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Cuisipro Foaming Soap Dispenser

Smart foam soap dispenser. Reduce your soap consumption by 75%. Economical, environmentally friendly and smart!

Cuisipro Foaming Soap Dispenser - Black
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cuisipro Foaming Soap Dispenser - Chrome
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cuisipro Foaming Soap Dispenser - Pink
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Cuisipro Foaming Soap Dispenser - Silver
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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80 reviews

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What is this?

Environmentally friendly and functional!

written by Kath, 22/04/13

Straightforward design, solid product. Reduces soap usage tremendously in this house anyway, and very popular with the kids. WORTH THE MONEY.


written by Stinaldo, 26/04/13

This was a birthday present for my grandmother, who filled 86.år year. She was happy, when I explained how much she could save expenditure on soap. Now she has since used it diligently, is himself a d... Read more

soap Dispenser

written by TR, 03/05/13

It will be a good skum.Sparar much money in the long run, even if it is slightly high pris.Ska be interesting to see how long the pump håller.Jag've only tried the apple-Yes yet.

Cuisipro Soap Pump

written by Neil, 24/05/13

Good to Cuisipro Soap Pump Available - are very fond of it - my friends like it :) It saves a lot of money for soap -

Serves as described

written by sak, 27/05/13

... And that is just how you would like it :) It was higher than I had thought, but it does not affect me.

Luxury foam

written by Håkan, 10/06/13

Easy to use and provides good foam directly into the hand. If you want a more luxurious foam soap can increase the amount slightly. Good for places where it can be difficult to get soap to lather, eg ... Read more

Good foam but poor suction cup

written by Sara, 14/06/13

Soap pump provides effective foam which is great to wash hands with and feels luxurious. Some hotels feel of it all! It sounded like a good idea with a suction cup on the bottom but I do not think tha... Read more

Smart soap dispenser

written by Ida, 12/07/13

Would highly recommend this. Foams well and it will be cheap because the soap had to be mixed. So even if it costs a bit of money you earn in the end. We are a family of 4 and a refill lasts more than... Read more

Foaming soap dispenser

written by Sinut, 21/07/13

Stylish, environmentally friendly, and you do not have soap residue in the sink :-).

kit product

written by Henrik, 25/07/13

I have had 2 pieces of this product. First worked two pieces of refills. Then tyckmojen got stuck and never went up after pressing. You had to pull it up. Tried various soaps did not. When it worked i... Read more


written by VONKii, 02/08/13

I have always loved the surprising feeling when the hotel or in public toilets touch soap dispenser and get one-click silky fragrant foam that feels sooo cozy in your hands! And now they have that fee... Read more

Can not access any soap at all!

written by twidsell, 07/10/13

Very good product if you find that it takes lots of soap at home. Reduces the use of LOT. The only complaint I have is that it is hard to get "gummiploppen" attaching, which is needed becaus... Read more

cool gadget

written by RG, 14/10/13

Interestingly, while many give credit for a soap dispenser in the bathroom, but it is both practical and cool to use, damn good :)

Very very pleased with soap pump!

written by Kath, 23/10/13

I have purchased two soap pumps. Huge savings of liquid soap, and very popular with the kids! BUT: do not open the pump when cleaning, because then the broken !! This should have been better informed ... Read more

Broken = (

written by anden12, 20/11/13

Went down for a little more than 1½ month of use, which is beneath contempt. Do not know if I got a måndagsex or if I did something wrong. But it broke down after I filled the soap and the "pump&... Read more

Super Pump

written by Åsa, 22/11/13

This soap dispenser is a real cost and environmental saver! It is possible to use the detergent, soap or shower gel. I have chosen to use the shower gel when we are four in the family who consume it e... Read more

This product is not a bubble.

written by Stixi, 10/12/13

This is perhaps the best Coolstuff product. It saves more soap than the Klondyke gold digger, but still cleans up. Wonder even more how this device manually operable to generate as much foam as close ... Read more

Soap dispenser

written by Alexis, 12/12/13

This is unfortunately easily broken when you clean it, there is an o-ring under the cover and unless it is in exactly the right position when reassembling the pump so it can not. Taking then in that i... Read more

Almost flawless!

written by M., 18/12/13

I was a little afraid it would not work as promised but it makes it really! Good foam, variety and neat (a little plasticky perhaps) Hard to get soap and water mixed so it takes a while before it is r... Read more

Cozy foam

written by Sebastian, 27/12/13

Very good product. Get a fine foam in moderation and hands feel clean afterwards. Suction cup firmly and have not had any problems with it detach. Well worth its price, highly recommended!

