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Don't Break The Bottle

Going-away present at a completely new level: lock up a wine bottle inside the Don’t Break The Bottle puzzle! In order to get the bottle out, the recipient must make his way through the mess of wooden pieces and string - guaranteed to be both tricky and fun!

Don't Break The Bottle - Hard
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Don't Break The Bottle - Medium
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Don't Break The Bottle - Easy
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Nice gift we arrived at the last minute!

written by ep, 26/04/13

Very quick service. Good quality of the product and the manual. Very uppsakattad gift! Thanks!

An appreciated gift

written by Eko , 06/05/13

Wonderful gift if you want to give something more. It is patience and fun at the same time. However do not forget to adjust the length of the string Otherwise it will be easy hassle to start !! Highly... Read more

Funny gift!

written by Klurig, 20/05/13

Fine workmanship with the dark wood species. You can make a knot further down the string (located in the "cap") of the bottle is a bit lower, so you get a good fit. A little tricky to get to... Read more

Do not Break The Bottle "

written by Barchetta, 28/05/13

purchased the product to a 50-åring.Det is an appreciated gift, both to cheer switch and gästerna.Många wanted to obviously try and resolve how they got away låsningen.Tror there was no gjorde.Den is ... Read more

Funny Mother's Day gift!

written by Johanna, 06/06/13

This was a really fun gift to give to my mum on Mother's Day when hpn like wine and puzzles. I was a little nervous that I would put money on something she would solve in 30 seconds. But this was ... Read more

Funny Mother's Day gift!

written by Johanna, 06/06/13

This was a really fun gift to give to my mum on Mother's Day when hpn like wine and puzzles. I was a little nervous that I would put money on something she would solve in 30 seconds. But this was ... Read more

super gift

written by harlekin, 03/07/13

a very nice gift! Very good quality. Looks quality. we ourselves have to open only with the accompanying description at the beginning. The price could be slightly lower for appendages.

bottles safe

written by Andreas Seifert, 06/07/13

Dear Cool Stuff Team, the Flaschensaf arrived as Geschenck tip. We had a hell of fun while solving the safe. The bottles safe can recommend confidently as super Geschenck!

Ok wine puzzles

written by Eivind, 12/07/13

Fun gift, but a regular wine bottle is a little small, so I had to build up in the bottom with cardboard. A proper nut this here;)

fun gift

written by Baffe Boyois, 25/07/13

Needed to add a lot of filler material in the bottom of a normal-sized bottle, otherwise it was very easy to solve the puzzle ...

FUN Gift

written by Sally, 28/07/13

Perfect gift to give away to those who have everything except this. Just have to remember that short of rope together before the appointment.

Gaudi Pur

written by Frank, 21/08/13

That part is just awesome. Even the anpassenn to the bottle with the anticipation of the unpacking of the recipient gepaart.Das perplexed face and the question "what is that --and a Direction und... Read more

Don't break the bottle

written by Annelie, 30/08/13

It was a fun 50 years gift. However, the strings for long so once we cobbled it together with the bottle so it was just to highlight the "Lock" from the bottle and remove it. We were short o... Read more

Super fine main breaks

written by uhmdown, 19/09/13

It is super, this puzzle. It may be mentioned that the _kun_ works with wine bottles in standard form. 1.5 liter cola bottles, or those square bottles of olive oil is good for nothing, because they ar... Read more

nice gift

written by PelleP, 25/09/13

Nice product for those who want to give away the wine bottle to someone like tricks o niggling. Occasionally the severity of the problem and the quality of the wood and rope in the product feels ok.

A real fun gift

written by Gry, 03/10/13

This is the gift to give to your hosts when you are many, the gift will go around and frustration and humor alternates quickly. Simply very fun


written by Mesimokk, 28/10/13

A very nice addition to the wine bottle! Lifts gift, give the recipient some nice headaches and attracts attention, among other guests. What more can you ask of a gift? The string in the part that sit... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Sanna, 30/10/13

Super Funny thing! Will buy more of. The only negative was that the line was very long and that it was therefore easy to just lift the lock and remove the bottle. (Tested with several different kinds ... Read more


written by Moi, 25/11/13

This was fun, fun with little headaches. The recipient of the gift should have a go without manual to begin with. :)

Fun flasklås poor quality

written by Christine, 18/12/13

I had bought several flasklås to give away. When I mounted the first lock so loosened the strings that are poorly glued. So be careful when you tighten the laces.

