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Clothes Folding Board

Fold your shirts and tops simply and quickly with the Clothes Folding Board. With the clothes folder, all it takes is one fold to the right, one to the left and one from below - that's all there is to it!


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206 reviews

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What is this?

Dry boards <3

written by Mrs. Sheldon, 25/04/13

Love klesbrettern my! Best my purchase! Highly recommend buying the <3 Klesbrettern creases ALL clothes !!! I'm very pleased!:)

received no

written by Sean Jensen, 30/04/13

I am very disappointed. about 2 weeks ago I ordered a dress folds but has not gotten an even. this is very poor service.


written by Shanah, 03/05/13

I have long wanted a victim and now found (the ego can give), the butler does exactly what Sheldon loves so ...


written by PN, 04/05/13

Gave it to my husband as a gift. Never has our wardrobe looked so proper and perfect out :) best investment for long.


written by Klädvikaren, 07/05/13

Damn good! How smoothly anytime and sweaters are equal when to put them in the closet. It is for once the fun o fold clothes :-)


written by Marianne, 09/05/13

A long time ago I saw in a shop in Stege that they use a Tøjfolder. The so effective, but still went there about a year before I found it on the net and got bought one. Inside my work in closet I have... Read more

Super smooth.

written by Pierre, 13/05/13

Smooth folding clothes with this. it is quick to fold every garment, and they get the same form which facilitates to get a fancy wardrobe

So damn good!

written by Jens, 14/05/13

Perfect match before traveling and will have with lot of clothes. Best bargain ever haha ​​=) I recommend it big!

Never has my closet been so nice.

written by Peter Jakobsen, 17/05/13

Works 100% as promised, can not be happier. Can boiler is recommended if you want to order and track of his locker.

Super tool for men.

written by Lars Nielsen, 29/05/13

It may look like nonsense, but it really works, the clothes are incredibly nicely folded when "Tøjfolderen" is used.


written by Studenten, 03/06/13

What is there to say about this matter? It's nothing special and it was not as powerful as I had hoped, however, may the job done so it was a very good investment!

Simple and good!

written by Odd Arne, 10/06/13

This is simple and ingenious, saving lots of closet lass and everything is tidy. The clothes will be less than when I fold manually to put it simply.

everything great

written by 21514114, 21/06/13

It worked as hoped and expected. It is in perfect condition and there are no nasty discoloration.

great product

written by Sebastian GS, 24/06/13

Great product, not experienced anything negative yet. Only problem which could possibly pulled it down (which it does) is that size can be a problem for some. I would think that students most are buyi... Read more

Must have!

written by Hallbjørg, 27/06/13

Very classy. The T-shirts are lovely brettet- and flat! Easy to handle and take up little space. Something any furnished home should have!

Try folding

written by Arga molnet, 01/07/13

I'm super happy. The T-shirts are super stylish. Easy, simple and neat. Recommended. Too bad it was not in several colors.

Very good product

written by Francis, 08/07/13

I'm really happy tøjfolderen. It's really smart and it has made it easy to fold clothes to fit every time with the same dimensions and size. It is very simple and makes folding clothes really ... Read more

Now the girl is easier

written by Nick, 11/07/13

I bought this for my girlfriend as a birthday present, along with some other articles from Coolstuff. She likes it a lot and I like that she got a tool to fold our clothes with ;-)

Cruel ingenious thing!

written by Madde, 19/07/13

Klädvikaren was slick as hell! Pretty big and requires some space when you use it, but is so cruel that I just want to fold clothes all day! Oh, finally get my stuff place in the closet. Woohoo!

Urchin was good for shopping

written by Marja Liisa Wiik, 29/07/13

Viikkari was quite good for shopping. Works. We have "Big Bang Theory" series fans. Everything went just fine. Mission and all. thank you

Manage your clothes

written by Angie, 30/07/13

Super gizmo that helps one to fold clothes in a quick and easy way. Even 5-year-old in the house insists on folding their own t-shirts!

Manage your clothes

written by Angie, 30/07/13

Super gizmo that helps one to fold clothes in a quick and easy way. Even 5-year-old in the house insists on folding their own t-shirts!

Clothing folds

written by Lisa , 30/07/13

I have finally, after some deliberation purchase one tøjfolder :-). What has been shown and be the best I have done long. It has now become very easy and put all the clothes together in neat stacks ju... Read more


written by Annis, 05/08/13

This ank so well the wardrobe in order that all true! :) Price-quality ratio is quite decent.

Useful and fun

written by Paris , 07/08/13

So the first of the Big Bang Theory, and think it is very good and makes it more fun chopped to fold clothes.

