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Cork Globe

True globetrotters need a globe to keep track of their travels! With this cork-covered globe, you can easily mark out your travel destinations by using the included push-pins.

Cork Globe  - Small
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Cork Globe  - Large
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Very satisfied!

written by H, 14/12/15

We had seen this on foreign online stores, and was therefore very pleased when it came into the Cool Stuff! The price matches the foreign stores (if not cheaper including delivery and VAT). The qualit... Read more

Stylish product!

written by Blondie, 13/01/16

The globe is super cool! I bought pins with small head with a color for me and one for the old man, and marked where we've been. The globe is fantastic, 'and it does very like "decoration... Read more

Globus cork

written by Susanne, 27/01/16

A very fine globe made of cork, where we have set white short needles in where we have been in the world. The red that is with is too large, then you have plans to buy this amazing globe, remember oth... Read more

Fast delivery, kjipt product

written by SD, 09/03/16

Booked this as a gift for a couple of weeks ago and it struck me after I had booked how extremely expensive this globe is. Nearly 1,300 kroner for a cork ball and a tripod is completely beyond. The de... Read more

Beautiful globe

written by Sarah, 21/12/16

The world looks beautiful. For weight and size of the stand is fine, my globe has no blurry or fuzzy points, looks fine. The only thing that may look slightly disturb the adhesive tape, so that the tw... Read more

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