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Cotton Candy Machine from KitchPro®

The carnivals would have us think that making cotton candy is like rocket science, but it isn't! All you need is sugar and a cotton candy machine to get the perfect cotton candy in just a few minutes!

Cotton Candy Machine from KitchPro®  - Cotton Candy Machine (EU Plug)
Cotton Candy Machine (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Cotton Candy Machine from KitchPro®  - Cotton Candy Machine (UK Plug)
Cotton Candy Machine (UK Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cotton Candy Machine from KitchPro®  - Paper Cones 20-pack
Paper Cones 20-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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107 reviews

107 reviews in other languages

What is this?

Tjoo, since it is fun ..

written by Chris, 04/12/13

Nice little machine, and certainly gives a lot of funny moments - BUT! - The instructions as supplied, is in GERMAN! - Right difficult to clean decently In addition to this, then deliver it as promise... Read more

one hit

written by Maja, 16/12/13

When I had just found out how to do, so it went like clockwork. Very tough to make cotton candy itself. Now I just find out how I get some taste of sugar. :)

Missing something!

written by Johnny birk, 23/12/13

I ordered the package with wrapping paper, fine paper and was inpakket without the price tag, nice and easy for me that would give the ...... I ordered ogso sticks to cotton candy machine and... Read more

fun and delicious gift.

written by Trine, 27/12/13

Cotton candy machine is a hit. My son of 10 has quickly mesteret making fine cotton candy and even my son at 7 can also work it out. It must certainly until the next birthday party. The only drawback ... Read more

Fantastic !!

written by Runar, 02/01/14

I had my doubts when I booked this, then there is a lot of the negative reviews around the various online stores regarding similar machines. But no! It is important not to get sugar into the heating e... Read more

Tasted like the fairground

written by Anne, 08/01/14

This was exactly as expected. Cotton candy is that one gets the funfair. Absolutely perfect and very happy recipient.

Very satisfied

written by Emil Aakjær, 17/03/14

One can in under two minutes to make a cotton candy of about 20 cm. It is simple and clean and can go in the dishwasher.

So there fairground

written by Julie Rollo, 17/03/14

Or almost, homemade carnival :-) Super easy cotton candy machine, both to use and clean, etc. for let's face it, it gets a little sticky with all the sugar. You just have to find the right way to ... Read more

fairly good machine

written by haroun, 24/03/14

It is a small and handy cotton candy machine. It does what it should and above expectations for the price. If you just follow the instructions, succeed guaranteed, I had never done this before but it ... Read more


written by Sander, 31/03/14

Hello. I received my cotton candy machine, it it came quickly and enjoy using it. Cool Stuff RULES!

funny product

written by Linda, 03/04/14

Bought this to barnebursdag, and it became very popular. It is easy to use (of adults, there are quite hot!), But it takes some time to make cotton candy so it became part hold.

Gift excites!

written by Anne, 08/04/14

It's a really nice little machine that quickly make a cotton candy, as we know it - and only with a little sugar! Super easy and fun :)

Small, but good

written by Peter, 15/04/14

The machine keeps its promises. It makes cotton candy. It's small servings it produces, so it is not suitable for celebrations with many children, all will taste at the same time. It provides long... Read more

Works just fine!

written by Jonathan Netz, 17/04/14

Have not had any problems with anything so far, the few times I've used it. It receives no huge round candy on a set but there is a small and inexpensive machine so you should not have too high ex... Read more

failed prematurely

written by marix, 22/04/14

I bought four candy floss machines. One burned together after only a quarter use. The other work, but I can not recommend having low for many people. It will require cleaning in between, and it's ... Read more

Recommended - sure success among kids

written by Ingrid, 30/05/14

Very easy to use and store properly fluffy cotton candy. But it still takes time, so do not add up to a large number of children's birthday parties, etc.

