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Egg Cuber

The Egg Cuber is a square egg maker that allows you to transform your oval-shaped hard boiled eggs into square eggs.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Square eggs - fun

written by Gitte, 22/08/13

I was a little suspicious, but it certainly was easy and nice to make a square egg and the result was perfect, exactly as I had hoped.

Egg Cuber

written by Tajo, 15/11/13

An amusing gift that can mostly go toward the small, but also the elderly can enjoy this. A good gift to give or buy for yourself if you want to spice it up a bit.

Egg Cuber

written by Kirsten, 12/12/13

A really fun idea! My granddaughter loves it even though he unfortunately must wait about 1 hour on that it comes with the great result.

Better instructions

written by Ollsibub, 27/12/13

The only thing I can complain about is that the instructions are only in German and French, I can neither of them. To have instructions in English or Swedish would have helped a lot when it was a Chri... Read more

Fun and simple - the whole egg

written by Odd, 27/12/13

For Donaldister who remember the story of square eggs (which Coolstuff really SHOULD refer to the product text), this is the perfect for Sunday breakfast. You do not get completely cubical eggs but pe... Read more


written by AnnaA, 20/02/14

Works really well! Need to stand in the fridge for a while afterwards, but keeps its shape as well after it, perfect for the lunch boxes etc!

concerning. egg cubes

written by lykke hansen, 19/05/14

fine idè. It works ..... Funny to consider the environment when serving square eggs ........ like I said fine idè ------

Great stuff

written by Ttoften , 26/09/14

Really cool to be able to make square eggs, looks great on your lunch. And the separated easily by so it can be washed up.

Things the world does not need ....

written by Andreas, 05/10/14

but ... I absolutely must have. The Egg Cuber is fully made of transparent plastic, looks very cool. Although the eggs are not completely square, a mega effect. I bought two, so I may as well bring se... Read more

funny eggs

written by Georg, 13/10/14

The grandkids think it's fun to make square eggs, so they are better suited to the square of rye bread.

A fun product, but unnecessary

written by redfox87, 03/12/14

This is fun, but tricky product. included with the product did not come to any kind of instructions in English. The instructions were only in English and German, who were also in my opinion puutteelli... Read more

egg cuber

written by MK, 05/01/15

good article Value square top Very nice for children eggs are funny delivery despite Weihnachtsstress absolutely fast gladly again


written by Markus.B, 01/02/15

At last I have again the Egg Cuber from my childhood again: D And my daughter has also enjoyed. What should I say about it yet ?? Cool part the eggs will be the eye-catcher at the next party.

Without remark

written by Rolf Axel, 10/03/16

Works exactly as promised. Moreover buslätt washing dishes. Buy However, extra-large eggs (+ 73g), it is not good with standardägg (53-63g).

For a young couple

written by Dagobert, 06/07/16

If you have a problem, you can also go unconventional ways to solve the problem; an example is the Egg Cuber.

I love it...

written by Lorina, 02/05/17

The Egg Cuber is a product for people who always love in the kitchen variety. It works beautifully. On salads or simply with an additional garnish shaped eggs are a welcome alternative.

Egg Cuber!

written by lullenjabi, 06/06/17

Great thing.Topp goods, fast delivery, a huge fun for the whole family.A real eye-catcher.

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