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Giant Inflatable Heart

What says "I love you" better than a huge, red heart? Perfect to give to your soulmate on Valentine's day, or if you're single, why not take a giant inflatable heart to the pub for maximum attention?

Giant Inflatable Heart - Giant Inflatable Heart
Giant Inflatable Heart
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Top Heart

written by Ludwig Sörmlind, 10/02/14

This inflatable heart was actually meant to be a Valentine's Day present but I could not keep me so long, but gave it to my dear wife a couple of days early. The reaction and facial expression was... Read more

huge Hearts

written by Gitte, 15/02/14

I bought 2 beautiful red giant hearts. I would use them for window decoration up to Valentine's Day and it was really good.


written by Nöjd kund, 21/02/14

Has long been looking for stuff and finally I got hit here. This is the best thing to give to his beloved. And the reaction will probably not be long, may I promise. It now stands in the living room a... Read more


written by Malin, 24/02/14

Much bigger than I thought, but was very appreciated by her boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Fine red color.

Perfect Valentine's Day Gift!

written by Hank, 28/02/14

Met up his girlfriend at Central Station with this in her arms, appreciated by both her and the surroundings. The heart is bigger than you think, which is positive, but expect to need 20 minutes to bl... Read more

Beautiful Inflatable Heart

written by J-Lin, 03/03/14

Have a gift from my girlfriend for Valentine's Day this inflatable heart. Through the small valve, it takes about 5-10 minutes until it is inflated. But that is no problem. With an air pump certai... Read more

Freßdorf Manfred

written by Manfred, 26/06/14

When I had seen the Inflatable Heart in Cool Stuff, I thought that would be a great surprise for my wife. And that was it, she was happy about it. with a bit of exercise you can inflate the heart so i... Read more


written by Kathrin, 08/11/14

I wanted to surprise my friend on the anniversary order. I had read that you get it up blow in 10 minutes. I would have in the time in which he is showering, can create. But nothing was .... it does n... Read more

Big heart, big impact

written by Austin, 09/02/15

Versatile ... best it can, however, inflate using a small compressor (as it exists, for example, air beds - it does out of the car for the spare wheel well!). Unless you have a float lung :-)

Cardiac broken

written by Maria, 18/02/15

Damaged during delivery, the heart was leaking air and never went to use. It was obviously a disappointment for my daughter who ordered this.

Tears in inflatable heart

written by Linn, 19/02/15

When I received my product was 4 long rifts in it. So it could not be used! Was very sorry, but wealth happened on the journey.


written by bnielsen, 23/02/15

Fun gimmick which was a hit among the boyfriend for Valentines Day. Is not recommended to blow up with the "mouth", it may contain much air, but with a mattress pumping it was very manageabl... Read more

Big heart to my heart.

written by Martin E, 24/02/15

Cannon nice heart is much bigger than what I thought. It was a gift for my wife on Valentine's Day. Even our 1: age find it fun to play with. A small minus was that it was ill severe blow up. But ... Read more

was appreciated

written by Kalle, 24/02/15

I bought this for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day along with others. It was appreciated and very good but shit what it took time to blow it up, did not think it would be so big. except that it w... Read more


written by Frida, 24/02/15

Wonderful dissolvable mega big heart :) awesome but tough o inflate;) produce bicycle pump know yes;)

Faster than fast (French = Grand Vitesse).

written by Bigge Bison., 27/02/15

Barely have time down to the mailbox when ordering from Coolstuff.Smidigt, fast, säkert.Kan only recommend 100%.

There is a big

written by Jane, 24/08/15

That, yes really nothing to do, but it is massive! Went to meet oneself time to bring a lot more than 10min. Actually had to do it in several occasions since the beginning of the nerves went. So I rec... Read more

surprisingly large

written by Gavemannen, 31/08/15

It's really big, so far as it comes through the door. Held on to perish when I was going to blow it up. Has not been any looser for 2 weeks so it keeps well in the air and it is sturdy enough to b... Read more


written by LDA, 15/02/16

Much bigger than I thought it would be, took me two days to blow it up by hand (mouth) but easily worth it ^^


written by Svenja, 22/02/16

The giant heart came to super for Valentines Day. Dignity but to inflate definitely an air pump and a little time to plan ... and place as it is really huge;)

Gigantic Heart

written by Annika , 22/02/16

A very fun and appreciated all hearts gift. But works natural wise always give to someone that is desired to körlek

Full of holes

written by Sanna, 25/02/16

Got a heart that was torn and full of holes. Shit Sad for the whole family because it was the day before Valentine's Day.

Gigantic romantic heart

written by Josefine, 26/02/16

Bought this Heart for Valentine's Day. Besides that it is a bit difficult to blow up the cool and big, very big. Was a popular courtship.

Great Satan

written by Ville, 26/02/16

Would recommend a pump. Blew up my hand and it was on the border that passed towards the end. Otherwise it is good


written by Ingela, 26/02/16

A lovely heart admittedly need giant lungs or a compressor for inflating. But it's worth it. It will always have its place. You will be glad of it.


written by Peter, 28/02/16

The heart was full satisfaction. Recommended! Just be aware that it contains much air as a compressor is strongly recommended to blow it up.

Super fat heart

written by TZ, 31/03/16

Mega fat heart, but hold up it was hard to breathe up. Unable to use a mattress pump. Can be recommended.

It was good!

written by Discuss, 16/05/16

We thought profukten we received was very good and fast delivery actually :) The product was good and there was nothing wrong with it.

Very beautiful!

written by Max Na, 01/07/16

The Giant Heart was great for a wedding! Good quality and good price! Shipping was fast and flawless!


written by Johan, 14/02/17

Bought this heart to surprise the wife, kept on and pump it today, after about 1 hour of pumping, I thought "what the f * n, it will never be finished," so I started to look a little closer ... Read more


written by Andrea, 28/02/17

Not at all satisfied when the heart was broken when I got it home so never managed to blow it up and surprise my boyfriend

Good but difficult

written by Dotter, 08/05/17

Gave heart to my mother who was super happy! However, the heavy shit blowing up. Takes at least one hour.

Happily surprised

written by Ronja, 06/11/17

Really good product! It was, however, much bigger than I thought so I was pleasantly surprised! Recommend this to you who will do something nice for a partner or family member!

Great hearts !!!

written by Markus Mayer, 13/03/18

Since I did not know how good the quality of the inflatable giant hearts is and to avoid a catastrophe on Valentine's Day, I had ordered two hearts (one for replacement). The hearts can be inflate... Read more

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