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KitchPro Chocolate Fountain

Taste the words: Chocolate fountain. Mmmmm.... Even Willy Wonka would be jealous. It warms your chocolate and lets it run over the things you want to coat in chocolate.

KitchPro Chocolate Fountain - Small EU Plug
Small EU Plug
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
KitchPro Chocolate Fountain - Large EU Plug
Large EU Plug
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
KitchPro Chocolate Fountain - Small UK Plug
Small UK Plug
43 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
KitchPro Chocolate Fountain - Large UK Plug
Large UK Plug
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What is this?

chocolate Fountain

written by Heidi, 06/05/13

We've tried the small sjokoladefontena. It's fantastic, 'except that I had not thought about how small it actually is. It made so far nothing, because then one need not make as much chocol... Read more


written by sus silkeborg, 14/05/13

It just full, I had bought the large fountain for use by sønnes confirmation by 45 guests. Easy easily melted 1.5 kg toms 70% dark chocolate, added about 1/4 cup taste neutral oil / (rapeseed oil) pou... Read more


written by Jan, 14/05/13

This is etmidtpunt among children and adults. Spent some time finding the right chocolate mixture, but then everything stops.

Love it

written by Nadia, 17/05/13

Perfect size (Bought the small) for everyday luxury :) working properly and chokladar down my fruits and berries in an extraordinary way !!

popular dessert

written by dm, 19/05/13

The chocolate fountain is popular and easy to use, for example. as for our party, where the dessert was strawberries, grapes and marshmallows that guests could even put on a wooden stick and dip in th... Read more

Enjoyable festive!

written by Denise, 25/05/13

Purchased gift to my mother at mother's day gift and she was overjoyed, we tried the course immediately, and it is just as expected, it was also easy to clean again. All in all an excellent produc... Read more

amount of chocolate?

written by hoho, 21/06/13

Should stand somewhere how much chocolate you should have in the fountain. Thus about to achieve the best effect.


written by A., 23/06/13

Chocolate fountain was a disaster, it went to pieces after use for 5 minutes and squirted chocolate throughout the room. DO NOT purchase this article !!!

works perfectly

written by Mette, 04/07/13

The chocolate fountain was a huge hit for new strawberries from the garden and other fruit. It is also easy to clean, and seems not really the noisy as much. The only drawback is that there should be ... Read more

Excellent Success!

written by Mariann, 08/08/13

All the guests were delighted chocolate fountain and they made their own fruit spears and let the chocolate flow over the spear. Recommended!

success on birthday

written by hs, 10/09/13

Typical product having novelty in itself. It's cool because not so many had before it a fun and tasteful prop on birthday before us. They loved to dip fruit in chocolate: Strawberries, pineapple, ... Read more

Great service and great product!

written by Nina, 16/09/13

Fantastic service! I've got a lot of help and my questions answered. The delivery of the product was Extremely fast, 24 hours. No complications and product works just great!

Pestle Handsome

written by Anita, 22/10/13

Great product at a cheap price! You just have to know that it requires a lot of chocolate, but here in Stavanger area we get hold of real chocolate intended fountain. Get a broom for washing bottles s... Read more

Super great

written by Aryas, 25/11/13

Super good fountain .. is very easy to use :) You become totally silly when it starts to flow and it ran successfully for 6 hours! the only drawback may be that much chocolate can go to waste .. So I ... Read more

the fountain

written by chokolde, 25/12/13

It is really good and surprisingly easy to use. But lacking a Danish manual and how it is possible. Wash (vad can can lead Turkey in the dishwasher!) Greeting figures

Just so nice :-)

written by Karina, 01/01/14

Having just spent chocolate fountain to make dessert New Year's Eve - a big hit with both large and small.

chocolate Fountain

written by Tone, 03/01/14

A small and neat and just the right chocolate fountain for our family of four. Going surely sublime in children's birthdays as well. Easy to use and easy to disassemble for cleaning :-)

Nice gadget for celebrations

written by TechnicalReviews3000 (YT), 25/02/14

The chocolate fountain is a very nice gadget for celebrations. It is a bit noisy, but that's not so bad. 4-5 bars of chocolate needed one, so that the chocolate fountain running properly. Even the... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by Matka, 26/02/14

The chocolate fountain looks very nice and it has a great size for home use if, for example planning a family reunion and does not know what to give it as a dessert. However, what is a pity that the d... Read more

Chocolate Fountain has become the family's new Saturday Treat!

written by Aggroeva, 28/02/14

Very easy to use and easy to clean. Fruit, almonds, nuts and marshmallows over the place so it is not only useless ;-) Required pretty much chocolate as much become the over but I saved for the next d... Read more


written by santos, 03/03/14

It is super on the pictures of the product, with its not the money be it's total plastic. There is not some manual with the DK how to use it only in English well to purchase it on offer.

Chocolate fountains

written by Annie, 04/03/14

I bought a chocolate fountain before Valentine's Day, then I think you eat a bit more chocolate than otherwise, and be happy when with fresh fruits. What I would have liked to know before purchase... Read more


written by Karina Rossen, 06/05/14

I have not had the product in use yet, with it seems like it's a good product. have recommended it to a friend who also must hold confirmation.