Simply the until it breaks

written by S.L., 10/08/13

It has never been such a regime in clothes cupboards late klädvikaren purchased. Too bad they did not make themselves gångjärnsvikmekanismen smarter. After six months of folds crack it and must be rep... Read more


written by egon , 21/08/13

Absolutely perfect bought it for my mother in law who have pain in the body and to her is the super :) and it folds completely perfect

tøjfolder ...

written by vejlo, 26/08/13

Have not yet used it so much but seems quite good. Not so good for children but for "adult" jerseys, t-shirt ... Is it super!

Very satisfied

written by Jesper, 28/08/13

Very good product, very pleased it and use it often. It gives a little extra closet space and time savings during folding. Overall worth every penny in my opinion.


written by, 09/09/13

After seeing the product in The Big Bang Theory, I decided to buy one. What attracted us was two things. 1. The fact that I'm not good at folding shirts "body". 2. Prize. The product is ... Read more

Dry boards

written by Haettas, 14/09/13

I wanted to know if the product was easy to use and whether the product was usable according to expectation. I am very pleased with the product; price was ok.


written by Apan, 24/09/13

This is the perfect gift for the geek who has everything! Now you can get the perfect prouisiska order in the closet that you are looking for in all the mysteries of the universe!

Fast delivery

written by FuriousRage, 24/09/13

Very fast delivery, I have only had time klädvikaren once .. went Fairly well with THE SMALL OCTAVE shirts.

Awesome !!!!

written by Sky Captain, 25/09/13

This klädvikaren is simply amazing ............................. I am now Sheldon Cooper reincarnated.

Great !

written by HH, 25/09/13

Tøjfolderen is good to put blouses and pants neatly so it is nice one !! and takes up less space on the shelves.

Fun-filled "toy"

written by Andy, 30/09/13

Was inspired by Sheldon from The Bing Bang Theory; therefore bought clothes dryer opportunity. It does its job. People are motivated to folding clothes ... Even a child can do this ... is very happy, ... Read more


written by Antonia, 17/10/13

Be a good gift to give away to one who has everything. The pile of clean clothes disappeared somewhat quicker, the user thought it was a little more fun with this!

Indispensable to the overcrowded!

written by Malin, 17/10/13

My second walk-ringed, I use it extensively. Halve the need for agencies and closets! Sheets, towels, clothing of all varieties, added quickly in nice bars. Perfect for overcrowding student, for the f... Read more

Clothes Ringed

written by Ingbos, 10/11/13

Great invention! So easy to use that to o with the children and, above all, the husband is able to fold clothes in a good way that everything is fine o neatly in the closet. That it will be extra fun&... Read more

Very happy

written by Glenn, 13/11/13

Very fast delivery, good wrapped and good service. 'm Very happy with my purchase at

Sheldon Cooper style

written by Lola, 22/11/13

I'm normally super bad to fold clothes, but with this amazing invention can I just suddenly. It is highly recommended: D

Perfect gift for sloppy man

written by sambolagen , 25/11/13

Now it will order o find the old man now that he got this gift. They were something he wanted, myself :) I just find it funny, I can fold yourself;) hehe


written by Morgan, 09/12/13

The copy I got home hold for about ten days ago it went to the edge where the fold occurs. The same principle as when you wiggle the wire a few times then goes off. Very poor quality of the plastic. I... Read more


written by Annamaria, 13/12/13

Good for the boyfriend who can finally learn to fold properly. Very practical and easy to use, very happy and fun Christmas; D

The children's favorite!

written by Joj, 23/12/13

At last, the kids love to help with the laundry! No fighting over who should fold the clothes when they get to use klädvikaren. Saves space in the drawers, because the clothes are so stylish, flat fol... Read more

Buy the product if you are lazy

written by ....................., 24/12/13

Buy this product if you are someone who has trouble folding clothes together, so it is nice. The usefulness of this product is easy, it is fast and can be used to fold in very different ways. Enjoy, y... Read more

best Christmas present

written by Bec, 27/12/13

If you are meticulous when it comes klädvikning then you are, with this folding your clothes neat and smooth. Pretty good for the lazy;)

This makes klesbretting fun

written by Tor, 31/12/13

Like so many others, I saw this dress board crack appeared at The Big Bang Theory, handled by perfectionist and super nerd Sheldon Cooper. I was curious about this board, and ordered sporenstreks a wh... Read more

nice part

written by sora, 01/01/14

Anyone who has seen the laundry Butler in television, is delighted. It is a great thing and who's turning the first out, like you have to put the clothes to them then fold properly, for it's r... Read more


written by Petter, 02/01/14

Have already worn out one of these simple and ingenious. Thanks to this, it becomes eases to find the shirt you want, and it's fun to organize the closet.

