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Eye of Love Pheromone Spray

Spraying and getting into the mood is not as naughty as it sounds. But it could be ;)

Eye of Love Pheromone Spray - Pheromone Spray - Attracts Men
Pheromone Spray - Attracts Men
16 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Eye of Love Pheromone Spray - Pheromone Spray - Attracts Women
Pheromone Spray - Attracts Women
92 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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5 reviews

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What is this?

might work

written by 78, 24/02/16

Absolutely fine .... but I think my age is needed maybe other stuff to get a reaction! The future will show what is possible is done

pheromone spray

written by Trill, 07/03/16

Hmmmm skeptical, do not think it works so well .................................... ..... good smell when (=

As a luxury perfume

written by Bjørn Simonsen, 06/05/16

I am not very familiar to the pheromones. Some are very much against it, but I do not understand why they are. If ignoring what the name was and what it's for, smelled it really as a very luxuriou... Read more


written by Lana, 08/05/17

Bought after my job, it is forbidden to use perfume. Still want to smell good without constantly having to hear, you smell the perfume. Take a shower first, and then use this pheromone spray over the ... Read more

The one to attract men

written by Alexandra, 12/10/18

It smells like my mother-in-law. Do not know if it's positive or negative. The man and the son thought it smelled good at least. Whether it makes men "crazy" I do not know, I'm marri... Read more

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