Don't break the bottle

written by Åsa, 20/12/13

Really fun to have at the party or birthday party for adults, everyone wants to try to solve to get a taste of the content. A fun craft at the party where many want to :)

Great success

written by Sunny, 27/12/13

We had lots of fun on Christmas table, was a complete success. Has taken care of a lot of laughs. War for the receiver also not an easy game, quite a while took, but they have remained with ambition t... Read more

Genial gift for anyone who likes liquid is bottled.

written by Kokk1, 30/12/13

I bought this for a lighter alcoholic friend for Christmas. Beside giving him a night to ponder I live by faith that I managed to make a stay in their drinking his. The product is nicely appearances i... Read more

Good and electrifying gift

written by HK, 01/01/14

Just the right bit tricky .... Easy to follow instructions to lock it in, just in time difficult for the recipient. Beautiful and well-made puzzle.

appreciated gift

written by Maria, 30/01/14

All partygoers wanted to try this bottle puzzle! :) Incredibly appreciated by the birthday child. Recommended this to be a party attendant, who day after ordered one yourself! :) Great price, fast del... Read more


written by Blomman, 17/02/14

A fun product that employs all during the party ... could not get up this evening .. (you do not get smarter by grog ;-))

Funny thing to give away

written by Jeanette, 11/03/14

Bought "Do not break the bottle" and just a few days later appeared pack up - super short delivery! However, the strings for long so they had us cut and correct for it would work but it was ... Read more

Stand out when you give a wine bottle gift

written by Jan Erik, 12/05/14

The product "Don'tBreak The Bottle" is a unique way to package a wine bottle on the comparison using a paper bag from the liquor store. The product offers a little "quiz" befor... Read more

Funny thing that makes the little klurrigare for receiving the bottle

written by Mia, 08/06/14

Funny thing to mount on a wine / wiskey bottle that you should give away. Becomes a little puzzled at the party. =)

Happy gift receiver

written by Irina, 07/08/14

Have purchased this product twice. The recipients were happy and intresting, both the wine but also to have to figure a lot before the wine came loose. Clear instructions. Good quality, can be used ma... Read more

Missing goods

written by Silvia, 18/08/14

Missing things in para. Would have been a gift 50 years. But now the person has already been filled in. Item on the way back.

Clever worse!

written by Mackan-71, 31/10/14

Really tricky to get both to and then get loose again. Is guaranteed to end up with scissors in hand for those who are impatient.

Tolerance Test

written by Pelfri, 11/11/14

"Do not Break The Bottle" is a very fun idea and a great way to keep someone on the gridiron. It can actually solve but it is very tricky. Not something for the patient weak or saxägaren.

Estimated gift

written by Sara, 21/11/14

Bought this for my dad in father-dagpresent, along with a bottle of wine of course. Much appreciated, however, so missing the part where I'd put it together so I had to find its own solution. But ... Read more

really funny

written by keintraummann, 15/12/14

Find the item well as a Party Pass. easy to install (at least with description). and priced ok.

The screamer ...

written by Sabine, 15/12/14

... If the recipient does not come to his favorite wine. First, a surprised smile: "How, a toy?" Well, patience is not exactly his strong point;)


written by Hanne, 17/12/14

Everything ok regarding. delivery. The gift is assembled so now it will be interesting if he gets the gift can figure out how to we get the wine bottle out ... ..

Very nice

written by S, 30/12/14

but very difficult to assemble. The manual is not very good. also does not fit on each bottle.

The top

written by Jonas, 01/01/15

Works with many different bottles and is a perfect gift for anyone who is not a cheater and should be googling directly.

Fun stuff if it had worked

written by Erica, 06/01/15

The idea to give away this fun puzzles together, but a wine bottle, I thought would be really fun. Was quite disappointed because the person who got the bottle knåpet solved in less than five minutes.... Read more


written by Åsa, 07/01/15

Funny and ingenious product but rather poor description. Funny gift to give away with a bottle of some kind.

