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Goodie Gusher Candy Game

The Goodie Gusher Candy Game is a festively cool alternative to the fishing pond and piñata! Fill the game with candy and take turns at drawing keys from the container, one of them is magic and gets the candy to spill out! For 2-15 players, the game can be reused - perfect for children’s parties!

Goodie Gusher Candy Game - Candy game Blue
Candy game Blue
77 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Goodie Gusher Candy Game - Candy game pink
Candy game pink
76 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Goodie Gusher

written by PDJ, 23/06/17

Goodie Gusher keeps what it promises. Can be replenished again and again, however, the lick must be small to be in the container. The design works but it is hard for the cardboard to hold the keys nic... Read more

Cheers among the kids

written by Anna, 09/07/17

The kids thought it was very exciting! Because we forgot to remove the security bar he also almost all the keys were pulled before we got it and the candy dropped on the hill :)

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