Be Sheldon for a little while

written by Morsan, 02/01/14

My son and I saw klädvikaren Big Bang Theory and immediately wanted to have one. After some searching, I found it here on Cool Stuff, and bought two, one to his son and his cousin of the same age. Now... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Edurt, 03/01/14

Primarily a funny thing that actually works. Can become a craze, but let go and fold edges makes me happy!

Clothes Ringed

written by Mirfak, 05/01/14

Good instructions and easy to use. Though less clothing babydolls it does not fit properly.


written by Madde, 06/01/14

The first time he saw Sheldon using klädvikaren he said. What cool! Such, I would like to have. There he also got for Christmas and it was much appreciated.

Little hypad

written by Frir, 07/01/14

Too bad there are clothes ringed seals on the box when to give it away for Christmas; P Feels like product is more hyped than needed. Large Beachwear, or yes, generally larger garment over stl40 weigh... Read more

good job

written by vilippu, 08/01/14

Closet can hold more strangely clothed this unit arrived to my house. Fine folds will this thingy clothes.

Fun product!

written by Albin, 09/01/14

Really fun to fold T-shirts with this! When I was done with the laundry basket so I turned on all the t-shirts in the closet so now it looks really neat out! :)

funny Christmas

written by Gabriella, 11/01/14

I gave this to my dad for Christmas. He thinks the va really funny and folds lot of shirts now. A good buy for a lazy person who can not fold clothes: P

genius :)

written by Dag, 20/01/14

Dry folding a breeze :-D You will not regret this purchase :-). Quick delivery :-).

genius :)

written by Dag, 21/01/14

Dry folding a breeze :-D You will not regret this purchase :-). Quick delivery :-).


written by Lotta, 23/01/14

It was the best thing I've bought. It was so nicely in the closet. I got much more space in the closet and it became more overview in the closet which I thought was great when I saw what I could t... Read more

so it will not be easier

written by olsen, 27/01/14

it just owned! such! No more ironing Tshirt put them together and in place in no time testing it

A perfect extra help

written by Sigrun Helga, 28/01/14

My sons of 12 and 14 use the board and fold their clothes together and appreciate and get it done skikkeligt. and the doer mom and

Extremely well!!

written by ch, 31/01/14

Love that it works perfectly. A little difficult to fold clothes in a thin material, but then I give all thumbs up!


written by Eva Rosell, 10/02/14

Smart product for a low price. Tried to get a clothing ringed in established better clothing stores, but no one knew what I was looking for.

fun stuff

written by Emma, 17/02/14

Funny gadget we've seen on TV and bought on a whim, but it really works and will be used. It will be fine in the closet now and easy to pack well before the holiday. Fun and good at the same time.... Read more

Good idea

written by Simale, 16/03/14

Feels however, that it is faster to do the same procedure manually. Have only used it to t-shirts. Works best if they have short sleeves. S should be the long arm too but becomes unwieldy.


written by Bibbi, 17/03/14

I'm so glad I bought klädvikaren, It's funny o budge t-shirts now. It's fast and it will be so nice: D. Have all the weight that was in the closet and it takes up less space. Longing for t... Read more


written by hakan, 28/03/14

It functions. I have better control of my clothes now. The negative is that it is for the smaller sizes. We are "Vikings" in Sweden is not small Chinese. Hakan

Very good gift

written by Astrid, 25/04/14

It worked really well and it is a super gift for that otherwise has everything and show the person is a fan of the big bang, it's just even better.


written by Michelle, 29/04/14

Have not had time to test it yet. But soon, so I guess I can do it. It looks like the BBT


written by K. Berger, 06/06/14

Real Super, what can you say there more ... Now my husband can his T-shirt designed by neatly put together ;-D


written by Johanna , 16/07/14

Good for orderliness in the closet. Fun to use and a prized gift for her husband. Sheldon stuff always goes home!

Hooray for Sheldon

written by Frode, 11/08/14

90% of the wardrobe consists of t-shirts, so this gets a lot of use in me. The only negative I have to make is that the construction does not have hinges. Man folds thus by bending about a weak point ... Read more


written by Ast, 28/08/14

Can not live without !!! Have already spent one, have one on every floor !!! An absolute must in the laundry room!


written by Freaky86, 01/09/14

This we all probably know when Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) used in one of the episodes. To be honest I bought just this at kidding! But when I first got this at home as is the suuuperkul! makes... Read more

