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Doomed Skull Shot Glass

Of course, you should drink your alcohol out of a skull! Why? Because it's the coolest thing there is! Made from quality glass and can contain 6 cl.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Evil shot glass

written by Niklas, 07/11/13

The glasses look damn nasty out and I think that the details in the "skull" is surprisingly good. Might think that the glass is too thin in the goods. Feels a little too fragile. They may on... Read more


written by Wille, 17/03/14

Really cheeky glass! The only surprise is that the glass of the goods is thin and light, giving the glasses a "cheap" feel. It had been incisive with more massive heavy glass. But looking an... Read more

written by Apan, 17/03/14

So damn good! Dude was thrilled! She asked where she could buy more, so you'll have a new customer shortly!

Sickly satisfied!

written by Apan, 21/03/14

The glasses are absolutely amazing and girl friend was thrilled! I think you will soon have another happy customer: D

really delicious (difficult to clean)

written by Lena, 01/05/14

Delicious glass where you can decide skull color through it poured into the glass. likes themselves to drink liquids in the red. the skull becomes most apparent with dark drink.

Skull Shot Glass

written by stiffe, 10/11/14

these glasses are great .. very detailed with a thin glass, which means that they are good to drink from .... a good buy!

Suitable for children

written by Jonta, 23/12/14

Do not know what you can expect for 99kr but these shot glasses feel a bit too cheap, feels like a couple leksaksglas..tyvärr. I gave them to my småkusiner as juice glass, and it became a hit ... so c... Read more

Stylish but impractical

written by Nillan, 30/12/14

They are really smart but hopeless to dry after the counter. Water droplets can be left in one day and you can not access anywhere with the towel. Maybe going to blow dry in the nooks and crannies? Th... Read more


written by Milk, 01/01/15

A fun and cool contraption, no criticism: D Super good service too;) Quick delivery as always, and nice price :)

Skull Glass

written by E. Roth, 06/01/15

Uniquely, we laughed so much. You have class products, I would order again with you. They know not at what to order first.

Thanks to the customer

written by N.Hob, 15/01/15

Super goods that thanks to the great customer service at some point yet reached me. Rarely my questions were answered so nice and fast.

The glass

written by Monique Løfqvist, 20/03/15

Really nice but thought the glasses were thicker. It følels bit as malleable as'm not sure what it is ... But or really nice :)

completely satisfied

written by Knäcke, 07/04/15

I was completely satisfied with my purchase. Goods arrived quickly and what to me is always important, especially when it's a gift, it was offered package tracking. So I knew then exactly when the... Read more


written by Hipådig, 07/10/15

Fast delivery, product as advertised. The glass just feels a little cheap, but someone has to do only drink out of it, soo .. Very happy in the end!

fight tough

written by Linn, 01/12/15

When I ordered it, I showed this was not glass, so was pleasantly surprised! Nice gift to give for birthdays or Christmas for clubbers. Seems like it s quite properly, and not least - it looks cool fi... Read more

pretty fragile

written by Fredrik, 20/12/15

It looks cool when you have something in the glass. However, the rather fragile at the bottom and it feels very thin. It is not very good to drink from either unfortunately for me, is very thick at th... Read more

Looks good, but ..........

written by Sellestädter, 04/01/16

Cool part! Looks good, but is much too delicate! Slightly more glass and therefore more weight would have been nice. So it looks just only good, but feels cheap!

Fight Tough!

written by Julia, 12/05/16

Fight Tough shot glass. Matches perfectly with skull-bowl to cool stuff :) The birthday boy enjoyed them :) Fast delivery!

Always good!

written by männe, 18/10/16

Fast and secure, always quickly at home. Errors which the customer makes regulates very good team. thank you

fat shots glass

written by jan, 31/08/17

super cool shots glass it looks as if the skull floats in the air when there is a splash in the glass. Only minus is that they are hard to wipe off after washing them. They also seem less solid. They ... Read more

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