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Ezgo Wallet

A super compact wallet with space for eight cards and fifteen notes! Also contains a memory card holder, floats in water and is made of 100% recycled materials.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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written by Niclas, 30/11/13

Very smooth small wallet with space for eight cards and a lot of notes :) Sure it is not entirely suited to our Swedish banknotes. 500 banknote stand out a bit. 100 patches fits nicely. 20an can disap... Read more

Really easy!

written by Martin , 02/12/13

A really easy and smooth wallet. The plastic feels durable. If you have a card with the chip it is held 3 pcs / side. I have leg in virtually all of my pants so how it feels to sit on it for a long ti... Read more


written by mattias green, 06/12/13

like that ... Realistically there is room for three cards per page. Banknote compartment works if there is too little of it or too much. But otherwise. ok

smooth o practical!

written by millan, 03/01/14

smooth and handy wallet. all the essentials are collected, money o cards not go out if you drop it on the floor, glows in the dark so I can find it easily in the bag. facilitates extra if you use the ... Read more

Coolest plank in the gang!

written by Mikael Elmblad, 15/01/14

I am a small wallet fanatic. Has great difficulty to find one that I like. But this suits me very well. The only negative is that the currency union is not made to Swedish banknotes. However, 20, 50, ... Read more

Super smooth!

written by MrCerpet, 04/02/14

Had tired of my "normal" wallet in leather. Sat and searched around the web for reaching more unusual and found Ezgo wallet. Can only say how smooth anytime! Uses most card so can not commen... Read more

Super practical

written by Nikolaj, 17/02/14

Ezgo wallet is super convenient. Great to the 2 most used map can be at the front of each page. Slightly larger than expected, but fits nicely in your pocket.

Very good

written by Anton, 05/06/14

Got my wallet today and must say that so far is yes very happy, and to have it in your back pocket is no problem at all, it is much more comfortable with the back one with a standard. and to obtain sh... Read more

Smart Wallet :)

written by Annika, 21/08/14

Have long viewed Enzo wallet and has now finally ordered it and today I got it home :) a very agile little thing that takes up very little space. Is more durable the material than I thought it would b... Read more


written by hypercrasse, 08/09/14

8 cards, notes and 2 mini-sd + a standard SD slot. Best wallet yes had so far. works cleanly into the driving license, when to buy and stamp the card to work.

Ik as pretty, but it can be what it should

written by Sidsel Pedersen, 29/12/14

I am a pig, and plører always my purse with everything from mud to beer. So I have long been looking for a purse that can hold it - it can be this one! And then there's room for a lot of card in i... Read more

Useful but ...

written by P*mmel Pan, 21/02/15

Ansich is the part NEN super inventions. Since you his cards and bissl money always on you ... But it would have been better if you had done that a card compartment so that it is inserted from the oth... Read more

super trade

written by Helle Grøndahl Andersen, 20/05/15

Super trade, was sent the wrong item but was sent again on the same day and received the following day. Got simultaneously allowed to keep the wrong item. The product fully met the expectation.

As described, almost

written by Pandaman, 31/08/15

Holds up to eight cards. Banknote tray is not so well designed that the video suggests. The bills must be folded in a special way and they get caught easily and are difficult to get out in a simple wa... Read more

Spot wallet.

written by Jakan, 09/12/15

Small, smooth but still a place for everything necessary. GOLD that there is space for three memory cards. To float and have a one lug is just even more plus. Rekomenderas vamrt.

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