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Darth Vader Bathrobe

The attractive Darth Vader robe is made of 100% polyester and is an official Star Wars product. Therefore there is no risk of Boba Fett or a legion of Stormtroopers charging into your apartment and accusing you of having a pirated robe.

Darth Vader Bathrobe - Darth Vader Bathrobe
Darth Vader Bathrobe
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Darth Vader Bathrobe - Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers European size 38-41
Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers European size 38-41
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Darth Vader Bathrobe - Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers European size 42-45
Star Wars Darth Vader Slippers European size 42-45
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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45 reviews

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What is this?


written by krull, 18/04/13

The type was certainly incredibly happy. It is long enough for a guy at 188cm and comfortable to wear, even when coming straight out of the shower :)

I love it.

written by Nemesis, 25/04/13

It's really digg and fluffy AND has a hood in case you want to hide a jalla-shower / tomorrow tract. I use it every day, when I have just gotten up and not bear dressed me before I've made cof... Read more

Better than expected

written by Ralf, 30/04/13

Some reviews had me confused regarding the Fusselproblems. Property me then nevertheless decided to buy and I have to say it was the right decision. The jacket is luxuriously and cultish. Yes, looking... Read more

cool bathrobe

written by bjorkis, 02/05/13

Tore open the package when it arrived. And I every did not disappoint. The suit me even though I'm bigger model of the stomach. Sitting cannon is really cozy. If one can use the word cozy in a rev... Read more

Clearly satisfied.

written by joonsson, 31/05/13

Just what I expected. It's big, soft, comfortable and stylish. Combined with a lightsaber is perfect.

Empire kylpypäivä

written by atte, 18/07/13

Darth Vader bathrobe was fine. Order and delivery was quick and straight forward. I can recommend this.

Birthday gift

written by Arja, 19/08/13

My husband wanted this my birthday and was pleasantly surprised when you opened the package. It is liked bathrobe! :) For everyday behavior brings nykyää is.

It is both warm and great

written by Frederik, 03/09/13

Important that it came to the time when it should be used for a wedding ... And it did! The fairing is after one-size fit all quite large, but if you like to swim in a bathrobe on the cold mornings an... Read more


written by Ullis, 16/12/13

Absolutely perfect! Spacious and stylish crap! Buy it, you will not be disappointed! The fabric was vigorously and very good quality, I am very pleasantly surprised. Good price for good quality!

Darth Vader robes

written by Mary-Ann, 30/12/13

Darth Vader bathrobe is worth the money! The quality is delicious, and the bathrobe is a real "tuck in" thing. However, it is a bit inconvenient with the big sleeves, the sleeves are long. W... Read more


written by duracelpupu, 30/12/13

a couple of times he had to wash apart from that there is no longer a black lint left ,, otherwise quite a high-quality feel to it 3/5

Big in size

written by Dottie, 01/01/14

It is very large in size so it would probably fit more Large and up. My partner is S / M so it was Patok too big for him. However, it is cozy materials, lovely large hood and pockets. Would absolutely... Read more

Nice bathrobe.

written by Torhin, 06/02/14

Bathrobes are Kjempefin. It is ideal for tall people because of the length. The only thing I have to say on it is that I was disappointed that the material was different Jedi robe. I expected that thi... Read more

Bathrobe dark side

written by Matti, 03/03/14

Free toiletries are gorgeous and comfortable to the touch material. The only minus comes the practicality of the wide sleeves. Are undeniably handsome, but get in the way almost all hand-making. I do ... Read more


written by Ipe, 04/03/14

Material Synthetic always be something which has no absorbency. Size really a big bathrobe.

Now we have cookies!

written by Sinned, 09/03/14

Great hot. When considering the big arms and you have more respect for the dark side that fails to get tangled up in them. Cozy hood, good fit. The quality does not feel super durable, but should work... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Peter Spange, 13/03/14

A super pleasure to patronize bathrobe is really bold, soft and comfortable to wear :) It's a bit long, but very little! Thank you for the super service!

Soft as clouds in Cloud City

written by Hans, 09/04/14

This both robe / robes not only makes the snooze time watching TV what more cozy, but it is also soft as Anakin-bum. A good advice is enough to be a little aware of the (very) wide sleeves around the ... Read more

The Force is strong with this one!

written by Christian V, 01/05/14

It feels nice and is plenty big, even on a big guy like me. It came soon after the order was placed and the service has been top notch. And last, but certainly most importantly: you feel like a galact... Read more

Fine bathrobe

written by J, 19/06/14

When I picked up the package at the post office so I thought it must be wrong delivery, when the package was so easy to be a bathrobe. But it sure was right:) ... And the robe is incredibly comfortabl... Read more

Nothing less than amazing!