Smooth and easy

written by Consan, 04/06/14

Bought this to the brother child when they are quite fond of candy, did not have high expectations given the price but the intresting fact, when you got the hang of how to hold the stick to catch the ... Read more

Candy floss successfully

written by Bibi, 17/06/14

This cotton candy machine was a hit with us. We made sugar with color. We had purchased "cuddling houses" to make cotton candy at. Hard at first until you just find out how to do. They are n... Read more

Great good!

written by thomas den seje, 19/06/14

it's easy to make candy floss with this machine, portions are fine and it tastes good. and delivery was fantastic got it 2 days after I had ordered it. can definitely recommended! :-)


written by Renate, 21/06/14

A very pretty machine, has nothing against having the standing advance. It is easy to wash and easy to use :) Tasty candy, but will try to add some flavor as aqueous sugar gets a little kjedeli :) so ... Read more

Super gift

written by AV, 24/06/14

I have the candy machine for a friend concerned which have always dreamed to have one's own. Of course, it was also tried Birthday instantly and everyone loved. It takes approximately one minute u... Read more

Went piece for some time

written by Nicolai, 07/07/14

I went quickly started using it but after I have used it for 3 days, walked the plastic ring into pieces. But otherwise it worked super well


written by Max olsen, 07/07/14

"The grandkids were really excited when they saw what had box my own children ought also to try as it is a successful purchase

Super device

written by relle, 11/07/14

At this price I did not expect such a high quality device! Class quality, easy operation, gues result. anytime recommendable !!

Very attractive candy machine

written by Rasmus, 12/07/14

Quick good delivery from coolstuffs page. It was a bit complicated to assemble, and the first two ostriches were immediately complicated, but once you got into bobble it goes super.

Fun for the kids

written by Daniel, 28/07/14

Real hit among the kids who want cotton candy every day. Maybe not so good for the teeth but really appreciated! It took some charges to get the hang of it, but then it was just to drive!

Cotton candy machine

written by Sofie, 08/08/14

Super fun thing !!! have already had the incredibly fun machine and candyflossene gets really fine and delicious as soon as you just have learned the technique! Have tried to put some candy in too, wh... Read more

Works that promises

written by Tine, 22/09/14

Works as promised. Well the heater as soon as a spoonful of sugar only goes to two cotton candy. It is also somewhat difficult to clean if efforts are affected by melted sugar.

do not wait for carnival

written by Hanne, 01/10/14

Cotton candy machine was straightforward enough to assemble, but it was more difficult to follow the instructions since they were in a different language. We did not find out where time one could turn... Read more

Sugar Party

written by nathalie, 26/11/14

One need not be a child to eat cotton candy! Equally suited to adult party! Festive becomes when the machine picked up into the small hours. Easy to make and taste just as good as at the carnival! The... Read more

wild fun

written by Karina Wagner , 25/12/14

It's a real fun machine, the instructions are not detailed, it is only in English and German. It is fairly easy to clean, the advantage of sugar is a warm damp cloth manage most. It's really f... Read more

Super device

written by Thomas, 29/12/14

Very good value for money. Makes the children's party at a lot of fun. A super fun. The Kindere find it mega great.


written by Iben , 03/01/15

It is long since I have seen such a beautiful service. I had ordered a product that would be used for Christmas. The other came but not this. I searched the tracking number, the package did not exist.... Read more

Cotton Candy Machine

written by Ronja, 05/01/15

Perfect sockervaddamaskinen. The delivery of it went super fast and good. Both me and my boyfriend are very satisfied!

perfect candyfloss

written by Mariann Espensen, 06/01/15

The machine works flawlessly and make cotton candy, which is at least as good as the ones you can buy. The machine is easy to use and easy to clean.

As good as you think it should be

written by Johan Pettersson, 09/01/15

Bought this as it was the Christmas calendar discount and can only say that I am pleasantly surprised. A spoonful of sugar gives a candy that is slightly less than half the size of a one buys in &quot... Read more

annika eisbach

written by annika eisbach, 10/01/15

Works well, is very easy to clean but unfortunately with slight plastic gefertigt.So can quickly incur scratch injury or damage to other art. Otherwise properly;)

Very nice....

written by Hans, 12/01/15

She is doing what she should. Is stable and inexpensive. Only the cotton candy does not look like the from the fair. Everything is much smaller and more compact. Can also be that I still need to pract... Read more

Sugar vadsmaskin

written by Jeanetthe, 21/01/15

Takes 5 minutes before it gets hot. Take a stick and when the sugar begins to be padded so should be taken at the top when it works well, but you must fill in to get a lot port.2 teaspoon sugar.

made cotton candy itself

written by R.Sack, 22/01/15

Absolutely cool, children are excited, works flawlessly only recommended foolproof built fast to use

Delicious cotton candy ever

written by dianasdrö, 31/01/15

Bought this affordable cotton candy machine to the youngest son a birthday present. Easy to install, easy to clean, and after a little practice we got to them perfect cones. Better than the circus was... Read more

