a half liters on each side, so think about the alcohol content of what is served. Do not use dark beverage on the black pieces, it was almost impossible to see what the black pieces was with ... Read more

drink in Chess

written by Qtset, 30/12/13

Real fun gift for a friend though! I ordered a Christmas gift to a friend. Although shakille would often use can put even a garnish. Well packed. Plus I give the product description and more pictures.... Read more


written by Ole, 04/02/14

Pros: - Many glass at a great price - Nice board - Well wrapped Cons: - The glasses must be washed by hand, since the various chess figures not machine washable. But very time consuming, it is not, th... Read more


written by Barbie, 17/02/14

Cool gadget, but can not really use, much waste! But always goes to pour up after the play has gone out :)

Drinkschak review (Y)

written by Helena Olsson , 19/10/14

I am very pleased with the order and the coolstuff's page itself. Would give it as a gift, and really had no idea what the first one would give it away, but with personality investigation did the ... Read more

Super birthday gift

written by Lisa, 04/11/14

For a buddy bought Birthday, arrived super good! even if he can not play chess;) I would recommend it again and again and also give myself again!

Good goods

written by Blomaul, 31/12/15

Very good idea and good goods. If you times not think of anything then all events on this page go.

Two-sided printing & real glass!

written by vickycitah, 15/02/16

The important thing was that the glasses are printed on both sides, so that both players know at any time about which figures are, even if they are filled. This version I can find only on Read more


written by Jeesus, 04/11/16

The product was good, the package came five days as the post office. The corners of the board was a little crack, and one was missing just a little piece (it was probably taken badly hit during transm... Read more

Destroyed plate, scratched box and late delivery

written by Madsjakob, 18/09/17

When I received the product that I could only pick up after 8 working days, I got it home in a scratched and damaged box (scratches, cracks and the like) but I did not think about it since I did not u... Read more

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