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DIY projector for smartphones

A projector in retro style for your smartphone - without wires or batteries. Build it quickly yourself and then share your holiday pictures or favourites on YouTube.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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13 reviews

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What is this?

quite useless

written by Mikael, 29/08/14

Is not a good product, put your money on something else. No good image must be completely dark to get any picture at all. As you can image, it's not a good picture.


written by Mal , 01/10/14

Excellent product that kids can relishing. Very easy to set samman. To be included on tent trip with ungane.

Well - if you like tinkering

written by SoWi, 09/12/14

The projector is a very funny idea. When it is assembled, you can watch in complete darkness in the room a little film or images. However, we have our intention to give this device to our customers, t... Read more

worse projector

written by Alexander Bohrer, 15/12/14

The part does not work too dark and too small just crap Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiìiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiilllll

Well intended but poorly implemented

written by DonMasi, 22/12/14

Picture too dark and blurred you do not get out that you can watch a movie. Since you no matter how dark the room is simply the image can not recognize sorry every penny is too much for this product

Review Product

written by MLL, 28/12/14

I like my product because it works well. However, I could well imagine, in one way or another that the screen becomes bright better up the bill as not quite so blurred. The good thing is that the lens... Read more

Smartphone projector

written by Wolfgang Schmitt, 29/12/14

The product is unusable, the description of the benefits is consistent in any way with the reality. I would take it out of the product range immediately.


written by Jonny , 19/01/15

Great product but the supplier had hosted Unfortunate damaging a product. Have not been replaced this.


written by Amalie, 29/01/15

I was very positive when I saw this projector online, and booked it. when I received the other hand, it was a stupid product. It is straightforward to put together, but when to watch movies is the sic... Read more


written by Monika Mathiasen, 12/05/15

I ordered this "smartphone" projects and would like to admit I was a bit unhappy with the results I met, we gathered it, etc. as directed. But the projects fremvisser image upside down .... ... Read more

Save your money ...

written by Rune, 02/06/15

Poor product. lens facing the image. So unless you can stop display rotation turns the image upside down. To get the wires to the charger and possible. speaker to fit is almost impossible. A struggle ... Read more

only bad

written by Christina, 25/06/15

Okay to merge, but the product did not work (at all). Having gone through the instructions several times, but no pictures are displayed. Bad. Threw it all a couple of days afterwards. Waste of money, ... Read more


written by Jessi, 29/06/15

With a lot of practice and try this projector actually works. But it must be very very dark indeed. It was a gift for my 20 year old brother, who likes such Kruscht - he fands great and funny.

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