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Fried Eggs in the Microwave Over - The Microegg

Make the perfect fried eggs in no time at all! The handy Microegg lets you fry eggs in the microwave over - it hardly takes a minute, you avoid all the fuzz of washing the frying pan and your eggs turn out super-tasty every time!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Not completely satisfied

written by Tompa, 07/03/17

The description is to be able to have two large eggs and make a scrambled. If you do it as half runs out and it gets very messy. Maximum one egg you get down into the holder. Although I lubricate the ... Read more

Quick and easy but messy

written by Bengt, 08/04/17

+ Great to be able to fix an egg in 1 minute if you're hungry rather lengthy frying / cooking. Becomes a turning fried egg. - Expensive. To add the two eggs are mentioned in the last review a good... Read more

Stir eggs in micron

written by Tormax58, 03/07/17

The product works. However, I think it's good with some lubricating type of butter or the like. I drove 1 minute and then the egg became a little dry. What surprised me, however, was that you mana... Read more

A fried egg on macka, is good ...

written by Drake..., 07/06/18

This silicone gear allows me to "crack an egg in it" ... & in with the silicone dish in micron (1 min) ... & there I have my macka with fried eggs ... (however, close not the silicon... Read more

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