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Google Cardboard: VR Black Box

Eyeglasses that turn the present to the future, 2D to 3D and your mobile telephone in to a virtual reality monitor!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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18 reviews

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What is this?

Cost gateway drug into the VR world :)

written by Eric, 19/10/15

Power technology which can provide fun to play with it and see. I will now definitely buy myself a proper VR goggles.

Nice (test) toy

written by Joulupukki, 16/11/15

This is not something you bother to wear over time. Downloaded a couple VP apps and tested, but it is likely it. It was a whole new experience. Exciting it was too. Can not wait until you can begin to... Read more

Poor quality.

written by Mikkel, 30/11/15

There is glue on the "lens" of my version, so it is hard to see through them. The phone sits very badly stuck and the small Velcro pieces were glued only half real.


written by Roar , 06/12/15

Disregarding that it is currently poorly with applications to this effect was hilarious. The product itself was disappointing. At first I tried to understand installation instructions that ultimately ... Read more

For poor quality

written by Jens, 12/12/15

It's cheap, but maybe too cheap. They broke almost immediately and is almost impossible to use. Fits bad. To throw out unfortunately. Buy some better and for a little more money.

WR Black Box

written by Oms, 17/12/15

Worst thing! Falling down type continuously. The lenses that are in the box falls to the side all the time so they get angry just to touch it. Costs 50kr but was 98 due to expensive shipping.

You get what you pay for

written by Frederik, 25/12/15

Fun product. A little hard to pick out from the instructions that came with (well we have youtube). You quickly get tired of it, but what can you expect. All in all a fun little thing that is obvious ... Read more

Google cardboard

written by Fredrik, 25/12/15

Köp inte! Detta var den dyraste paffbit jag köppt. Köp vr glasögon som är för att gjorda fungera typ homido eller dylikt.

Cheap pleasure!

written by Kund, 25/12/15

For cost 50: - so it is affordable! Was a fun Christmas gift which was appreciated by many. The only thing that may be helpful to keep in mind is that if you have a mobile of the larger model, it'... Read more


written by Hemsida på en dag, 25/02/16

Unfortunately, very poor quality of these glasses is not fixed so it is difficult to get good focus on your phone, there's no trap neck as the other versions and it is incredibly thin cardboard an... Read more

Not the original Cardboar :(

written by Niklas, 07/03/16

Unfortunately that is not the original Google Cardboard with "button", which is difficult to make in the original app to navigate. In addition, a QR CODE missing which could load another, ta... Read more


written by Veza, 01/04/16

stacking of boxes is very difficult, according to the instructions is not part of these pile up, the package has a few folds, except for the already-assembled so you might want to think about a bit an... Read more

Curious of VR?

written by Andreas Lindqvist, 16/04/16

I bought this to test out the VR on the cheapest way, then I have something hungry for Occulus Rift or HTC vive. VR experience: Impressive for something so simple. I tested with my iPhone 6s Plus. Syn... Read more

This s not Goole cardboard

written by Sverre, 28/04/16

This is a replica of google cardboard, not the real, kavlitenen is not the most, and manger also button that is on the side of the real, <a href= " Read more

Pretty good after calibration (LINK QR code)

written by A, 13/05/16

Definitely worth it for the price! There are no hours of VR gaming, but it&#39;s a fun demo for those who have not tried Vive / Occulus. Recommended :) NOTE: It is not included QR code for calibrating... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Moa, 07/06/16

Worth the money to get an experience of virtual reality. It was difficult to assemble when the instructions were not very clear, but it went to the final. To the are no controls or the like, and then ... Read more

Requires crafts, but it works.

written by Aino, 16/06/16

Do not attempt to assemble the product as instructed on the package, because it is actually already pre-assembled, folded up only &quot;vertically&quot;. partition from the eyes was so poorly bonded, ... Read more


written by Håkki, 24/08/16

Very fun, but does not work on most Google Cardboard apps, due to lack of magnet button on the side

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