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Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Inside the Grow Your Own Mushrooms kit, your mushroom will flourish at least as well as it does in the forest. Cultivate mushrooms at home and taste a delicacy that is much tastier than the canned mushrooms you would otherwise settle for!

Grow Your Own Mushrooms - Grey Oyster Mushrooms
Grey Oyster Mushrooms
38 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Grow Your Own Mushrooms - Yellow Oyster Mushrooms
Yellow Oyster Mushrooms
68 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Grow Your Own Mushrooms - 2-pack Grey & Yellow
2-pack Grey & Yellow
95 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by Sofia, 28/12/15

Was this year's Christmas gift to his partner and sister. Much appreciated but no one has tested it yet, will have to wait a few more months. But mushrooms intoxication is really fun idea! Sure to... Read more

Lovely Christmas gift which was appreciated

written by Fredrik , 02/01/16

Very fun and hope it works as well as it says in the description. Only the best until the summer so it will probably mushroom

Fun idea!

written by Maria, 09/05/16

Fast delivery as always. Fun Idea with mushroom houses. Bought two varieties and it was easy to start running the culture with the enclosed instructions. Soon, two weeks passed and we can see a clear ... Read more

Cool idea

written by Marinuschka, 16/05/16

I have the mushroom house of a friend paid, she was very happy! Cool idea, what can I say! Whether also grows what, I do not know ...

Observe the expiry date, and have a growing interest (and patience)

written by Linda, 29/08/16

It is not the product details on this page but the mushroom house has an expiry date and should further mycelia were stored in the refrigerator! So should you give away mushroom house as a gift, you s... Read more

Pilzli Pilzli

written by Any, 17/10/16

Folds really! Have beautiful poles harvested and a delicious mushroom menu cooked! Good idea. One must have no green thumb :-)

Easy and quick to get started

written by Torben, 24/05/17

Easy and quick putting the mushrooms on. I'm very excited for mushrooms. Now they just stand waiting to grow out of the house. Certainly exciting project. However, they smell a little bit during t... Read more

mushroom house

written by Dorte, 13/09/17

Mushroom house used as a gift. Very popular - the mushrooms rolled out of the house. After all, they should be very tasty ;-)

Very cute :)

written by DSteinbach, 15/02/18

Was everything worked perfectly. Was the Christmas present for my grandparents. They were very surprised, how many mushrooms came out. There were quite a few: D And the mushroom pan was probably delic... Read more

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