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Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

The little gap between the car seat and the parking brake has a gravitational force greater than a black hole. Squeeze a Drop Stop in there and you will never again need to feel around for your telephone while you drive.

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler - Drop Stop
Drop Stop
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What is this?


written by Davemate, 09/02/16

Whole j *** a amazing. I have not switched on this before for all the times my passengers and stuff dripped down the gap! No more-cleaning in the gap. Run v60 newer model black interior and my daily p... Read more

Creative invention.

written by baande, 24/02/16

Hello. I think that it was perhaps the tightest made between the car seat and console, but it's also some of the intent. Must surely be able to say that it is a good supplement to prevent things f... Read more

Simple and effective.

written by Anfallbet, 28/03/16

Mounted in three cars, works fine. Does not prevent the adjustment of the seats. Assuming that these sausages will be exhausted after a few years of daily adjustments of seats, but the price is well o... Read more

Smart to avoid squeezing hands.

written by Ripan, 04/04/16

A smart product that saves knuckles and hands, you do not have to dig for lost things between the seat and center console. Recommended.

Spot on!

written by Linus, 27/04/16

I have not had spilled or lost anything yet when I run, but once I do, I will certainly make the smart gadget this is. The fit was good, but my car VW Polo is a bit narrow between the seat / center co... Read more


written by Therese, 20/09/16

Great and appreciated gift, will order more to give for Christmas. Perfect for those who already have everything.

Cool part

written by Lema, 17/10/16

No more goods from the narrow gap rausklauben !!!!!!!!!!! ........ mega freu freu ..... ..... ..... became

Class invention!

written by JM, 22/12/16

I am very pleased with drop stop, it fits perfectly into the car and keeps its promises. It was a gift for my husband and he was very happy, because in his BMW constantly slipping the key and the phon... Read more

OK problem solver!

written by Even, 08/03/17

Considering what problem this will solve, so it is perfect! The installation and how it will look varies from car to car - but the idea behind this patent is the brilliantly. It removes known "bl... Read more

Genius solution to an annoying problem

written by Kirsten Wulff , 29/06/17

Drop stop is an ingenious solution

"Drop Stop"

written by Rune Huseby, 09/08/17

An incredibly good product. Should only have purchased this product much earlier. Highly recommended.

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