Simple but ingenious

written by Thorbjorn, 19/09/14

For all who have seen Big Bang Theory, then Tøjfolderen a product you will recognize from one of the main characters, namely Sheldon Cooper. Putting T-shirts together is not difficult, but it can be h... Read more


written by Majsan, 22/09/14

Have seen this gadget in various TV connection, and seemed practical, but did not know where I would buy it. So I got to see this in Coolstuff and ordered it immediately. I'm a bit fussy to fold s... Read more

klädvikaren structure

written by janne, 23/09/14

Used twice, but the plastic which folds have already become white, indicating that it will go off after a tag.Finessen gone, thanks to the blue color is visible, this tydligt.I otherwise satisfied wit... Read more


written by Amanda , 25/09/14

Super fun product! And works just as it should! Perfect gift for a Big Bang Theory fan :)

Sheldon has the right

written by LoloSo, 30/09/14

This is a gadget that makes it easier to fold laundry. It becomes even piles and easy to put in cabinets or drawers.

Dry folding is a cinch!

written by Adrian, 07/10/14

Is very simple to use, and clothes folding now runs like a breeze compared to before. Getting count edges, and better track in the wardrobe among polo shirts and sweaters. Is easy to use and has remai... Read more


written by Martin, 17/10/14

I'm super happy with klädvikaren !!! Now I save a lot of time standing and fold the hand. Laundry and ironing has become just a bit more fun :)

Clothes Ringed

written by MarreLarre, 17/10/14

Do laundry a little more fun to fold and the result is very neat piles, easy to stack in the cupboard. The material is a bit weak, will eventually break the "hinges".


written by Monica, 23/10/14

Absolutely amazing, how I could live without it before! I'm super happy, klädvikandet becomes much more fun, faster and finer.


written by Ilsemarie, 23/10/14

From order to delivery lasted one day. This is called fast. I am very pleased and would like to recommend cool stuff to others.

Pretty good

written by Stixi, 30/10/14

This may indeed clothing put in a nice and stylish closet. Thick wool shirts and jackets it does not work, they are folded in the traditional way. (And the plate was centimeters too long to fit closet... Read more

Very happy

written by skander, 03/11/14

This was a good innvestering, now I can take over mya work my wife always has gjort.Nå creases I everything.

Very good!

written by Andreas, 08/11/14

Very good, does what it should do. Minus that, at gånggärnen only plastic that bends so they learn to break for a corporate use. I've had mine for a year now and they have not broken.

clothing creases is just brilliant

written by dream, 17/11/14

so super happy with clothing folds. Now it starts to get count edge in drawers and cupboards, finally. can really be recommended. Now it starts actually be fun to fold clothes, even dopey 2 years foun... Read more

Fast delivery and fun stuff

written by Kajsa, 21/11/14

Klädvikaren came quickly in the mail and I got exactly what I expected. For the price it was well worth the money. Perfect as a Father's Day gift for a dad who likes Bing Bang Theory - Sheldon has... Read more

super easy

written by Liss, 26/11/14

It's suddenly become fun to put together t shirts. Also, it looks stunning good in wardrobe ☺

Clothes Ringed

written by monica59, 28/11/14

Super Product as long as the lot was !! After about 20 bays went on in one of vikdelarna, really bad. When I pointed it out to the customer, I have not received any answer, bad !!!

Very satisfied

written by Niklas, 02/12/14

The Wäschebuttler holds true to its promise. One can not expect as only merge only T-shirts, but also shirts and pants. A super device!


written by BH, 08/12/14

This product is easy to handle, is well accepted by the family and used. Delivery fast and unbureaucratic


written by Henning, 13/12/14

When I quite suddenly stood with responsibility for our laundry, I very much enjoy tøjfolderen. Before I got it, I managed never to get our t-shirts laid fairly nicely together. Now they have merged t... Read more


written by Mogens Hansen, 15/12/14

I have great use of tøjfolderen as viker quite nice. It can be very useful for those who do not bother to spend a lot of time to put clothes together


written by anna, 15/12/14

The kids love it and at the same time teach them to fold their clothes themselves. Very simple OCV easy to use.


written by Billebill, 15/12/14

Felt boss when I unfolded so nice! When the wife came home to the fine hills so it was nice to stua1


written by 4kiddies, 15/12/14

It is fun to use and work well too for sweaters, shirts and tshirts. But also a little useless and takes up part of tøjkurven. But a funny idea and makes even small children can fold clothes together ... Read more

It's brilliant, in a fun way.

written by Pia, 17/12/14

Now it's fun to fold blouses and T-shirt together. And easily. And kids can also help. The I'm happy.

An Every Man's Dream

written by Bo , 21/12/14

I bought a clothing folds of cool stuff, twice the one to myself the other as a Christmas present for my friend Kasper has just left home tøjfolderen is a brilliant invention, it should be an every ma... Read more


written by Larsson, 22/12/14

Very good gadget works great for me. Simple to use makes it a little more fun to fold clothes especially if you are a Big Bang Theory fan.