Pretty, but not practical?

written by Jaksu, 27/12/13

Soap-water mixing the foam becomes very soft, but then Perhaps but the composition of the second acclimatization soap feel it, but it feels like your hands would be dirty after washing, so if you have... Read more

Can only be recommended.

written by Ann E., 30/12/13

Great soap dispenser, no less can be said! Works perfectly :) No greasy soap droppings in the sink when the kids have washed hands and even better that the kids get rinsed the soap on their hands prop... Read more

It does not foam at all.

written by Marina, 03/01/14

It just little boys and come in small clumps, does not foam at all as promised. Would really like to return them because we have plenty of soap bottles at home that does not foam. Sincerely Marina


written by Christer, 10/01/14

Great stuff, faster and easier to wash your hands with it. Good to have the sink where you often need to wash your hands quickly. Tip: Use clear liquid soap! Minimal soap consumption without loss of p... Read more

"The foot" Sucks. But not pump - well recommended!

written by Mikael Elmblad, 15/01/14

Has long been looking for a soap dispenser that foam soap for one. This was both stylish and feature rich. The only thing I think is bad about this is the "foot". They could have put a littl... Read more

Cuisipro soap dispenser

written by affa, 27/01/14

A very nice product and great in badrummet.Fördelen is that it takes considerably less soap. Soap foam feels very good when you wash.

Soap Pump testing

written by Maisa, 28/01/14

I ordered the soap pump arrived very quickly and well packed package, even if for some reason Pick up was selected for myself a little more distant the little shop. Well, perhaps I had not remembered ... Read more

fine product

written by Andreas, 03/02/14

The first one I received could hardly close the foam out, but I got another which worked fine. 2 pump is enough for a normal temperature. sink, and it works fine.

Very pleased.

written by Christian, 17/02/14

Meets all that it says it will do. Will clean your hands with very little soap. Very pleased.

Super smart

written by Casper Valeur, 27/02/14

This soap pump is extremely good for the wallet, the environment and hands. If you buy an ordinary soap, you can fill the pump up to kr. 2.50, and then when it simultaneously is more effective than re... Read more

soap Dispenser

written by coolbettan, 08/03/14

One of my better purchases in life. Previously, it was at least 500ml of soap a week. Then I filled this two weeks ago, it has not even gone half. I will buy at least a soap pump. Will blog about it s... Read more

Best bargain!

written by TBZ, 01/04/14

How cruel anytime! Dispose of way less soap + foam is quite fun to wash with, ha ha. Suction cup is a fat good idea too, underestimated to have a soap that does not go around the sink rim. The only th... Read more

Super soap dispenser

written by KG, 15/04/14

I like a little more expensive soaps and then this pump is fantastic because it is not needed as much.

Soap Dispenser Cuisipro

written by Maggan, 19/05/14

I ordered a lime green soap dispenser. It did not meet expectations, because it is not at all stuck on the ground, as promised. After complaints I got a new one, which worked just as bad. Meanwhile, I... Read more

good environmental

written by Cajsa, 30/06/14

Works with both soap and detergent (bought 2 pieces). The pump is a little bigger than what I perceived it like the picture, but it should certainly place the sink and sink. The suction cup is not per... Read more

Works very well

written by Ronny, 02/09/14

Works very well. Size is something big without it being a problem. I have 2. 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom.