Candy Flush machine is an ingenious tool for fun and hjemmetivo

written by Pryds, 02/02/15

We are very excited about our new machine. It is easy and quick to use and the kids think it's great. It is a magnet for kids and the young at heart who have gestion to a sugar oomph without it be... Read more

sweet tooth

written by nami, 04/02/15

cotton candy machine good. the top takes a bit to learn, and act of cotton candy remain small. After a short training will be just big enough to helposti.tekeminen fun, and children. my son 10 years. ... Read more

Cotton candy machine

written by Pia, 12/03/15

I think it is super easy to use and easy to clean. Would be super good for a child's birthday party / -fest.

Cotton candy machine

written by Poberezhska, 13/05/15

My daughter is very satisfied. Is easy to use and fun. Also very easy to clean.

great thing

written by Fabi, 25/05/15

Just a spoonful of sugar in and off you go. If you want to save the rods tuns also shashlik skewers. Very important: always the rods rotate else works not. Funny is it even if you are still a drop foo... Read more

Good value for money!

written by I.G., 25/05/15

Yummy cotton candy - like Tea Fair. After the second cotton candy you get the hang of. The party hit!

happy with trade

written by Sveinung, 28/05/15

Now I'm happy that I bought pappstruta to cotton candy machine, so what is Niice in combo that when you pay by paypal.

Always happy!

written by Susanne Ziervogel , 13/06/15

The order of the persecution to delivery, all without defect! So like always. LG Wildau

Super machine for home use

written by Naschkatze, 26/10/15

At the COOL STUFF product purchaser, the candy machine has immediately much joy and cotton candy to my mind produziert.Der second attempt was already optimal. Our grandchildren are not left my side. A... Read more

Fun for the whole family !!

written by Jessie, 03/11/15

Think that it works well and everyone had so much fun making their own candy. Easy to wash and disassemble. The only downside was that there will be quite a lot of sugar around the machine because soc... Read more


written by CasualSteel, 02/12/15

Youngest girl had set up on cotton candy machines on youtube and had really decided one that is almost twice as expensive in a toy chain. Fortunately we also checked Coolstuff without regret a second.... Read more

As at the carnival

written by Niklas, 25/12/15

It worked really well, there were bite-sized candy. It was easy to clean, had dreaded low for it.

Super fun for the kids

written by Vinther, 29/12/15

It's a nice little machine, fun for the kids and working as intended, I should perhaps sell sugar to taste too .. Otherwise super happy with the purchase ..

It just works!

written by Lotte, 29/12/15

It is really very easy to make cotton candy machine here. You just read the Danish instruction, so it was easy (first stick vertically to catch the first strands - then horizontal). Easy cleaning.

Super hit

written by Inge Tonsberg Koch, 30/12/15

My teenage daughter got it for Christmas ......... it is super easy to operate. after a few attempts, it looked like something that was purchased in amusement. Truly a hit, 0)

Cotton Candy Machine

written by annalindholm, 30/12/15

Was a little hesitant at first, but once we started using it, so I was pleasantly surprised. It works great. My children make cotton candy almost every day now.

My daughter loves it

written by Karen , 01/01/16

It is simple to assemble and operate and even clean. Small fine cotton candy. Right in the closet and live clear up to expectations!

Cotton candy Machine

written by Dorthe, 01/01/16

Works as expected. Important reading brugsanvisngingen thoroughly. Easy to clean as the sugar is dissolved in hot water.

☆ ☆ candyfloss

written by Astrid B Jessen, 04/01/16

Super nice little machine. Easy to operate, easy to clean and the kids love it yes me too for that matter ;-) makes the finest small clouds of cotton candy. Now we are trying to experiment with colors... Read more

Fun little gimmick

written by Ricky-san, 04/01/16

A fun little machine. I was so unlucky that it broke after the first made Candy Floss, but CoolStuffs brilliant customer service made sure that I got a new one. This has driven impeccably. So normally... Read more

works well

written by claes, 04/01/16

meets expectations. decently easy to clean. daughter of 9 years without a problem fixes to fix the batting. becomes quite small sockervaddar. Recommended!

