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24K Gold Rose

If gold and roses are symbols of love, a rose plated with 24K gold must be the ultimate gift of love! The gold rose comes in a beautiful box on a bed of black satin cloth. Life should be like a dance on golden roses!

24K Gold Rose - Gold Rose
Gold Rose
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Very stylish

written by Lord Lundahl, 24/11/16

Nice and solid rose that was appreciated enormously. Fine gilding with much of the indigenous textures remain. Very nice box that highlights the rose that little extra. Will diminish the high quality


written by Alice nielsen, 12/12/16

The wife was satisfied with the rose so it's perfect here. So it is a gift that can be used and stored for many years

fine rose

written by Peter D, 02/01/17

Want to start by saying that the staff at Cool stuff takes care of itself exemplary! had a small problem with the rose I bought but they solved the same day! a beautiful rose that was estimated with t... Read more

Very fine rose but ...

written by Chris, 13/02/17

I bought roses for my girlfriend as a surprise. The surprised too but it had some small shred of gold which was about to pop off at the rose petals. Therefore get the 3 stars and not 5

Beautiful and longer than promised

written by Simon, 15/02/17

Very nice rose that her boyfriend was very happy. The icing on the cake was that the actual measured throughout 30 cm, almost too big for the box.

A beautiful flower

written by Farshad , 28/02/17

It lives up to my expectations, very beautiful flower that makes all women happy doubtless

Fed rose!

written by Jesper, 28/02/17

It's a really bold rose. Unfortunately, there are some black (some) burned on the gold, on the top of the rose. I think that certainly is not in order for a product to nearly 500 kr.

Would surprise his wife on Valentine's Day

written by Kasper , 01/03/17

It was she certainly when she opened the gennemtæsket box with a scratched and bent piece of transparent plastic taped to the inside - which then contained a musty gold rose .... which had spread to &... Read more


written by Lana, 27/04/17

Put time and thought, What should I buy for mom for her birthday. Googled and came up with a lot of suggestions, then suddenly appeared Ideen up. Mom loves bloomor, so then when I saw this, I thought ... Read more


written by Walle, 11/05/17

Perfect gift to give away and which is unbelievably appreciated! Beautifully packed in black sidentyg. Highly recommended!

Perfect !!

written by Said, 12/05/17

It was perfect! It was a birthday present for my boyfriend. Very nice rose, quite straight and beautiful flower, not a single injury or flip is broken off as some have experienced. Like the flower has... Read more

Is not as good as expected.

written by Jonas, 16/05/17

It did not live up to my expectations. The rose itself was okay nice. However, at the bottom of the stem there was a bald little gold :-( The box itself was quite terrible, bulged and dirty. So a litt... Read more

Bob Bob ..

written by Mille , 25/05/17

All in all, the rose seemed fine. Bought it in Mother's Day's Gift, and my girlfriend's mother liked it. Just 100% sure it's not gold. (I interviewed my local jeweler). - when I receiv... Read more

To my beloved aunt

written by MacGreenWhite, 12/06/17

This rose is so worthy of everything she has done! Without you I would not have been anything. "Gold is big Something you deserved Mine when you opened the package A big smile heart opened up thi... Read more

Rose never rotting.

written by Thomas, 12/06/17

Quick order. Really nice praise that was much appreciated by cohabitation. Nice packaging to store it in. Legal price.

Very happy

written by Biiina , 21/06/17

Bought the rose for a colleague who retired, she was so happy and I then, Jaaaa for the rose is incredibly nice. Highly recommended!

Nice and well-made!

written by Henke, 03/07/17

My praise went to my wonderful girl. She was in shock, really something different. 5 a 5 star absolutely!


written by Eiad malab, 26/07/17

It suits me very well as a gift myself bought it for my best friend engagement I recomend it

Perfect gift

written by Kai, 14/08/17

The rose was great, however, a post-it with the text gold rose on the wrapped package was destroying the surprise. Mentioned this earlier to customer service.

The top

written by Karl, 18/09/17

Very pleased with the order! Fast delivery and top product! Will of course order more from you in the future, thank you very much!

24k gold rose

written by Elias, 17/10/17

Super fast delivery. It came home to me and not to the post! Nice touch but also excellent package. Would say that coolstuff is the optimal gift buyer!

A product that breathes quality !!

written by Daniel81, 09/12/17

Be a little skeptical to trade this product, did not really know how it would handle its mail and possibly break somewhere and vice versa - but after I got the item in hand, I changed my opinion .... ... Read more

Incredibly nice

written by M.A, 25/12/17

The lady got it on a wedding anniversary and loved it just. Great delivery in just 3 days at Christmas.


written by ss, 16/01/18

The top and a perfect perfect gift for the one that means a lot for one. Hope I will get more people in my area as I come and be able to give such a present.