Super chocolate fountain

written by Trine karlsen, 12/05/14

We were more than satisfied with the fountain was initially a little skeptical because it is quite cheap but here you really get a lot more for the money we are so satisfied

chocolate fountain

written by Lotte Hindsberg, 18/05/14

A big hit and I had a happy daughter. The only drawback and I think now most due to myself. I had chosen a chocolate with orange flavor that chocolate could not get around, but think as I said, not th... Read more

Cleaning the chocolate fountain

written by Inger, 01/08/14

Is fairly satisfied with the chocolate fountain the plays nice and it is a hit with the grandchildren the only thing I'm a little sad it is that you can not take the dish for cleaning and can not ... Read more

Truly a bargain for the price

written by Zeppe, 11/09/14

We would rent a chocolate fountain to a 18th birthday, as on previous occasions had aroused great enthusiasm. I chose just to swing by Coolstuf to see if they had something I could use. And yes, again... Read more

baby Shower

written by MessyB, 30/09/14

My chocolate fountain suitable for several different events. I just annordnat a baby shower and my chocolate fountain fit in perfectly among all the pastries !! It was one of the most popular items du... Read more

Yum Yum

written by Tessa, 17/11/14

Very satisfied with the fountain that was a big hit in the children's company and the adults thought it was fun også.r

Super good

written by Lina, 31/12/14

The chocolate tastes like it should! It is easy to use, with little craft to clean it. But it's worth it! It's perfect for dessert if you dip fruit.

Super service

written by Inger hansen , 29/01/15

I had bought a chocolate fountain that after two times use did not work more called and spoke with an employee, and as he said, you throw it out you have and I'll send a new one, and two days late... Read more

chocolate Fountain

written by see, 05/05/15

Bought large chocolate fountain, to a birthday party with 10 girls in 11 years today, and it was a roaring success.

Very good

written by Christian, 11/05/15

Very efficient and leaking to the price range it is set in, and it is very easy to wash as long as you do it before the chocolate is left hardens completely. Some minus for the noise level, but as lon... Read more

Wobble around and sounds very

written by Hannah, 12/05/15

We read all the good reviews and thought this would be a top-chocolate fountain. But when we started the so shook it and the whole situation "vobblade". Furthermore, let it so much that it w... Read more

Super service

written by Kast, 13/05/15

Super fast service .. not the last time we shop at cool stuff :-) Our daughter was super happy that we had found this chocolate fountain ..

Chocolate Fountain

written by Peer, 15/05/15

Chocolate Fountain was delivered on 2 days with GLS, was however delivered elsewhere than agreed. The fountain was used as a gift and the recipient are very fond of it. (5 stars).

From chocolate to bearnaise

written by Line T, 28/09/15

The chocolate fountain was not bought for the name specified purpose, but rather to please my nephews and niece when we are long-term fantasized about bearnaise sauce that tumble over one's chips ... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by Elisabeth, 29/09/15

Fast delivery and top product! Decent simple instructions and it could be broken down and cleaned godt.Vi got some problems with that chocolate dried up (not the liquid) Used Rema chocolate. But fille... Read more

chocolate fountain

written by Solange, 02/11/15

A nice surprise for all! It all worked fine when the instructions read. The machine was no trouble. The only thing I noticed was that it was not silent, but when it is a place with many people noted t... Read more

Very good

written by Susanne , 06/01/16

Fun and cozy chokoladevandfald- requires a little more than we had expected but works as it should and was of great amusement for kids

Great Chocolate Fountain

written by Marianne Hansen, 18/01/16

We need confirmation from April but chose to buy a chocolate fountain for testing New Year's Eve, rather than wait to buy two at once. The postage is only kr.39,00, so I would like to pay for test... Read more

KitchPro mini chocolate fountain

written by junni, 26/02/16

I had wanted had a clearer description of how much chocolate variety to use in mini chocolate fountain that I bought. In the description it said that it would have a little cooking oil that would flow... Read more

Large chocolate fountain

written by Andrea, 21/03/16

I called panicky customer service Thursday morning, when I needed a fountain at a party on Friday and I would hear this could be done. They were so friendly and helpful and told that I should probably... Read more

Super Buy !!

written by Marianne Hansen, 27/04/16

Konfirmationsdesserten was a huge success. We bought no. 2 chocolate fountain at Cool Stuff. And it was so delicious: lots of fruit, marshmallow and marzipan balls thereto delicious vanilla ice cream,... Read more

Chocolate Fountain

written by Ellen, 10/07/16

It was just a really good buy. Many of our guests had not tried to get chocolate on this nifty fashion. So it was an incredibly wonderful experience :-).

Success at the party!

written by D, 24/10/16

Chocolate Fountain became the biggest success at the party for both large and small. No one looked at the cake, but the fountain was the attraction. Sounds myclet little and is stable. We had a party ... Read more

Super fun way to eat dessert on

written by Thomas, 01/01/17

A week before New Year's Eve I decide that it should be an experience to eat dessert. Super fast delivery - no problems. The machine arrives and when we were 8 people so I'm glad I chose the l... Read more

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