written by Martin, 09/11/14

It is the best gift I've ever given myself! It is super comfortable to wear, and use it every day if I can get to it. Cool fabrics and beautiful soft. Highly recommended! :)


written by Anders, 20/11/14

The fairing is wonderfully comfortable, and can easily be used as dressing up for Halloween and the like. The gear-like Imperial insignia is not done in good quality - the seams which it is composed i... Read more

He LOVES it !! : D

written by Tiina, 30/12/14

It has a good size although it is a one size. And the man loves it. It is nice and warm and it's also quite nice :)

I really felt the Force

written by Tyttöystävä, 01/01/15

I bought my boyfriend a Christmas present Dart Vader bathrobe. The material was charged in relation to a really good, I said style. Appears sustainable and is also suitable for further man (192cm).

Star Wars bathrobe

written by Arne, 01/01/15

If as described clean, packaged, arrived on time! ! My son loves his new Star Wars bathrobe.


written by Lacrima, 06/01/15

The bathrobe was one of the Christmas gifts for my friend who was thrilled about it! He wears a bathrobe almost only when he is at home. The coat does not moult and even if one slips in the bath robe ... Read more

cool bathrobe

written by Brita svensson, 14/02/15

It is the nicest robe I ever had

soft and comfortable

written by Ande, 19/03/15

Very nice bath / dressing gown. Personally have not noticed much lint on the floor of the: P Can be difficult to prepare the food with it on when the arms are quite big;)

Dressing gown with feather!

written by Nisse, 14/12/15

Have had this a couple of years now and it is quite ok. Size wise it is absolutely perfect and I like the fit. The only negative is that the material is free cloth slightly insane. This even after sev... Read more

Beautiful, stylish and tough

written by Åsa, 25/12/15

Perfect Christmas gift for my 13 year old who loves Star Wars and lives his life in a bathrobe. But this is not a Darth Vader bathrobe, I have been taught. It is Emperor Palpatine who is dressed as. I... Read more


written by Mette, 26/12/15

Super fast delivery and great product. It is good quality and they have a wide selection. Very good service.

dude bathrobe

written by R, 01/01/16

Pleasant material, warm and a good size. Minus the fact that the bathrobe the inside of lint comes off. The hood plus.

Star Wars Darth Vader Bathrobe

written by Susanna, 04/01/16

Big in size, fit enough most. Soft and comfortable in quality, have not tried washing it yet but guess it pretty much fluff. It became a very popular Christmas gift for Star Wars fanatic home. :)

bathrobe Star Wars

written by joana, 06/01/16

Really nice bathrobe. Soft, cozy and very good price. Recommended for Star Wars fans. Solution to a cool gift.


written by Linda, 12/12/16

very soft, warm and good ,, Good to creep into it right after a shower :-) thoroughly recommend the hottest :-)

Super satisfied!

written by Lisa, 19/12/16

Bought it for my husband and it fits like a hand in Hansken! Cuddly o long, has stolen it a couple of times to her husband's chagrin;)

Come to the dark side

written by Elin, 26/12/16

My partner Fick denna in julklapp och he sorts bathrobe Nästan lika mycket he älskar me. Men när he would go walking with your dog in the so sat rush ner foot xD

good quality

written by Emelie, 28/02/17

Bought this to the guy in the Valentine's Day gift, he was so happy about it! It was perfect as he would otherwise have had problems with other morgonrockars length (small). The quality was really... Read more


written by Caroline, 03/03/17

Kjempeflott bathrobe to my roommate. He was very pleased with the product and go with the steady and ever and stock Darth Vader sounds. "Soft and comfortable to wear" - says my roommate

Nice morris

written by Fredrik, 15/05/17

Good and nice bathrobe. However, the terrain is not as thick as I thought, which draws the final score a little. I'm 190cm tall and the morning rope ends about 1dm from the footbones. In summary, ... Read more

Løve it

written by Daniel, 16/07/17

Supersonic, right "size" so they feel like a sith robe, then good website: safe, fast, easy etc.

Big o lovely cheeky

written by Ida, 21/09/17

In this bathrobe you can creep in and hide in Arla morning, to look back after a strong cup and meet the day with all its possibilities and sometimes challenges. Morning rocks are big, soft and warm. ... Read more

Happy customer

written by Ingela, 09/01/18

Morning rocks are bought as a Christmas gift to my husband. He is happy with it because it's long, the drawback is the flattery sleeves.


written by Amanda, 15/01/18

Very soft and beautiful. Do not feel that it is ticking. Fast delivery. Very satisfied (as is the boyfriend who got it)!

Mjuuuuuk ... <3

written by Tove, 16/02/18

So soft and ugly, my boyfriend got great! 10/10 will definitely turn it out when not using it;)

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