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Fidget Cube

Give your restless hands something to play with! Fidget Gadget is a cube with many different functions - let your fingers click, spin and play around the buttons, levers and wheels! Perfect any time you need something to do with your hands!

Fidget Cube - Fidget Cube
Fidget Cube
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written by Ch , 26/06/17

Gave this gift to my girlfriend who still needs something to fix with. Lots of fun to do with this little dupetite. Consider actually buying one for myself as well.

Cheap for a reason

written by Piller Pelle , 30/06/17

The joystick is too hard to set. The pruning plate is basically fixed. The light switch sounds too loud to interfere with you and others. The gears are loose and spin without problems. Which does not ... Read more

Amazing fun, but not so solid

written by Prid, 04/07/17

Bought this as a gift to anyone. They were very pleased with it and still using it. The only negative point is that when the cube only fell once on the ground, one part of the "control joystick&q... Read more

OK but could have been better

written by Pete, 05/07/17

Nice to hug with someone like me like to pill with pens or something else when I work! Minus because quality sense is like this on some buttons (mainly "joystick" and gears that are loose) a... Read more

A better and more perfect fidget

written by Kennja, 06/07/17

Bought this Fidget a couple of weeks ago and uses it regularly. Relaxing / relaxing to "fuss with" whether I'm watching tv, reading, reflecting or being in a meeting. Discreet and less v... Read more

Everything as it should

written by Nina, 10/07/17

The product came quickly and everything was as it should. All the things worked and it is comfortable in hand. Much different to fix with and nice that not everything makes sound.

Fidget Cube

written by MrToby, 27/07/17

My partner who has ADHD got excited about Fidget Cube'n. It is used diligently. So both me and my partner are satisfied with the product

The top of the bus route

written by Bobo, 30/07/17

The top for restless fingers while sitting on the bus among screaming kids and cheating youngsters who are screaming and screaming. Then it's nice to have a pill.

Rubbish / fake

written by QwertY, 06/09/17

Substandard quality. All rotating parts are heavily loaded. The 'joystick' was released after ten seconds of use. The product is a cheap copy of Fidget Cube, it's actually a "Fidget G... Read more

Joystick does not work

written by Thomas Windfeld, 14/12/17

Have just received my fidget cube with the post, and it really works as intended. Unbelievable what such push buttons can do. BUT: of course, it is a cheaply produced dims of plastic, but after approx... Read more

Better focus

written by Pa, 12/01/18

Works well to keep focus with your various barely and sparingly. The whirlwind on one of them, however, is very sluggish


written by Ellie, 15/01/18

Great little touch for restless hands. A little pity that it has a click sound of 2 buttons and is not completely silent. Otherwise it would have a full pot. A lot of different features on a small sur... Read more ..

written by J A, 25/03/18

It's not as good as the original, and does not have the same luxury feel. Things seem like that, but they cause more disaster, and some of the dimmers are slow to push / turn. But for the price it... Read more

Fidget cube

written by Dunder, 11/10/18

Some of the parts to spin on are a little sluggish, otherwise a cannon prompts for all of us with restless hands. Good variety of buttons and spins.

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