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Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets

Hey, you there! Close the fridge door! I'm melting in here! The Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets motivate you to save both energy and the environment!

Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets - Fridgezoo Penguin
Fridgezoo Penguin
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets - Fridgezoo Polar Bear
Fridgezoo Polar Bear
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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12 reviews

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written by Anette, 28/12/15

A cute and fun animals to have in the fridge with lots of lovely comments. Nice to be greeted by the morning! :)

A funny friend

written by IIA, 08/01/16

Yes bought a penguin to the fridge and think it's fun to talk to imaginary friend :-), especially in the morning, when it greets you s¨fort you open the fridge door :-)))))

Driiiit annoying ALL keep the refrigerator door closed

written by Bibni, 24/08/16

Fantastic irtiterende but fight cute! Says good morning and wish you a nice day. Fussy about that the door must be closed

Refrigerator animals ...

written by Andreas, 14/09/16

... I'm not just satisfied, I am thrilled with you. Delivery within 24 hours purchase on account, payment eternally long (should be feasible for everyone to pay his bill). EASY TOPP the company, t... Read more

refrigerator animal

written by Andreas, 03/11/16

Our refrigerator animal has felt right at home. I can only recommend, to have such a cute residents in the house. because it makes the same but much more fun to open the refrigerator when the evening ... Read more


written by Yogi 58 , 07/11/16

Just great fun. Unfortunately, in English. One should think about whether it is feasible to discuss the animals themselves

Little watchdog

written by Christine, 22/06/17

Our fridge sometimes stays ajar when closing. The little guy complains promptly, and you deliberately close the door completely.

Birthday order

written by D.h, 26/06/17

I am very satisfied with both things ordered. Was also delivered very fast. Shortly ordered a birthday .... and very quickly there. Super

Refrigerator animals are the blast

written by Knuffel, 30/08/17

My order of the "refrigerator animals" arrived by return post! Was super packed and with great hello the "little animals", a penguin (female voice,) and a bear, (male voice, but on... Read more

Just saying hello

written by Ger, 02/10/17

Has followed the settings. But it just says hello when you press the button. Otherwise, you are silence ....


written by Jessica , 13/12/17

I bought it because I forget to close the refrigerator right often so I thought it's a good reminder. Older polar bear talking to someone when you open the fridge and sometimes we answer back haha... Read more

Enervering and addictive

written by Janne, 05/04/18

Have an equal fixed an ice bear at home. And now I bought one for my sons then a penguin. It greets a little bit when you open the fridge and pepper one to drink and eat properly and are generally hap... Read more

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