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Grow Your Own Chillies

The world's hottest chilli pepper is on everyone's lips, and perhaps on your window sill. Grow chillies and invite your friends to a dish that is certain to burn in memory!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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12 reviews

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What is this?

Grows very slow

written by Nititorn , 02/06/14

Not recommended, because it takes a long time to grow. It's been 2 weeks now but nothing has come up :)


written by Øyvind, 28/07/14

Here sprouts and grows there. Can not wait to plant Morugaen in large pot; ) Have tasted moruga before and I am really looking forward to taste this.


written by Patrik, 03/09/14

Grows well in his jar. Be prepared to take time, but if you read on a bit before about growing chillies it is no surprise that it does not grow like weeds.

Very bad.!

written by Søren, 25/01/15

I did exactly what was written in the manual, but there has not come any chili plant up.! I am very disappointed with the product.!

So awesome

written by Katta, 05/03/15

Giant pungent plants. And it takes quite incredible

Super cool

written by Karina, 25/05/15

Fast delivery - and my chili plants germinates now. Looking forward to taste them. Can highly recommend using cool stuff!

Slow but affordable

written by David, 03/06/15

I got up 6 plants out of a can. As they got bigger I throw them away because I did not have enough large pots. Today I have one left - a towering 80 cm. After a year of aborted flowers, I finally got ... Read more

Great gift Kindeen

written by Susanne, 07/12/15

A very great website with very interesting gift ideas for every man and woman. I did not know what I should buy, I ended up on this site and have promptly found something. still need arise Chili plant... Read more

Moruga Scorpion

written by _MVF_, 12/01/16

Very fun o see how it starts to grow! After 2 weeks it came up eight small plants. I watered through the jar, put it in a plastic bag which I blew up and sealed at the top with a rubber band. Becomes ... Read more

Waste of money

written by Maria, 28/02/17

Bought a lot of these chillies, followed to the letter what was one to do. Of all of them came to germinate in 2 which, after about two weeks Went away. They have been kept fugtigte, heat, and got uv ... Read more

7 germinate from the same can!

written by Andreas Sten Hansen, 18/05/17

Consider starting watering in spring / early summer, even if they stand. When the first sprouts come up, MASSES OF SOLLYS! Purchased the plant in December and waited to start the process until mid Apr... Read more


written by Sacha , 01/09/17

It has not grown and has done exactly as described. Wasted money .... sour! Would not recommend buying this product ..

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