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Frozzypack Lunch Box

After ten hours in the freezer, these cooling lunch boxes are ready to stay cold for seven hours. This means fresh lunch boxes every day. Perfect for picnics, the beach or any other adventure at all.

Frozzypack Lunch Box - Pink
82 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Frozzypack Lunch Box - Blue
83 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Frozzypack Lunch Box - Green
84 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by sipe, 21/05/13

Really nice, for example, bussimatkoilla.kuljen a lot of bus and lunch remain comfortably cool. Can take more than suolamakkaraa.HYVÄ


written by Silje, 27/05/13

The product works ok, but I had certainly not envisioned such a heavy lid! The box could be a bit deeper since the cap takes as much space! Eg space for a normal little yogurt box! Somehow it does not... Read more

Genial matboks-;)

written by Anett, 01/07/13

My husband thinks this is 'the year best buy' ... NIST I lubricates to him on morran is just as good and fresh throughout the workday! Nista summer gets hot and stuffy, BUT not anymore, after ... Read more

too heavy

written by Marianne, 01/07/13

Too heavy. The cooling element weighs a lot more than you think ... You will not put a leaden lunchbox Oppi schoolbag a small 1.klassing ... Pity, since the size of the box was fine.

Optional cap.

written by Tom, 10/07/13

Either the food already frozen and need no ice pack, or you must have food in something else while the cap is in the freezer. Without the expensive extra cover that is. Buy a small cooler bag instead ... Read more

Super lunchbox.

written by Marie, 12/08/13

Finally one lunch box that can keep the food cold and appetizing, to be eaten. The lid makes lunchbox pretty heavy, so why not the last star.

Express service

written by MikkelG, 13/08/13

Thank you for fast delivery of delicious food box, which fits perfectly with the school bag. It's nice to have a supplier who can deliver quickly !!!


written by FT, 26/08/13

Lunchboxes live up to our expectations. Delivery and website was fast and good - not the last time we visit the website.

perfect lunchbox

written by Rene, 02/09/13

This lunch box is just perfect. My boy of 7 years has it to school, and children in the age of not exactly taken the lunch box out of the bag and in the fridge. But with frozzypack can stay all day, a... Read more

Keeping food fresh

written by TC, 11/09/13

Kjempefin lunchbox that keep food fresh! Suitable for 2 hattingrundstykker el 3 slices of bread. Wish box was a bit deeper so that it could accommodate a yogurt, or very satisfied.

as expected,

written by Camilla, 11/10/13

The product was as expected. It is super well, and indispensable with a lunch box, which can hold one's food nice and cold!

good idea

written by Julchen, 14/11/13

The box is relatively heavy but keeps things really cool, so it meets the expectations absolutely. For hiking I would take them because of the weight but not necessarily for the lunch snack is super.

Cooing lunchboxes !!

written by henriette, 16/05/14

These boxes keeps food cold all day at school or at work. They have plenty of space (bought 0.9) recommended :)))

Lunchbox with cool formal meant

written by Åse, 18/08/14

I find it hard and get on and off lokket.barnebarnet who would use the inability to open the

fair enough

written by fag, 20/08/14

A nice size on this lunchbox. It is, however, a little heavy, because the cooling disc. Works fine, if one remembers to take it in a plastic bag or similar, because much "dew".

Good product - super fast delivery

written by Maria, 22/09/14

Lunchbox with kyllock met all expectations. Perhaps it is a bit heavy, but it works well. The price is quite high, but we are happy anyway. The most surprising was the extremely fast delivery that was... Read more

Frozzypack - Lunchbox with cooler

written by Arlene, 23/09/14

A product I can recommend. Our son uses these in school to their food. A food that stays without cheese sweats. Emphasis is not denying that klassekammeratene wishes accordingly. The overall impressio... Read more

Do as promised, but not quite close

written by khaiern, 14/10/14

Was looking for a box that could handle a salad and div. leftovers that could be involved in the studies. Ended up with this and think it is fair. Had hoped it would be entirely taken as there may be ... Read more

The boxes are too small

written by AL, 18/10/14

The boxes are too small for usual packed lunch for school lunches. No room for a proper sandwich plus fruit. Dei are fair to order storage but not in lieu of lunch boxer

Good thing!

written by Helena, 10/11/14

Works great! A little heavy, but it must be on the ice in the lid. Great gift for anyone who needs to keep food cold for several hours. :)


written by Makmaz, 23/12/14

Fat grajjor, mecket smooth and smsrt lunch box. Just be aware that it weighs around 400g, do not disturb me anyway


written by Slambert, 26/12/14

Sent the product back as targets on food box was the exterior and so I could not use it, but otherwise I think the product is ok

I bought another

written by Jeiii, 27/04/15

I bought this for yourself in the past and now I bought another gift. A handy box containing a picnic lunch stays cold day. Deep enough, so the inside can be easily stored and what it is.

Cool product

written by Hesketh, 30/04/15

Precise what I had hoped for - lovely cold lunches. The lunchbox is pretty good in size, and the lid can easily store in the freezer, so it's ready when you need them. It's a good idea to buy ... Read more


written by Aina, 02/05/15

Keeps light food cold from 06:00 until lunchtime, was what I was looking for, so this gets the thumbs up from me!

Through opening

written by Stine, 06/05/15

I bought one for my daughter because they do not have a refrigerator at her school, and I must therefore admit that it is very difficult to open by children's fingers. I can hardly even get the li... Read more


written by Helene, 17/07/17

It works and keeps cold, but it's very small, the lid fills a part and the lid is frost safe so the food down the box does not freeze - it does everything that is next to it's advent: /

Super mat box, but a bit crowned lid

written by Maya, 07/09/17

The food box keeps the food cold and the user is very satisfied. There are only 2 minuses - the lid is a little frightened to open and the food box becomes quite heavy. Good place for 3 slices of home... Read more

Best food box!

written by Heidi, 22/09/17

The kids do not manage without this, keep the food cold and good long! Long durability, even after many rounds in the dishwasher.

Very happy until it burst in the edge

written by Linda, 11/10/17

Be very satisfied with the food box because it cooled very well and made the bread slice fresh. Unfortunately, after a short while it broke down the edge of the box itself and then lost most of the co... Read more

Poor quality of the food box

written by Tess, 15/01/18

Nice and convenient food box. Keep the food cold. The downside is that the box itself (except the lid) is very thin. My was broken already on day one. It is tedious to get on the lid, I think that&#39... Read more


written by My, 31/08/18

Had really hoped this was a food box that kept words. Would probably have heard of the experiences published earlier. Disappointed, this mat box was way too heavy and difficult and open to both adults... Read more

Finally, the mat box becomes empty

written by Camilla, 06/09/18

Have struggled with the children having returned home with full food boxes after school ends .. they complain that the food does not set off when it's sweaty and room-tempered .. this was the solu... Read more

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