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Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff-is a powder that turns ordinary water into brightly coloured slime! Super cool!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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25 reviews

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What is this?


written by Teffe, 27/12/13

It takes a while after you poured the powder until it becomes a cozy slimy goo to play in. The kids and I loved it !!!!

Funny thing!

written by Carro, 11/01/14

As already said, it becomes not so much if you want a really thick but it did nothing, I think. The daughter thought it was scary and uncomfortable (about 3 years gammmal). I thought it was crap cool.... Read more


written by Chrissy, 21/01/14

Very popular! The kids thought it was a blast! Minstemann was intrigued, but found samtidid it was a bit disgusting

Cute fun!

written by Sandra G., 23/06/14

In advertising seen and tried. Who is water saver, but you should leave it alone ...; -) ... According to the description it takes for a bag 30 liters of water and the same amount again to dissolve th... Read more

works well

written by Tine, 22/09/14

The first stage works fine. Maybe a little info on how much water can be added and how long it works? What should dissolve the powder does not work well


written by Kristin, 27/10/14

Works fight well, is fun for the kids and dissolves completely fine again with the powder. at worst leave it with some water.

Fantastic fun and ingenious Christmas present for all the children!

written by Fornøyde kunder! , 27/11/14

This worked beyond all expectations! we started out gently with little water in the bath, but had to actually fill up with more water gradually. Great joy to the children both in the "jelly"... Read more

Real fun for kids

written by Victory, 11/12/14

Kids loved it! Could swim long in it, as the heat in the mucus was well saved. No residues in the tub. Was difficulty to obtain the sprayed out of the tub away mucus.

Slajm bath

written by Linda W, 05/01/15

The second time I order Gelli bath. Took the opportunity to order for my daughter's cousins, when it became so crowded in the bath at home when everyone wanted slajm swim :). Is very pleased with ... Read more

Fun to give away as gifts.

written by BootcampEllen, 12/03/15

We thought it would be geggamojja but ist became thousands of small gravel goo dots. My kids thought it was unpleasant and not at all funny. They refused to swim in it. While we gave it away as a gift... Read more


written by Nilla, 10/06/15

Funny thing for children to play with the baby Too bad it does not say anywhere about how much water to have for each bag. Goes to the many bags if you meant to fill a bathtub. Colourful water without... Read more

Do not use in the tub

written by Ingerun, 06/08/15

The kids thought it was great fun, but unfortunately there was a total peak in the drain to the bathtub. If you are satisfied with foot bath in a bucket, it is fine!

super product

written by T. Faust, 23/09/15

Sau geil that stuff. Makes a really solid, heavy and slippery mucus. Power to the children a lot of fun


written by Mikaela, 27/11/15

really fun for the kids most of the color's sake :) little disgusting consistency: P but as I said they are the children who will enjoy it .. easy to get away from the bath powders work just like ... Read more


written by birger, 07/12/15

Spontaneously Buy. But the kids were talking about it for weeks afterwards .... Ordered another dose. .

cool thing

written by allo, 10/12/15

my 5 year old daughter who loves SVT children's 'labyrinth' of Daedalus and his slim tanks can not stop smiling about this invention !!

As described

written by Helene, 28/12/15

2nd time I buy it here - works exactly as described and my son had so much fun out of it - package calendar biggest hit! (Info to others: a packet makes a good base in a normal-size bathtub -, fill mo... Read more


written by Ferineus, 30/12/15

less effect when mucus actually rather soft-grained, the dissolution had not almost. encountered under faithful application. The kids want it a second time.


written by Jämtland76, 04/01/16

This year's Christmas gift. The children were completely satisfied. can highly recommend this to anyone with children who like Labyrinth.


written by Anne, 21/01/16

The kid on 3 stoooorkoste in the bath with this green Gugger .. so we are going to book this again! and it was easy to transform "water" back again by pouring in the white powder that came w... Read more

Gelli BAFF

written by Lilit, 25/03/16

Super happy 'children and parents. Z went to save a few more days in the bathtub, as soon as the children came home from school, jumped into the bath. Large thanks !!!! Strong recommend if you wan... Read more


written by ElinTF , 29/03/16

... Do not know if I did something wrong but was not going to work very well. Was just a mess and not very viscous, despite very limited water in the bathtub. Looked better on the picture. However, I ... Read more

Great entertainment for the little ones

written by Superskurk, 26/04/16

This was fun for little ones! Note that there may be a point to calculate the two packets to a bathtub; a package is not enough for so much more than ankle high water in the bath. Enjoy!

Bath slime

written by vivian, 19/05/16

Even for older children a fun. Unfortunately not very Surrender. You have quite a few packages allow to sit in water. With 2 children in the water, Ooops I meant in the mucus we used 5 packs. Still a ... Read more


written by harry, 27/06/16

good fun stuff that the kids enjoyed themselves with. was both disgusting but fun at the same time. now it's just getting to try several types.

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