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EasyCAP Video Grabber

EasyCAP is a clever gadget that allows you to digitize your video cassettes. Smoothly transfer your old home videos or bought vhs to dvd or the computer's hard drive!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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42 reviews

42 reviews in other languages

What is this?

EasyCap - easy!

written by VHS till DVD, 25/04/13

Easy Cap works very well, after some hassle with the license number. It is very easy to use with the supplied software. Considering how much it costs to order a transfer from VHS to DVD or USB, the pr... Read more


written by stenen, 14/06/13

Very nice and works perfectly. This manual does not really reality, but no problem.

Super easy and fast delivery

written by Lise , 01/08/13

It all went super, easy to order, fast delivery, ... no complaints here. Can definitely recommend to buy from cool stuff.


written by kb, 05/09/13

I am an elderly gentleman whose children were all Disney's classics in the 90s. Now the children are adults and maybe there will be grandchildren. When they come, they must have the same experienc... Read more

EasyCAP Video Capture - from VHS to DVD

written by AH, 14/10/13

Good product, and easy to install and use. Very but way to digitize your old video recordings.

Good product!

written by Lena, 15/10/13

EasyCap is a very good product, just when you get to know it and find out how to operate it. However, it says in the manual that you have to use the S-video cable if there is such a in its VHS player.... Read more

Question to those who have tried the product! :)

written by ma, 31/10/13

Have purchased the product, but not tested it because it will be a Christmas gift. Have found that we do not have so many tapes anyhow, but recording on film rolls which is in the camcorder, these fil... Read more


written by Lykke, 01/11/13

When I received the video capture'n and had to try it, I was disappointed. The instructions and "reality" was not the same. So I spent some time writing back and forth with Cool Stuff (t... Read more

Actually works better than expected!

written by Per, 11/11/13

Bought this thing despite the dubious reviews online but fourth after I unpacked it, I was running. Works perfectly with what I should have it, to digitize my old VHS tapes.

video grabber

written by Dorthe , 08/01/14

It works perfectly has made three dubbing, and it works fine the software is fairly easy to work with so all in all a good buy greeting Dorthe

EasyCAP - as it sounds

written by MoaBe, 20/01/14

Very easy to use and easy to understand directly. What I thought was particularly good with this product is that it comes with editing software on the disc. With it, you can cut away the parts you wan... Read more

It does exactly what it promises

written by daniel, 04/03/14

This I can confidently recommend you. It's easy to straightforward to use without a lot of settings to conquer. Race to acquisition

Unable to use

written by Trultebass, 26/03/14

Because, for old PC I could not use the product. But it is certainly a good product if you have good enough PC.

"Can not record video. News content is copy-protected"

written by Zeke, 27/03/14

Ordered package 10/3 -14. The instructions were sketchy and then I think of the software. But finally I got it together (lucky you are very technical). Got a good picture and good sound to end. Starte... Read more


written by Agnes, 12/05/14

Very happy with the product. Easy to use and good price. Now I have brought over a lot of VHS to computer, and it's really fun, on knowing that you have saved it in a safer way. If you google, you... Read more

Works like a charm

written by SmileyFace, 05/08/14

It does exactly what it should, and the accompanying program is easy, even though we feel that it is a stripped down version. But it works just fine for dubbing videotape. I've only used the red /... Read more

Very easy to use

written by Suberkrub, 29/08/14

Unpack and set the player with your computer using the included connectors and cables. After installing the driver and the user program can come loose. The program is very easy to find out if it is no... Read more

Simply VHS to DVD

written by E, N-T, 27/10/14

Bought this to digitize VHS cassettes. Works quite well. and easy to use. Editor supplied needed some knoting before I understood it completely, but now sits fine. I have a gripe, and it's when th... Read more


written by Linda J, 05/12/14

Bought this product even though we were a little hesitant about it is simple to use and it works. We are super happy !! So funny that there is such a solution so that you can watch his old movies agai... Read more

Clear and concise

written by thomasprh, 08/12/14

Compared to previous tips on digitizing old VHS movies (or other format of elderly stroke) this is almost raining for "plug and play". The quality is good!