A good soap pump

written by Veera, 08/09/14

The product is absolutely outstanding and it gets done when you do not need to save as much soap to use at one time. The only downside is that the foam a little fall flat when it has stood for some ti... Read more

Clever and saving

written by MG, 06/11/14

First bought a soap dispenser of this brand, and became quite fond of its ingenious design that saves soap and serves the filthy with the right dose of soap / air / water mixture. Recently bought thre... Read more

Good concept, bad quality

written by Fabian, 21/12/14

There's a lot I like about this pump; concept, the foam it produces, the design, the practical suction cup. Unfortunately, however leaves the quality of a lot to be desired. The marks that show ho... Read more

Ok product

written by Kalke, 05/01/15

Think it is good when it saves the environment and soap. Will the more economically. And feel ok when you get the foam in your hand. However, it can feel a bit watery but ok.

Very good soap dispenser

written by Carina, 06/01/15

A good economic soap dispenser that is also stylish. Bought this in different colors. Unfortunately, did not attach the red as well in the substrate to the other. Called Coolstuff and talked to a very... Read more


written by Ladeby, 06/01/15

Provides a solid and fine foam if you have a bit more soap than as directed. If one relaxes the suction cup before mounting so it sits really well.

Cool lather!

written by Jennie, 24/01/15

Pulling down on consumption and makes it even more fun for kids to wash their hands. You get to experiment a little with the amount of soap vs. water depending on the soap, but it is quite ok.

Cuisipro soap dispenser

written by Callan, 02/02/15

Been pleasantly surprised that the soap dispenser works so well. Cool design and stands firmly on its suction cup

soap pump

written by HD, 06/02/15

The immediate best compared to foam. However, the little trouble every time you start up now, the first 10 pumping the soap despite the fact that it is well mixed with the water.


written by Nöjd!, 10/02/15

Stylish, affordable, and deliver what they promise. It feels luxurious with foam and my daughter loves to wash your hands now :)!

The second highest rating!

written by Julia Kommel, 19/02/15

Fast delivery. Reliable e-commerce, felt safe to pay. Now, however, it was just a simple soap dispenser delivered, but the package was slightly tillbucklat when it arrived. Luckily enough, the product... Read more

Well worth the money!

written by Prylflisan, 30/03/15

Kanonbra o stylish soap dispenser. Costs a little more but last. Suction cup over can be removed if you want it, the pump is stable anyway.

tough thing

written by sylt, 26/06/15

Tough soap dispenser, you should do as it says in the manual. If you put in 100% soap so it-feels and sounds like someone blows his nose in one's hand. Have you then a green soap that I used so th... Read more

A must in every bathroom

written by Langi, 28/06/15

I love this thing! Foam! Nicht's proceeds foam! I'll start already at the give away to friends start a new apartment. Easy to handle, bit of patience you need when you refills and tilts the so... Read more

Is just too high

written by Lena, 09/07/15

Has marked a powerful savings in the use of liquid soap in the house. Bought 2, since the pump is so good. Only drawback is that since it contains almost 400 ml and has an elongated shape, looks pump ... Read more

works great

written by Jacob, 14/08/15

They are a little larger than expected, but "foam function" is just as expected and to use significantly less soap to get clean hands.

Just goes down!

written by Fredrik, 26/08/15

Now my second soap dispenser broken in just the same way as the first. After about one year of use it became very sluggish and did not come up again after pressing it down. I cleaned it thoroughly, bu... Read more

economical and environmentally friendly -and smart

written by YC, 29/08/15

Works super well and it saves a lot of soap - especially when you have children who do not always settle for a "pump" of the soap when to wash hands. It works best if you take two pressure o... Read more

soap Dispenser

written by Kinna , 21/09/15

Soap pump I looked at her daughter and I liked it right away. Bought the first two and bought three pieces more. Best gift. It also saves the amount of soap.

Cuisipro soap dispenser

written by Ewa, 08/12/15

The marks of soap or water will disappear after a short time. The cork is too weak, broke after about a year. Then bought a new one, because I like to not use as much soap, much easier to rinse off.

Not suitable for all soaps

written by Eilen, 10/12/15

I have only used the pump with a type of soap, something it does not like. And why are not the soap made into foam. Will see if it works with a different type of soap.