COOL bottle

written by Amanda , 08/01/15

I received my last day after I bestite it, which is super good service and the matter until I another time will batting to purchase products from you. (Good service) The reason I did not give you 5 st... Read more

funny gift

written by Happe, 10/01/15

"Do not Break The Bottle" is a fun gift that will appeal to most. Ingeniously to give the birthday party. Extra fun if you keep the user manual for yourself


written by T, 10/01/15

A fun and tricky thing that there will be a lot of conversation about the dinner. Both among children on adult Not easy ☺


written by Tdahl, 17/01/15

Was purchased as a Christmas gift for someone who likes such tinker toys. Was great success. Only fault is that I bought only 1

Festive but .....

written by Astrid Lund, 22/02/15

Has acquired two pieces, and think the idea is very festive! But it should make clear instructions that the cord must be adapted to the bottle. And worse - when we were doing "wrapping" crac... Read more

Funny thing, but ....

written by Astrid, 03/03/15

Wine Lock Puzzle is a festive "dings" but it should have been stated in the manual that the cord had to be adapted bottle. There we realized the gradually, but what's worse is - the firs... Read more

Funny gift for my mom!

written by Johanna, 16/06/15

Funny gift, and she was not able to get it up, I had, however, for small bottle so she got out of the bottle anyway, now kag got it back so going to try it on my own;) I am thinking also buy a bigger ... Read more


written by PeO, 29/06/15

Went to change length depending on the bottle we used. It is not easy to either get together or take apart. But it's fun

Great fun thing

written by Danne, 01/09/15

Gave it to the father-who immediately became frustrated that he could not invite the party of wine because he did not manage to solve the puzzle, that he has the time of writing (a little over a week)... Read more

Amusing feature !!

written by Frank, 12/11/15

This product works as intended! As a fun feature got this gift to appear much more interesting than "just" a bottle of wine. Besides being of good quality, so it turned out to be a rather di... Read more

It would have been a cool gift ...

written by Lilita =(, 07/12/15

... Was a disappointment. Bought this as it was perceived as a very funny gift to give with a wine bottle into a wine connoisseur. However, was very very disappointed. It said that it would suit a sta... Read more


written by Beeboppa , 09/12/15

A popular and funny 50th birthday ........................................... ....................

fine product

written by Malene, 10/12/15

When I received the package with the product, the product was well protected and had no opportunity to be destroyed or else during transport. The product was neatly wrapped and nothing wrong. The bar ... Read more

unusual gift

written by Amanda , 14/12/15

Very popular and fun gift. However, the string a little too far, it is possible to make a knot to prevent the bottle from slipping out.


written by Duve, 29/12/15

Super gift for those you do not find anything, but who likes wine. Gave this to 3 different for Christmas, they spent from 10min to 2 days to get the wine out .. entertained :)

Sneaky & fun

written by Peter, 29/12/15

Perfect Christmas gift! Much appreciated by the recipients of this gift. Occasionally tricky. You can adjust (by hitting the knot in the cord) for different sizes of bottle. Fun way to give a time for... Read more

Oh what fun

written by Folke, 14/01/16

The perfect gift! Set becomes so fun at the party when the values ​​usually get this. Everyone wants to be with and open, but usually capable of it. Remember to include your solution in your pocket ..... Read more

Fun thing =)

written by Carolina, 31/01/16

Nice to be. not happy when my had started dropping in a corner. So not properly glued. My receiver was still satisfied and happy.

The blast at the party

written by Janet, 03/02/16

When something as unimaginative as a bottle of whiskey away, then at least imaginatively packaged ... the bottle passed from hand to hand - large and Kelin have it laughed mightily much! ... Read more

Fun icw vingave

written by Caspar, 03/03/16

Fun way to do it otherwise a bit boring vingave interesting. And so it can be reused :) -----------


written by Lilli, 15/04/16

I think it is tremendous fun to give gifts in this way, everyone is excited about what we give next time, and our gifts are always opened first. It's just too bad that there are no more "loos... Read more


written by svärmor, 16/05/16

It was a bit difficult to follow the instructions, but I did own knots and it was very funny when we all followed my law's struggle to get into the whiskey bottle.


written by Anna , 07/06/16

Was a real highlight! Everyone wanted to try! Have bought several pieces, a good going away gift instead of flowers

Good pansionärs precent

written by HC, 01/09/16

Fast and good delivery! Precenten was a fun and appreciated by my friend who turned 80-years. While other participants at the party thought it was a fun precent to people who have the time!


written by Lars, 14/10/16

Super gift for someone who will have it that they are smarter than others. You can also impress by opening it after everyone else has given up.

to give a wine Funny Art

written by Any, 17/10/16

Power really fun and tricky dissolve. Is very well received and is determined to gift back

Challenges !!

written by Caroline, 14/11/16

Neat stuff! Very electrifying festive o! It was fun putting the whole thing, even tricky it! Was estimated !!