Finally a product that just works !!!

written by Jonas Søborg, 08/12/14

I have tried many different products to translate the old family videos on VHS and over to the computer. - All the past would not work, either there was no sound on the recording or there was no recor... Read more

Quick delivery: o)

written by Hansen, 02/01/15

Very quick delivery and the person who received the product in gift'm very happy for it and is in the process of using it: o)

Fast delivery

written by Carsten K, 05/01/15

I ordered this EasyCAP Video Capture on Thursday and had it delivered by GLS to my workplace on Friday 19 December. As the Christmas holidays were rescued, and I have been transferred 21 C VHS tape to... Read more

Copy Protected VHS ????

written by Christer, 10/01/15

Can the acceptable image and sound without any major problems. Started recording ... After a while, the recording stops. An error message comes up "Can not record video. News content is copy-prot... Read more

Works as promised

written by Oda, 17/01/15

Was quite unsure if this product would work, but thought it was worth a try (rather than pay 300kr per VHS in a "professional"). Now I've got catching up 4 VHSer so far, and both audio a... Read more

Missing sound or work fine

written by Mette, 18/01/15

Can get fine picture / movie to run, but the sound just will not :( think I've tried everything. Huh I do here ??

For that memories never disappear.

written by Björn, 26/01/15

Hello, I'm super happy with the hardware, works smoothly and is easy to install. As for the software, I had wished for a slightly more advanced program. But the stuff is expensive, I know! So for ... Read more


written by janne, 31/01/15

Fully suveränt.blixtleverans.sedan scart was broken so I called, no problems, came a new day. Cannon .Högsta rating.

Not satisfied

written by Julie, 19/02/15

Did not get to use the equipment. Instructions were read again and again, by several people. But nothing worked.

upload video

written by Ing-Marie, 20/02/15

This was a smart and easy thing to carry over their private videos to your computer. Move the video to your computer and using software to your computer, it is easy to use.The stop sometimes but it&#3... Read more

Smooth video DVD conversion

written by Ferrum, 20/02/15

Easy to hook up with the good instructions. Transferring, editing sound, etc. has worked very well.

user review

written by Harald Nielsen, 25/02/15

I did not know the company before but will definitely use you again the product I bought works perfectly and I recommend it to all my friends and it was ok. Sincerely a happy customer. ps. had like th... Read more


written by Björn, 27/04/15

It does exactly what it should do. Convert analog video to digital. Enclosed software was well like that, but it went aldeles excellent upgrade via the Internet. Recommend the product!

Use of EasyCap.

written by svein, 27/07/15

Have now tested my newly acquired EasyCap for transferring VHS tapes to PC. The images are very good but do not get sound. The "chopper" substantially all tiden.Har coupled Composite (yellow... Read more

video Catcher

written by Jussi, 13/09/15

Hello! At first, I had longed for Finnish-language instruction manual. The product also crashes unacceptably high. But, after all, pretty useful Kampe, when you set out to work. Here could be the hard... Read more

service during the reservation.

written by jahn wetteland, 30/11/15

I wore somehow double booked product for transferring VHS to DVD .This arranged COOL STUFF for me in a good way. I have not tried the product yet but it probably will.

works great

written by Kristian, 15/04/16

As long as you make sure that all settings are correct, then this works great. Must also have good signals into. Is it poor-quality tapes in VHS so it breaks.

Super customer service!

written by Thomas Windfeld, 26/08/16

Ordered gizmo, and had the fast a few days - I had unfortunately forgotten to my new computer did not have a DVD drive - so could not install the driver or software. Therefore wrote into the cool stuf... Read more

A good device

written by Gert, 05/01/17

It does exactly what it promises. The old VHS movies do not get better, but they saved. I'm happy with.

Windows 10

written by Yvonne, 28/02/17

Did not quite work with Windows 10. Had control of another program. So accompanying sw did not work for me.


written by Jan, 13/03/17

Works on Mac Very disappointed In the discussion lives that it also works on Mac So now is the only unused - do not know, but midtown drawing it also lacks at least one wire

Easy CAP, does not regret it

written by Meg, 15/05/17

Works very well I see! Slipper now using VHS and DVD recorder, as I can not remember which cord to connect where .... The transfer to the PC is very easy, but to edit, I have to put myself in. I'm... Read more

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