Long shipping time

written by EssVe, 30/01/18

Nice praise but it took a lot longer than the 1-day delivery time according to the website. Get it first after 7 days. It is Postnord that lives up to its grassy reputation as usual. However sad becau... Read more

gold Rose

written by Anonym, 02/02/18

Nice and stylish rose but it was broken on arrival, feels like it's easy to break. Not at all good quality. The box was dirty and sticky. Not satisfied.

Good quality except one thing

written by GEN X, 09/02/18

The rose is of fine quality except that one who praised on one side, looked like something corrosive. Contacted cool stuff and offered to replace it.

Very good service

written by Dempa, 10/02/18

Nice praise, I gave it to my partner who was really happy. Stylish and smart gift that goes home in all weather !! But have to praise delivery time, it was the fastest I've been to! I ordered the ... Read more


written by Öbo, 22/02/18

Fast delivery and the goods matched my expectations. Ps: A little tip why not create one in silver as well. Thank you in advance

Best Valentine Gift !!

written by Kenna, 22/02/18

Appearance in the description and on picture / video was absolutely accurate. It was pretty nice, a little less than I imagined but it does not matter.

It was too expensive to be dirty box.

written by Kristoffer, 22/02/18

A little embarrassed to ji it to the wife when the box was dirty .. Otherwise it was okay

Is quite happy

written by Kent, 24/02/18

The rose is in a pretty good quality, it comes nicely wrapped and looks amazing when you first open it. It's heavy and sturdy so it can withstand a little pace before it gets destroyed. All I'... Read more

Missing delivery

written by Ausa, 27/02/18

The Gold Rose was a Valentine's Gift! Was ordered in very good time - delivery time 2-3 days. The product was never delivered to me !!

Set like a smack!

written by Markus, 28/02/18

Fitted perfectly to give away as 20 years of gift, something one can have forever reminding one to put gold edges in everyday life. Super pleased

Gold worth ;)

written by Linkan, 02/03/18

The rose, which I had imagined, very nice and durable to be a praise

She became happy

written by Brian , 08/03/18

Gold rose

24 k rose

written by JJ, 12/03/18

Very appreciated and a little unusual gift that stands out in the future. The hardest thing is just to find an equally nice storage space for the rose the rose is. Estimated if it fans a nice vase or ... Read more

Fast delivery and fine quality

written by Andreas, 12/03/18

Highly recommended. The product is very luxurious and is of high quality, as well as the delivery when the product came after only 2 days

Not in good condition

written by Jonanan, 14/03/18

Unfortunately not as expected. The package was creepy and the plastic in front of it was depressed as if it had become wet. The rose had large green spots in several places. So any gift will not be th... Read more

Worth it

written by Andreas, 02/04/18

The rose was pretty and in the midst of the flash as a birthday gift to the lady, it came in a box of black satin, which makes it an elegant touch. Read on a previous review that a rose was not comple... Read more

Very beautiful

written by Helena, 17/04/18

The rose was very beautiful, came in a nice box with a small certificate. It was well packed and I will definitely buy it more times and recommend it to others :)

Beautiful praise

written by Smeknamn, 18/04/18

The rose amazing but the packaging felt B - hence minus 1 star ⭐️ Type ingrott dust, bucklig o billig. But the content was top

gold rose

written by kim, 09/05/18

Beautifully packed into a beautiful box. nice rose very beautiful and the wife was very happy can highly recommend it

Birthday surprise succeeded!

written by Lothar Weiser , 29/05/18

The rose is very noble and exceeds all expectations. The perfect gift for someone you love.

So great

written by A.G, 27/08/18

A nice gift that was right in the closet :-) The box could be a bit better, so you did not feel the rose should be squeezed into it.

Nice product but ....

written by KJ, 17/09/18

The black cardboard feels cheap and smells bad, had to be weathered a few days before I could give the gift. As usual, fast delivery from coolstuff =)

Gold rose

written by Tim, 18/09/18

A very nice rose and comes in a really elegant box. My wife was really happy! Highly recommend giving this as a spontaneous gift! A gift you will never forget.

Very happy

written by Claes, 19/09/18

Bought this after returning a cheaper variant purchased elsewhere. Expectations were not directly high, but were GRAYLY IMPOSED. This was genuine, not like the plastic kit I bought earlier. The weight... Read more

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