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Frosty Freezer Mug

Freezer mug with hollow walls filled with a liquid that freezes to ice when the mug is placed in the freezer. Keep your drinks cold for longer!

Frosty Freezer Mug - Frosty Freezer Mug
Frosty Freezer Mug
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What is this?

cooling cup

written by S.Rudol, 28/05/13

Unfortunately, a disappointment after what I had read, I expected more. Despite the recommended time in the freezer the cup barely 10 minutes ice have kept cold. In addition, the cup from the outside ... Read more

Kylmuggen OWN !!!

written by Christel, 17/06/13

Kylmuggen is the best summer gift ever. A tip facing appreciated gift to enjoy. For both adults and children when all cold drinks are best :) Happy summer !! :)

Sublime !!!

written by Morten, 30/12/13

This is a great product :-) does not take long time to freeze the cup, and it cools down and keep drinks cold for long. Do not know if it will withstand being washed in a dishwasher, but I have used i... Read more

nice shopping

written by vilippu, 09/01/14

Nice thingy from a cold drink to enjoy in. Easy-to-use and fast-changing mug of cold drink.

Marvelous Mugs

written by Preben skjold, 28/07/14

I have great pleasure tested two cooling mug. It has done this blazing summer bearable. Both for me and the wife, and especially the neighbor have been thrilled. I have a few moments ago sent him a li... Read more


written by Charly_D, 17/11/14

Fast delivery! Good product o definitely affordable! Does the product work well and very useful when you want a very cold drink. However, be prepared that it may "sweat" a little, then it ca... Read more


written by Niels-Jakob , 05/01/15

I bought a cool mug, and are super happy with it. It works 100 percent. I enjoy drinking cold drinks, therefore, is the seat here mugs ideal. However, there is a single minus; design, but it is to sur... Read more

Good mug.

written by Kund, 23/02/15

Cruel! Good for all the drinks you want icy cold. Good to take out of the freezer and use the picnic on a hot summer day when the drink does not need to be refrigerated before.

Good gift idea, for him, especially

written by Kujis, 17/03/15

Came as a gift, the recipient was very happy. I bought two pints of varuiksi and are in heavy use, the second cooling down and the other beverage receptacle.

Cold beer!

written by Fredrik, 29/06/15

Surprisingly good cooling effect on beer and other tasks that need cold! After a day in the freezer kept the cup well into the evening with cold beer. Although the ice thawed, kept the water in the gl... Read more

cool Mug

written by jk, 22/07/15

Material and processing are reasonable for the price. And most importantly, they serve their purpose and keep the drinks cool schööönn when you had long enough in Getrierfach. All in all really please... Read more

The top

written by kvack, 23/11/15

Lovely to drink from and it keeps drinks super cold. Gave away a gift and it was really appreciated.

Super effective!

written by Badrys, 31/12/15

Love cups! Gave away two for Christmas and I retained. Very effective and really works! Your drinks are almost too cold at times it almost rushing on teeth ha ha! Really good for summer & delivery... Read more

Super effective!

written by Badrys, 31/12/15

Love cups! Gave away two for Christmas and I retained. Very effective and really works! Your drinks are almost too cold at times it almost rushing on teeth ha ha! Really good for summer & delivery... Read more

The beer stays cold, but ..

written by R, 01/01/16

The beer stays cold quite a long time. A pint could be a little bigger in order 0.33 beer mug fit properly. A pint of the edge is very sharp, so yelps must be taken with caution. However, to run a bus... Read more


written by Jessica, 04/01/16

They work well, but feels very plastiga, has bought other kylmuggar before with similar price not felt plastiga.

3 for 2

written by Erik, 08/02/16

Kjølekrusene was barely funny enough the. However, In the ad it said pay for 2 and get 3 I got only two in the mail. I do not even bother to follow up with complaints ...


written by Miika, 29/02/16

Top Game, a long time will remain even if the beer kylymänä bench enjoys. The only bad thing that I've consumption increased again ... :-)

Did not respond the same as the picture!

written by Berat Hoti, 06/04/16

Did not respond the same as the picture! I hope you will then be useful for future use .. yes thinking twice before space because I'm too lazy to go apalauttaan anything.


written by Z, 12/04/16

Really cool and stylish kylmugg. Will be used to 30årspresent. Good and cheap price and fast shipping!

Fun thing

written by Drinkaren , 20/04/16

Bought three copies, and they immediately tried. Their function works well, it cools the content without the need to have the ice cubes that blaskar to content. A minus is that they do not feel as fun... Read more

cold mugs

written by Lord Mark, 09/09/16

My six-pack mugs to its name Coolstuff. Keeps the cold long and well. Recommended purchase. Only minus is that they must be completely dry when you put them in the freezer to avoid wet once you use th... Read more


written by Kexet, 12/12/16

The idea is good, and certainly, the drink stays cold without becoming watery so that way it keeps its promises. But the cup feels very plasticky and ungainly to hold and tricky to drink from, you fee... Read more

chilly founded ..

written by Fredrik, 14/12/16

ideal to have reached really cold to drink .. now expected only on hot summer days for the true test .. agile for his size and completely perfect when a dry throat should be moistened

often used

written by Anna, 10/03/17

My husband loves it. The handle is a little narrow to hold but otherwise perfect. The first thing I ordered vase broken but Coolstuff was very fast and I got a new one within a few days.

Very good, but ...

written by JT, 17/04/17

Good mugs retains the cold and cools your drinks very quickly! But one of my break was when I got them, so had to throw it away! A bit boring! Otherwise, the top!

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