KitchPro Cotton candy machine

written by Krahl, 05/01/16

My granddaughter of 10 years got kitchoPro Cotton candy machine for Christmas, and we tried it in during the evening. The first was not very good, but then he found out it was to be made in a little d... Read more

hammer cool

written by Familie Braun, 06/01/16

Love Cool Stuff team that Zuckerwattemaschiene is super. Our children have the same tried and were thrilled and surprised that it works so well. Greetings Family Brown

Large spills and difficult to make large fine cotton candy

written by Squirt, 07/01/16

Nice machine and what is of removable plastic is easy to clean. What is not so good is that "the metal around the spin-bowl" also becomes very muddy and it is (unnecessarily) a lot of work a... Read more


written by Tina, 25/01/16

Cotton candy machine works ok. It is easy to clean. What did annoy me a bit is that there sits a lot of sugar around the top edge after use. Will guess that it is at least half the sugar which does no... Read more

The kids love it

written by Tania, 25/01/16

The kids love the new Cotton candy machine-Dog seem that it is a bit dull that they can not make them bigger -they are the most detailed, ed a small fist. -It Should there also be said that they are m... Read more


written by Lise, 13/04/16

The machine lived up to expectations! Easy to operate, and cotton candy are getting bigger and more beautiful than I had imagined. The children are so happy, and we adults can actually not get my arms... Read more

Super satisfied

written by Ingvild, 19/04/16

Became a superhit in Snuppa 8års cinema party

Can only make very small candyfloss

written by Christine R, 26/04/16

Is quite disappointed with the product. Due to the size of the bowl and the small distance into the heating element can only make a very small candyfloss otherwise it melts. Virtually useless

Cotton candy machine

written by Moni, 27/04/16

For children's festival the best. Candyfloss simple and easy. Thankfully all sometimes the belly full. Thank you.

Very good candy floss machine

written by Bitten, 17/05/16

We are very pleased with KirchPro Candy Floss machine. You can not make big candy floss as in Tivoli, but when you just get taken, you can make them quite large and beautiful. The machine is very dirt... Read more

Cotton Candy Machines

written by minna, 17/08/16

Good cotton candy will be. Muksi very satisfied. The machine is not too big and easy to clean. The warranty on your purchase invoice Asia remained unclear?

Cotton Candy Machines

written by minna, 17/08/16

Good cotton candy will be. Muksu very satisfied. The machine is not too big and easy to clean. The warranty on your purchase invoice Asia remained unclear?

Cotton candy machine

written by Annette , 18/08/16

Quite excellent machine, easy to operate and has been quick one cotton candy. Big kids can operate it but with an adult next.

Candy floss machine

written by Ano, 22/08/16

- Work just fine - easy system - easy to clean - easy to find - super nice idea to do a little cotton candy machine - it works really well (are really happy to have purchased one) - recommended giving... Read more

Great idea zumfairen Price

written by Anja, 02/09/16

The cotton candy machine is a funny idea at a fair price for a sweet tooth, who already have everything. Our son got an age of 11 and they will come even to his children's birthday party for use. ... Read more

Estimated at 4-year birthday party!

written by jespers_mamma, 16/09/16

Simple and handy machine, a huge success at children's parties. Van to roll candy for many years summer job at Grona Lund and must say that this handy machine more than filled my expectations. Rec... Read more


written by Gabriel K., 07/10/16

If you like cotton candy and regular sugar so I recommend that you purchase this amazing product. (PS you also get candy of it).


written by Sockervadd , 20/10/16

Lousy machine that is completely impossible to do with the batting, it's just like that the lid is too small so I can not spin around with the stick without touching the rim. Festival ended with t... Read more

Cotton candy.

written by Sheila Størup, 01/11/16

The I'm really pleased. You have to practice a few times, but it is also in order. The last star you would have gotten if you could get (cheap) sugar in other colors and tastes. I have heard of a ... Read more

Cotton candy for the home

written by Hunter, 07/11/16

Very simple operation. not only suitable for children Party. But for the family, it is sufficient. You cleaning goes smoothly!

