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Cookout Heating System

Cookout is a practical an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional outdoor cookers. With Cookout, you prepare food without fire in a handy cooking vessel without electricity, smoke and fuss!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

So cool!

written by Frigot, 22/12/15

Now I have not tested this for real, but how practical any time when you have children and want to give them something a little hot to eat. I like!

Actually a cool idea

written by V. Fischer, 27/12/15

Space-saving products. But unfortunately you have to every time to cook using a new Heizpad. In the long run not very environmentally friendly and also not exactly inexpensive. Had indeed a similar fu... Read more

Not in winter

written by Angela, 24/02/16

It works great! but if you're going hiking in the winter and no water sources are very hard to get started because one must melt the snow first. It is not to waste drinking water on it. Recommend ... Read more

The cooker is great!

written by Anni, 27/06/16

I bought for a festival the Cookout camping stove. It is handy and not too difficult. The associated Hestingpacks are also not particularly difficult. Could use it without problems and there have been... Read more

Works perfectly!

written by atzi, 29/08/16

Everything works wonderfully, sometimes it is difficult to Schlieen because too hot, and without opening it, you can not check whether the food is ready yes :)

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