Very clever!

written by Ivve, 22/12/14

So simple and so smart! Now that I have all my weight t-shirt so they take up less than a box in the closet! Previously (yes everything was not weight, but more "handle not fold, throw everything... Read more

Super Service

written by Koenigsente, 23/12/14

The product is the hammer. I put my laundry so happy together it. And thanks to the Cool Stuff team for support after a corner is broken. Super Service!

amusing Tøjfolder

written by Hanne Svendsen, 27/12/14

Tøjfolderen works as it should, the quality is fine and the delivery of Cool Stuff was really fast, good Christmas gift idea.


written by Golle, 28/12/14

Klädvikaren was a direct hit to the ten year old son who has been unable to fold their shirts on their own. With klädvikaren is perfect!

Dry board

written by J.T, 29/12/14

This was an ingenious thing, to the kids called it's fun to fold clothes now :-) All things being equal and I have to tuck everything about igen, now unfold we likewise. thanks thanks :-)

Dry board

written by J.T, 29/12/14

This was an ingenious thing, to the kids called it's fun to fold clothes now :-) All things being equal and I have to tuck everything about igen, now unfold we likewise. thanks thanks :-)

As in the series

written by JB, 29/12/14

This tøjfolder is just awesome, I see even TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) and therefore seems that this little gadget is VERY cool: P

Really good

written by A, 30/12/14

Bought one for me and one for my boyfriend for Christmas, now think he almost that it is fun to fold clothes, and it's getting an improvement in the closet!

Absolutely ingenious

written by Magnus , 05/01/15

Network or the same model as it is used in The Big Bang Theory. Simply pure genius, while fun the first few times.

Very satisfied

written by Marie, 05/01/15

Very happy, very fast delivery even just a few days before Christmas. everything worked as it should. (Y)

Can be used for any garment!

written by Anna, 06/01/15

Great gift for someone who just wants to shirts. It can also be used to fold the other garments. I'm thinking of buying one for myself too!

Super Pleased

written by Katrine W Knudsen, 06/01/15

Bought this as a Christmas present for my little brother who soon move out. Both he and I think it was fight cool and it works great! Super fun gizmo!

Works like clockwork

written by mosse31, 08/01/15

Works perfectly, as promised. Fits very best for small or medium sizes. Large, coming outside.

Mega surprise

written by Jessy, 13/01/15

I have presented the laundry Butler - and if only because the recipient is on Sheldon & Co. they loved it! Has a great size, one can easily make the board and the handling is absolutely easy :)

works perfectly

written by Sofia, 16/01/15

This klädvikaren works perfectly. One gets neatly folded shirts, and I also use it to fold pants and vests to make them the same size. And it is extremely fast too. So now is the order in my closet. T... Read more

Absolutely perfect

written by Johan, 23/01/15

Has always weight garments of the way but it is not quite 100% but now with the ringed seal, it will be perfect.

Does what it says on the box!

written by Carro, 26/01/15

A jäätepraktisk and fun thing that clearly is a must if you like I do not like to fold clothes and think it will take too long to do the addition. A plus is quite clear if you have seen it used by She... Read more


written by M, 28/01/15

Was very satisfied. After the thing broke, my spare was sent free. Had it not even demanded, but only informed that a shame.

Genial klebretter!

written by Pus, 10/02/15

To fold the laundry goes effortlessly. Especially T shirts and sweaters are made in 1-2-3, - literally! And everything is neatly in the same board size is an advantage in the closet. Even the "fa... Read more

big bang ploy

written by eva, 16/02/15

When I bought vikarn I thought it would be a ploy thing and a little dig. However, I must say that it is cruel useful and do the laundry well. When you fold yourself so it will be easy wrinkles or tak... Read more

Dry boards

written by MS, 25/02/15

My son got the gift and was super happy. He has never had so fine T-shirts and sweaters in the closet now. Buy it for my son in law too :-)


written by KRYSmaster, 05/03/15

As Butler it is very helpful if one is not particularly good fold in things. A nice idea

Good feature - poor quality ...

written by Jois, 16/03/15

Works really well until one of folding arms go by ... Unfortunately, the "hinges" only in the plastic and can not withstand so many folds ...


written by Hermine, 27/03/15

Smart dress folds that are super easy to use. This folding fans make it so it will be fun to roll.


written by Sarah, 30/03/15

I bought this because it was a fun thing, but even so, it is very useful and fast to use.