Super - Fun

written by schleckermäulchen, 13/12/16

I've made of pure gut feeling this machine Birthday bestellt.Alle guests but especially my daughter were and are completely thrilled. Easy handling and cleaning with mega results as on the fair !!... Read more

so Braa

written by souz, 01/03/17

giant snab delivery, well packed, the machine is super duper good my kids were so excited when we got it, have used the type 10 times since we got it and it works really well. very satisfied customer.... Read more

cotton candy machine

written by Lisbeth & gutta boys, 21/03/17

Quick delivery. Good material. Super easy to operate, bearing wonderful cotton candy. only 1 teaspoon sugar needed

"Sugar Rush"

written by Eve, 25/04/17

Cheaper been quite a well-functioning machine. Makes hattarapalloja of 15cm. Children should not be left alone with the machine. The nice thing about birthday parties!


written by Mathilde, 05/05/17

Booking was Easy, Easy and No Problem. Delivery fast and on time. Clearly recommendable.


written by Jane, 11/05/17

Festive feature for a children's birthday. We made pink and light green sugar. Huge hit with a little color.

Super machine!

written by Kristin J., 22/05/17

Easy to use and easy to clean. Creams proper fluffy sugar spider. Can really recommend this machine.

Super nice product and fast delivery

written by Sara, 06/06/17

The candyfloss machine was delivered the following day. The machine works as it should not complain about it.

A cheap fully functioning machine

written by Lina, 16/06/17

Took three times before I got into the cut. They become quite small on electricity charge but you can make two charges on one. Works very well for that price I think!

Small capacity

written by Kristin, 04/07/17

I bought this for a birthday with 12 boys. It created great joy and excitement when I picked up the machine, but there was a lot of wait and a little bit of sugar. The last man in the queue did not ge... Read more

Works fine and easy to use

written by Malin, 10/07/17

The machine is great to use and clean. I really recommend others to buy this one.

Worst purchase ever

written by Angelica , 26/07/17

Bought this machine for my son's 3 year kalas. Thought a funny thing. But it has already taken place. And they are barely reaching candy. I would not buy it again. I did according to the descripti... Read more

Good cotton candy machine!

written by Glad kund, 04/08/17

Superb good cotton candy machine. Easy to build and clean. Easy to use and affordable! I did not expect it to be so good considering the cost, but I think that reasonable price for this amazing machin... Read more

Nice, cheap, fun

written by Kars, 18/08/17

Works really fine. My daughter of 8 is happy for it. Easy to use. Em to clean. We are satisfied and can only ablate it.

Candyfloss at home in the kitchen

written by Brit, 24/08/17

The machine is supernatural to operate, the kids control it all by themselves. The cleaning is also easy to go to. After reading the reviews in here before I bought it, I expected small bite candyflos... Read more

Cotton Candy Machines

written by Teija, 30/08/17

KitchPro Cutter Machine is easy to assemble, wash and use! Hattaraa is comfortable to prepare itself even with children. A good gift tip for someone who already has everything :)

Fun stuff for the kids

written by Linda, 15/09/17

Super fast delivery! Took a couple of times to get to the cotton candy on the struts and they became less than I thought so you could break the machine and add sugar if you want big struts. I prepared... Read more

Cotton Candy Machines

written by Meffe, 23/10/17

It works just as it should, not very big but really fit sizes. The girl was happy to receive a birthday party for lovers to make caps. It does not take up space to fit the size of the home.

Cotton Candy Machine

written by GM, 28/10/17

Hey! Bought sugar candy machine as Christmas gift to the son-in-law who is mad in spun sugar. Had a colleague who had such a machine for a long time and was happy with it and then dare to give away a ... Read more

This became the highlight of the birthday.

written by Tina, 16/02/18

Best birthday ever was the 7th anniversary commentary. Easy to use, was slightly sugar over the kitchen counter at the start. But went quickly. annbefales

Candy floss

written by Pernille , 20/03/18

It's a great way to just do something different on Friday's honeymoon. And then it's fun, sugar with color takes no time to make yourself if you want a different color. It has been a hit a... Read more


written by Ando, 23/03/18

The vacuum cleaner was the only disappointment, it was impossible to make a medium big or even a small roll of sugarcake... Then they got lots of sugar on the stove when turning the stick so it got a ... Read more

Straight in the eye

written by Finn Druj, 11/05/18

The machine was put into operation right away, and all the children in the birthday party got a candy drop and there were more wishes about such a machine for someone else's birthday

Cotton Candy Machines

written by Sallimoe, 23/08/18

Hattarakone has been great! We had a plane in one of the events and could easily make a tenth of a cupcake in a tube. We kept small breaks so that the machine could not get overheated (there were no i... Read more

Pampering to the children

written by Sara, 25/09/18

But to use and clean. Children may be allowed to make candyfloss as in Tivoli. Fun buy The kids loved it!

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