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Chocolate Body Paint

You do not need to be an artist or a professional painter to use this paint. You just need to like chocolate - and to eat it off of bare skin.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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not bad

written by Justine, 13/03/15

nice gift idea in itself unfortunately the chocolate is not really liquid, only the "soft are" so you can use the brush takes a long time ..

Nam Nam

written by Angelica, 25/02/16

Was really as I expected. Tasted a little more cocoa than expected. It tasted, in our type julkalenderns chocolate. But it was really good.


written by ., 09/12/16

The brush is basically non-existent, not at all like the picture where it is then quite large and fluffy brush out. I got something that looks like a toothpick with some fluff on.

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