Better than I expected

written by Mie, 21/12/15

Works just fine, at least with the liquid olive oil soaps. The foam will be well and it is just enough. Washing a good result. I noticed that the foam gets up very water-soluble make-up from the face ... Read more


written by Frälst, 22/12/15

Provides fun foam instead of soap. It takes a lot less soap than the traditional soap. If it stays as it is great in every way. Environmentally friendly, economically. Should actually order one to

Superbra +++

written by Sassa, 30/12/15

The soap dispenser was fun and nice to have. It works super as it stands firmly on the bench with suction cup and it does a good foam. Think it uses less detergent than before.

No serious problems

written by David, 05/01/16

The product feels really good, is relatively well established in the sink and pump out regular soap foam. With ordinary soap he works without problems, but with "special soap" as he becomes ... Read more

Ingenious and nice!

written by Marianne, 25/01/16

I can highly recommend this soap pump - using the detergent, which can very easily going to need a lot of. My consumption of detergent has dropped dramatically and it will therefore still clean - and ... Read more

wash pump

written by T, 28/01/16

Using the detergent. Troubled smooth and nice to avoid inhaling aerosols from the spray bottle I used before!

Convenient and easy

written by Jakub, 03/03/16

An easy and fun way to save on liquid soap. It keeps actually a good while, providing a saving.


written by Coffe, 09/06/16

Ordered soap pump on a Tuesday could pick up the day after my delivery, so the delivery time is not to complain about, however the quality of the soap dispenser is difficult to comment on because we o... Read more

fun gadget

written by AR, 15/08/16

A fun gadget, especially with children in the house who saves one for a good part soap. The design is beautiful and it is easy to use. The only thing that pulls down, the suckers continue to sit solve... Read more

In my opinion, as described!

written by Gregor, 17/08/16

Soap + water as in manual something shakes and you can already "dipping into" foam. With practical suction cup.


written by Maud, 24/08/16

Smart invention. There are countless products at Coolstuff who is very smart. Check themselves on the website and get an aha experience.

Delicious foam dispenser

written by Ole J., 05/09/16

Super good product that makes the most delicious sæbeskum.jeg can clearly recommend a kitchen bathroom and WC.

foam soap dispenser

written by mannepitt, 01/11/16

very good part, the mixing ratio should vary depending soap correct something (try), otherwise very satisfied. fast delivery, good service.

Does what it promises!

written by Lars, 15/11/16

Good product that does what it promises. Do a good foam and saves lots of soap. The only minuses are that the suction cup happy to release it from the sink if it becomes too wet and the connection of ... Read more

Works fine

written by Elin Petersen, 27/01/17

This pump works really well and is highly recommended. Fast delivery, as always. I clearly have a more.

I love it!

written by Nad, 20/03/17

It is not cheap but we use a lot less soap, better for the economy and the environment. Super Easy to use!

Cuisipro Soap Pump Thumbs Up!

written by Anci, 17/06/17

The soap pump works perfectly! Both good for the environment and the wallet

Cuisipro Soap Pump

written by Kristin, 17/07/17

A nice and nice soap pump that works impeccably

Very good when the soap takes some time

written by uidame, 28/07/17

Handy case that has a mark that shows how much soap and how much water. I mixed the Coop Prix Xtra hand soap with water and was initially disappointed with what came out. It was not proper foam. I sho... Read more

Soap dispenser foam

written by Synnjo, 05/10/17

Hei bought these soap dispensers for use on Norwex foam hand soap. So far, the product is absolutely top for this purpose.

Soap dispenser foam

written by Synnjo, 05/10/17

Hei bought these soap dispensers for use on Norwex foam hand soap. So far, the product is absolutely top for this purpose.


written by Annelie , 14/06/18

Super good and I will buy more of this Soap pump easily smooth and fine looking very satisfied it's only the best


written by Annelie , 02/07/18

Even this is just the best and good to dry out the soap nice design adorn the sink here recommend this to my friends

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