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Heart Shaped Egg Mould

Boil an egg, peel it, put it in the heart shaped egg mould and let it cool. Out comes a heart shaped egg! Perfect for someone you like a little bit eggstra!

Heart Shaped Egg Mould - Heart Shaped Egg Mould
Heart Shaped Egg Mould
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What is this?


written by Betty, 24/02/14

Adorable-Must be used with small eggs and makes a perfect heart-I will use the herring at our first lunch this summer .... a real treat for the little ones at Easter.

Smart little thing

written by KM, 01/05/14

It works perfectly I put the hot eggs and put in the fridge, it was a fine heart when it was served. It might be smart if there had been room for more eggs so you could make several at once. :-)


written by per, 06/05/14

after other attempts smoke locks on the heart, so now I use a pinch to hold it together. otherwise it is a bit time consuming with a heart to make more eggs. maybe you ought sold several forms in a pa... Read more

Coolt till Sallad

written by Linda, 19/05/14

Denna was good receptivity hemma ... Little extra spice in Sallad :) have redan beställt a till då you bara may Gora is gobbled gången då the shell ligga in shape in 10min.

How fun!

written by Äggfantast, 06/08/14

Easy to use, the eggs were good on the first try. Washing was no problem. Super fun thing just to juice up all the eggs you eat every breakfast!

Eggspress egg shape

written by Heidi , 25/09/15

Purchased product when the idea is really cute. The egg is shaped so you can see that it looks like a heart but the yolk inside can not I look like a heart. Have tried several times and with different... Read more

Sweet egg ;-)

written by Mamma til 4, 15/12/15

Very simple shapes to create cute <3 eggs. Remember to put the eggs (in shell) heat into molds. Cozy serving :-)

Eggpress fun to have ...

written by crille53, 18/12/15

This Egg pressure is a fun thing to have, but it should not be too small eggs for it to work, otherwise ok.

Trifle for wedding

written by ManuBa78, 30/12/15

A boiled egg is boring. But with this great part can be brought into each egg (heart) form. I have presented these eggs Former "Heart" to the wedding. The gifted were delighted.


written by HVR, 05/01/16

It works great, as advertised. Egg enters oval and comes out heart shaped. A friend was very glad to get the gift.

Far to big!

written by T, 05/01/16

I think this product was useless when there are large eggs enough to be made hearts out of shape. Good idea but does not work on the Swedish egg I've tested

Not quite what I imagined ...

written by Marie, 17/02/16

My heart was not in the picture, only half the egg was heart-shaped, maybe I was too small egg ...


written by Annika , 22/02/16

This little thing can really brighten breakfast moment :-) small and handy take up no space in the box. Easy to take on the trip.

A nice surprise

written by Tiltu, 25/02/16

Heart Models boiled eggs were a nice surprise for valentine day with breakfast. The mold works, I recommend!

Without remark

written by Rolf Axel, 10/03/16

Works exactly as promised. Moreover buslätt washing dishes. Buy However, extra-large eggs (+ 73g), it is not good with standardägg (53-63g).

Romantic eggs

written by Gadden, 30/03/16

Easy ways to make romantic and funny eggs to someone you care about! I bought three pieces, but I usually boil eggs in the egg boiler and then recommend buying even more to make ägghjärtan of all the ... Read more

Mashed eggs

written by Fotoholm, 21/04/16

Read previous recessions and most seemed happy. But you have to have ideal size of the eggs for it to work ... Have tried M, L and extra large eggs. M for small, L for small and extra-large became pur... Read more

egg Molds

written by Nonbo, 05/05/17

Fun heart egg shape. The grandchildren seemed really good about them and have fun making the eggs in shape.

as expected

written by ver, 20/10/17

It works, easy to wash, produces a result as expected. hard to neither chop nor boast even if the text limit does

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