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Fishing for Floaters Game

Do you stink at fishing? In this hilarious Fishing for Floaters game, you take a fishing rod and net to fish up plastic piles of poop that bob up and down on the water surface! Perfect for the bathtub, hotel pool and beach - simply put, it is lots of fun to fish out these cute poop piles!

Fishing for Floaters Game - Fishing for Floaters Game
Fishing for Floaters Game
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cool idea

written by Mia, 25/12/17

Cool idea, but really bad quality .... The hair was broken already at delivery and fishing tackle it was used 2 times before it broke.

Bad quality

written by S, 01/01/18

Cool idea but poor quality. The fishing rod dropped parts directly and the bajvarvar was badly wiped, they leaked water into them, making them not flow as they should.

Bajs who is a boy

written by Gunnar, 09/01/18

Okay, you're going to fish plastic bays with a throwing pole. Fun thing! You must have it! Or by the way, shit in it. This product does not only look like a pole (which it should be, so it's p... Read more

Fun for different ages.

written by Marie, 09/01/18

A fun game that employs different age groups. Cheap game and good quality. Fast delivery.

Literally some shit

written by Jeanette, 12/02/18

Fishing Floaters ..... Yes, they can not flow. And the hooks to go fishing fall off. So there is always something that's a network with. However, it should be sewn together first. But yes all thro... Read more


written by Gngr, 07/03/18

Fun game, but relatively poor quality, plastic fantastic. Works like something up to a maximum of $ 50

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