written by Nina, 19/04/15

Lucky that it is cheap, my was not even half a year. I bought one for myself and my boyfriend last Christmas and liked it immediately. Turned the whole of my closet just to everything would look good.... Read more

Tøjfolderen controls!

written by AndersP, 29/04/15

Then tøjskabets response to the can opener, been in use for a few weeks. The cabinets are similar to those on a US military base, where Sr.Srgt. not scold. For t-shirts, shirts and pants are razor sha... Read more

Second best after the wife of tølfoldning

written by 3ech, 15/05/15

It just works. Hate to put t-shirts together because they are never going to lie properly. It's over now and then it goes even super fast to make a sharp pile of folded sweaters. The only minus is... Read more


written by Maaret Leskinen, 25/05/15

Erittäon a decent tool. Children and men get excited viikkauksesta. Contact wardrobes order in neat stacks. Relatively low-cost tool for household chores.

Very good

written by Jan Munkholm, 27/05/15

I think it is brilliant. The clothes are almost perfect every time also, there are no excuses for not being able to lie clothes together.

A pure pleasure!

written by karelo, 04/06/15

A pleasure to fold T-shirts that used to be rather boring and never was really perfect. Now the piles exact !!! Neat.

It just works perfectly.

written by benteb, 12/06/15

The entire process of ordering, buying and shipping was super easy and took only a few days. Tøjfolderen just works perfectly and in no time you have completed all her son's and husband's t-sh... Read more

great invention

written by Joan R. Jensen, 15/06/15

Super gift for as many shirts and the like to be folded. For the man who has everything and who now can fold shirts with ease - and completely identical.

funny gift

written by KS, 14/07/15

Became an appreciated gift to a friend who already has everything. A law unnecessary gadget but surely super to have when the suitcase to pack the clothes are less wrinkled. We bought one for ourselve... Read more

for the late

written by pvt , 20/07/15

Since one saw Sheldon in BBT. use this tingest there have been a wise covet. And must say that it does its job all the shirts will be exactly equal. And form neat piles in the closet.

very tilflæs

written by Peter wrang andresen, 03/08/15

It is mega good to lie clothes together. Uses the weather today and it helps me in everyday life. Thank coolstuf

surprisingly good

written by Jessica, 06/08/15

Bought this for fun, Sheldon, you know, but it's actually really good! Surprisingly good, actually. All the same size in drawers and on shelves so it's easier to find things.

is not automatic but rewarding

written by pilkun viilaaja, 10/08/15

the product does not really duck not a machine. Careful layout of clothing is important, however, is not ridiculously meticulous. but then nakellaan board parts eestaas and the result is an even-edged... Read more

Kanonbra but ...

written by Sebbe, 18/08/15

Kanonbra product. I happened to take apart my last so therefore ordered a new one. Unfortunately, it received a little "folding" of the post. Have not had time to test if it works as it shou... Read more

uniform laundry

written by Lizette, 30/09/15

It is so stupid, but so good;) I've always been a fan of clothes lying neatly in the closet, and with tøjfolderen are stacks really uniform - I am a fan!

Fornøyed customer

written by Robert, 30/09/15

Got what was ordered. Arrived in the mail during one week Trades guaranteed with you again. mvh Robert


written by Schännie, 19/10/15

I am very pleased and would not hesitate to order again. Even with the supply everything went very well.


written by Jakob, 20/10/15

There is not much to say other than that I love it :-). So it can be recommended :-). It makes life easier :-)

Good product - not so good supply of GLS

written by Hanne Fabricius :-), 21/10/15

Super fat product, unfortunately had GLS not just treated the package as well, so it is broken, but it can still be used and I am pleased that I now have almost military order in my closet.


written by Nessie, 17/11/15

My friend was in the "wash-Butler" interested because he is a bit of a perfectionist when folding of shirts. We always wanted to order something, we thought, well, comes with the same; ultim... Read more

Super product

written by Per Vinding, 30/11/15

Fun gadget to put clothes with.

The Butler

written by Knuff, 03/12/15

Bought the Butler already repeatedly to give away and came well up to now always on. Certainly, anyone who has more to do with clothes, "on foot" faster, but with the younger generation this... Read more

Better than expected

written by Shellie, 06/12/15

I have longed for a clothing ringed since I saw Sheldon use of TBBT. When I saw in a previous review that vikmåtten line with IKEA Malm agency I hit. Long clothing should be folded in, and you need to... Read more


written by Helle, 14/12/15

Bought two of them, one for each of my boys. the youngest has got his and he is very excited about the


written by Tina, 14/12/15

All my clothes are now in straight stacks. It has become much more fun to fold clothes, and it has been a sport to have a wardrobe that just is perfectly organized. Both friends and family are impress... Read more

does what it should

written by Linn, 14/12/15

Viker anxiously nice sweaters and shirts. + Fold properly + lightweight construction - only folds shirts and shirts recommend the product to those who are poor to fold shirts.