Funny gift!

written by Daniel, 20/12/16

The perfect gift for those who have trouble keeping themselves from the bottle. I bought it described as the hardest version, but it does not take so long to solve the puzzle. Had difficulty level has... Read more

Good product

written by Minä vain, 21/12/16

Bottle height is not a problem. The lanyard may be shortened by the new node, and by cutting off the excess piece of string.

Some elevators

written by Sus, 11/05/17

Gave away a "wine puzzle" in gift. It became a real snack and many happy laughs. Can be recommended. But it's fun and not really hard to solve.

Fun, but a little crate in the design

written by Andrea, 15/05/17

A fun way to give away wine! However, a bit delicate, when I "chopped together" it loosened a string that was glued into a piece of wood, so let me get out and panic deal with superlime. Oth... Read more


written by Kamp, 12/06/17

Super good product and very nice pastime. :) There is good delivery time, I received it quickly.

The string was too long

written by Emma, 26/06/17

Very disappointed actually because the lace on the jigsaw was far too long so the lid on the cork could only be lifted off. Solve it yourself by cutting the cord and then melting the ends so that the ... Read more


written by Sansan, 27/06/17

I think they are a different way of giving away a bottle of wine. I gave them as a wedding present.

Cool gift and fast delivery

written by Katarina, 30/06/17

Fast delivery with ongoing information about the product being on its way. Cool gift that corresponded to the description :)

nice and fun

written by Johan30, 14/07/17

Very nice and fun. Fits most bottles. The easiest is too easy though. Even for children I would say. And the other two are almost the same. If you stand and choose between the second hardest and most ... Read more

Do not Break The Bottle

written by Karin Stevnhoved, 19/07/17

Bought as a gift to my brother. He has not received this yet, but I have leaned a bottle in the wooden structure and am sure it will be well received by my brother.

Cool gift!

written by Henrik, 17/08/17

Fun thing to give along with a wine bottle. His father-in-law had to sit for a while before reaching the bottle. Highly recommend!


written by Ullis, 31/08/17

Really nice and appreciated gift. Fits well with picture and description. Highly recommended. Fits "normal sized bottles

Fun stuff that requires some fixation

written by Jessica, 11/09/17

Fortunately, I bought two of this product, because the cord was loose on one and needed to be glued. That's why I could use the one who thought and fix the other before I needed it. I bought a med... Read more


written by Gurli Bjerre Dommerby, 12/09/17

I am fully satisfied with the product I have received, the product has created great joy and pleasure. The package arrived quickly

Do not break the bottle Vinpussel

written by Alexandra , 21/09/17

Looked so much forward to give away this but unfortunately I was not happy with the product! The string in the jigsaw was far too long, so the purpose of the jigsaw was completely lost, because only t... Read more


written by Johan, 21/09/17

The bought wine puzzle took for granted that there would be an instruction in the box but did not say nicke, a bit thin may well!

It seems as it should

written by I, 22/09/17

but will not call it cumbersome to loosen. The string in the top is a little long but it can be cut and a new knot can be made inside the part that is to be on the bottle's head.

Fun / different give away gift

written by carinacina, 29/09/17

Cool product, misleading with the gift box I bought, thought it might also contain the wine bottle at the "place" in the wine cellar, as a rule, you do not usually give "just" the ... Read more

Long string

written by Hege, 03/10/17

Had to adjust the thread to hold the bottle as it was too long for a high bottle. Worked fine after I had arranged to snore a little.

Funny and clever gift!

written by Erik, 29/12/17

Pretty simple to assemble but the harder for the receiver to get up! Estimated gift by a grandfather who loves cleverness.

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