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Fidget Spinner

Give your restless hands something to play with! Our Fidget Spinner has a ceramic ball bearing for the best spin, and a fun spinner is the perfect little gadget for when your hands need something to do!

Fidget Spinner - Fidget Spinner Black
Fidget Spinner Black
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Fidget Spinner - Fidget Spinner White
Fidget Spinner White
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

So fed !!

written by Mathias, 26/05/17

Probably the best fidget spinner I've tried :) it spun for 2 minutes in the slowest. Definitely worth the money!

Super Trading!

written by Annette, 12/06/17

Ordered 2 fidgets spinners with you. The one was unfortunately defective, but upon request, I received my money back for one and did not need to return. Unfortunately, you did not have a new fidgetspi... Read more

Shocky, if they work

written by Grubb, 12/06/17

These finesse spinners are fun to keep up with! I ordered two pieces. The one works well, but the other one turned out a lot worse. Is it best to buy these in store so you can try and see that they ar... Read more

Do not buy

written by Robin Andersson, 12/06/17

Bought 2 last week, only one of these worked at all. Bad quality and feeling in the one that actually worked compared to other fidgets spinners I used. Back to the one who did not work, it was complet... Read more

Bad spins

written by Audi, 13/06/17

Bad and noisy spinner. Pass it on to someone else. But you may get what you pay for. As pictured color.


written by Markus Bergum, 22/06/17

I was a bit surprised since I bought one of each. Those black spins great and like that for up to 3 minutes! But the white spider I bought spins only for less than 30 seconds, and hurts well so I was ... Read more

Spinning on

written by Fredrik, 28/06/17

I bought two pieces and one was more balanced than the other one. However, it seemed a while before the stocks "got started" but in any case, the best-balanced one now turns around 3 minutes... Read more


written by Mattias, 30/06/17

The kids became very happy, but there is no super quality. The center locks lock out a little too easily, and the three ball bearings in the periphery can slip out of something, when the spinner dries... Read more

As expected

written by EN, 09/07/17

The spiders were as expected. Center ball bearings were 100% ok and smooth. One of the outer ball bearings has been difficult to make it slip, even though it has been attempted.

Fun ... bought to avoid postage o packing.

written by TH, 10/01/18

Fun thing. Spins for a long time, meaning good ball bearings. I do not know how long it's supposed to spin.

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