written by Björn Borg, 15/12/15

Klädvikaren is an unnecessary product. No help at all when folding clothes. Actually easier to fold clothes without klädvikaren. Only takes more time.


written by Linnpann, 18/12/15

Great Christmas gift and he is receiving it will finally be able to fold their clothes! Just hope that it will be used! +++++


written by Malena, 22/12/15

There has never been a better order in my closet, was also inspired to clean out the lot of crap because I wanted to fold if all that was in the closet.

Super great

written by Ole, 23/12/15

If you wish to order in the same T-shirts in an easy and fun way, tøjfolderen the perfect instrument. It is highly recommended.

Do it like Sheldon

written by AK, 27/12/15

When I first saw this Laundry Butler times in the series "The Big Bang Theory", I wanted to have something. And it's really fun to put his things so exactly together. Since I have the wa... Read more

Funny and practical

written by Hny, 28/12/15

Worked beyond expectations. All tested with their presents. Tom tore one off his shirt to try. And it was great actually.

Seems good

written by Sebastian, 01/01/16

Have not used it much yet. But it came with a clear manual so you can fold all kinds of garments such as trousers, thick sweaters etc.


written by Anna, 01/01/16

When I saw this I just had to buy my Big Bang Theory loving partner. He'll be happy o I do not have to show more.


written by Jeanette, 04/01/16

Boyfriend's need to fold the laundry! Haha, that's awesome. All laundry is the same shape as easy to get into the closet.

Super; D

written by Anna, 05/01/16

Have given it to my friend from having fun at Christmastime, he was hooked and now presents even freiwilig along the wash; D As fun really super suited me personally it would take too long each part t... Read more

brilliant Viikkari

written by ruusu, 08/01/16

Viikkari earnest viikkaa shirts neatly in the closet, it's never been so clothes neatly on the shelves, each person should have their own Viikkari!

Dry boards

written by Gordon, 21/01/16

These clothing creases works great until about 3-4 months and then break one part. It is the same error with every one of those that we have purchased. We have used up approximately 5-6 pcs. so far. A... Read more


written by Bjørn-Harry, 26/01/16

Not satisfied. It is very small. Size matters shown! sin one does not determine the width of the fold so you can customize all the cupboards.

Completely perfect!

written by Anni, 30/01/16

It works really well and is strong and robust in quality, and all blouses get exactly the same size. I am now looking for a smaller version of boxers, and perhaps also a g-string panties.

Smart and simple

written by Mickelin, 09/02/16

This is super easy to use and is a really good result :) This is a must in every home

"Hate leads to suffering"

written by AyaSka, 15/02/16

I've put together my own clothes for 15-16 years now. If hatred is one of the steps to the dark side, I should be well on their way there now. There is no us of household task I like less than to ... Read more

brilliant invention

written by Henrik, 02/03/16

Has got twice as much space in the closet now, and the best part is that the kids thought it is a party to lie clothes together now


written by Kalle, 04/03/16

Very practical. All polo shirts will be just as big when you weight them. Looks good in the cupboards. Anyone who uses klädvikaren here on job satisfaction.

Fine but broken

written by agner, 13/07/16

Worked fine, but after one year, a flap is broken. And actually, logically you can not make plastic to continue to bend without breaking.

Exactly as expected

written by Pierre, 19/08/16

You get nice folded clothes and you feel (a brief moment) as Sheldon Cooper :-) Easy to use

Clothes Ringed

written by Karin. , 05/09/16

A very simple affordable ringed. Rolig.Tar not much space. The best part is that it will be fine in skåpen.En good gift for barnen.Köpte 3 pay for 2. Is jersey for long hem works even when folded up s... Read more

Good conversation object

written by I.B., 28/09/16

Always good for a laugh, and it's through practical. Good as move-home gift .............


written by Tommy, 11/10/16

Actually a very unnecessary gadget, I thought, but I fooled me. It really helps to bring order in the closet, creating more space and nicer order. Recommended!


written by PBohnsen, 16/12/16

The very idea and function of tøjfolderen is brilliant and perfect for an order freak like me! :-D Sadly held it only in less than 3 months here, although we do not actually used it every day .. The b... Read more

Good for t-shirts

written by Tim, 19/12/16

do not know if I ever get to use it, but it is then quite good at folding t-shirts. however, had to fold my t-shirts at the bottom before, otherwise it would not fit with how the folded them. so are n... Read more


written by Jim Håkan Larsson, 27/04/17

The wife and I love this! =) Ideal for folding shirts, tshirts- fast and good gadget! Worth the money!!!!

very good.

written by Eilef Kristensen, 18/05/17

This dressbrush works very easy to make it easy to fold clothes. Strongly recommend to buy this one.

The hammer!

written by Tante Irml, 02/07/17

So if something bothers me with the housework, then this fold the laundry ...;) Then I have seen this laundry butler thing, and just ordered me .. and I'm excited! I have no idea why, but the &quo... Read more


written by Daniel Bull, 18/07/17

Very good thing, I'll use it as soon as I get an opportunity, which will be a week without me, without this smart invention

The Sheldon solution

written by Gordon, 24/07/17

Folding T-shirts with Cool Stuffs tools, do the job pro. T-Shirt folds are a tool that saves time and keeps clothes tidy, can also be used for other clothes such as pants. After seeing Sheldon, on &qu... Read more


written by Ruben, 02/08/17

Bought this really on impulse and more like a joke after seeing Big Bang Theroy but it's actually extremely good and it works very well. Highly recommend it. Is good to fold manually but it goes m... Read more


written by ulla, 23/08/17

A fast and efficient way to put clothes together. Especially suitable for us with bad shoulder and arms.

Works really well!

written by HH, 25/08/17

Keeping what it promises, folds the clothes that came from the store. I'm glad I bought it!


written by Ah-kin, 02/10/17

Somebody said once "One's going to make life easy for himself" The clothes winder is part of this! Stop hesitating buy it.

Lousy product

written by Ila, 03/11/17

The product did not meet expectations. Was broken after 1.5 weeks. Highly recommended. Inger Lise

Very easy

written by Caroline, 06/11/17

It makes it just easier to put clothes together. My drawers are no longer messed up, because all the blouses are even folded together. There is a "User's Guide" that shows how to do with... Read more


written by jlo, 07/11/17

The clothes folder is just easy, fast and efficient to use. The clothes folder is just easy, fast and efficient to use. The clothes folder is just easy, fast and efficient to use.

So smart

written by Angie , 27/12/17

I think the clothes wardrobe is top, never got the clothes so flat and well worn. And oh so much more you can get fit with now in the gasket

Everyday !!

written by Uffe Helikopter, 09/01/18

It's really as GOOD as the advertisement promises. After the first three I bought, I became "forced" to buy three more (relatives and friends seizing them all over again

As good as it gets

written by Uffe Helikopter, 15/01/18

Please watch the movie, buy it, use it. Then you see why you always missed it: o). It performs exactly what it promises

Meets the expectations :-)

written by KJN, 23/01/18

Completely as I expected and easy to use :-) Now all my blouses are put together in the same size - lovely

Nice aid,

written by Kaks, 29/01/18

Helps make it more tidy in the closet

It goes off quickly

written by Sussu, 07/02/18

She was very good and made fun of fun. The laundry became easily cleaned up, well suited to the cabinet and took less space. However, Viikkari broke down in just a few months. Plastic parts have not b... Read more

For cool stuff

written by Eje i Göteborg , 22/02/18

Very satisfied good service nice staff can be recommended you have a lot to choose from the order of the item i bought quickly came to the post thanks to satisfied customer own

Love it!

written by Linette , 28/03/18

The clothes folder is amazing! Best buy I've made on coolstuff

Not so much and say ....

written by Henrik Birlis, 16/04/18

works and makes it easier for someone like me to clap a clown. However, delivery time was longer than desired

Convenient but small

written by Sissu, 13/07/18

Viikari is a really handy game. I own the narrow and tall cabinets myself, so I have to stack the shirts as a sturdy and high tower. This is really much easier when you have a week-old and all the shi... Read more

Super smart

written by Jan, 23/07/18

Super smart .. both for grown ups and children My 2 year old likes to be active and likes to help lay clothes with his father Can definitely recommend it ... Ms. Father and son

Thank you Shelly

written by Uffe, 26/07/18

Thank you Sheldon for this by far the best laundry accessory. Do not understand how I've managed in all years without this


written by Sussi, 03/08/18

Very clever to maintain shelves. Easy to use and does not seat when not in use. May fold everything, sweaters, trousers and coffins. Printed sweaters are easy to find on the shelves.

It's super

written by Lotte, 31/08/18

Really good product! It works as described and was a hit as a host gift Reasonable price And super efficient.

Nice product for the person who WANT to put clothes together

written by Philiplind, 10/10/18

Now I have tried it after all the beautiful reviews this exclusive product had and is not disappointed. It does manage what's going to do and do it quickly. However, there are different parameters... Read more

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