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Heart Shaped Frying Pan

Invite someone you love to a fried egg shaped like a heart. Thanks to this small cast iron with a heart pattern in the middle, everyday life becomes both better and more loving. Yum!

Heart Shaped Frying Pan - Heart Shaped Frying Pan
Heart Shaped Frying Pan
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written by Johan, 31/12/13

Bought this heart-shaped pan, after one use so toasted the right and left unsightly rust spots after themselves, do not recommend it!

Everything from burning

written by Carina Jensen, 03/01/14

Super cute forehead to look at, but unfortunately completely useless, since everything burns hopelessly stuck on it.

heart egg

written by Hanna , 05/03/14

Excellent :) became a good gift for mom. Liked that one could put it together. Funket very nice :) :) :)

Heart Shaped Frying Pan

written by SatuKoo, 23/03/14

I bought it in the belief that it takes more than one use. I used a wooden spatula, plain washer vedllä and put out to dry. I took the pan again and it was rusty: / Really bad quality, I do not recomm... Read more

Beyond expectation!

written by Sofia, 16/04/14

How can you be anything but happy when ordering from here? The product conformed exactly with the picture and description! Incredibly happy! Thanks!

Heart shaped

written by Michelle, 29/04/14

I have fried eggs in it and I was surprised how nice it was. Inge mess. However, the handle complicated. I bolted for the several times during roasting.

Not flat underneath

written by Daniel, 13/10/14

The boiler could not stand flat on the cooking plate, so frying surface was uneven. Depended on the bevel, which was not helped by stem weighed so much that it overturned more. Not even the cheap pric... Read more

The kids loved it

written by Tdahl, 13/10/14

With heart-shaped eggs, pancakes, omelet and svele was a great success. Must surely book another to get roasted slightly faster :)


written by Tessa, 25/11/14

Monstrous hit with my daughter. Is very pleased with the product. The price was nothing to say on either.

Heart-shaped frying pan

written by es, 30/12/14

Funny skillet that makes heart-shaped eggs or pancakes if you like. A little rough at the bottom but works well despite it.

too heavy

written by Anna, 29/01/15

When I, I was the pan from the packaging nam quite surprised how heavy the pan! The quality seems to be fine.

better than expected

written by Harry Wolfanger, 29/07/15

I was skeptical at first because of the small size of 10cm, as not all Induktiuonsherde so accept small Durchemsser, usually until 15 cm. But it works. Heats quickly, suitable for fried eggs or pancak... Read more

work out but

written by nm, 02/10/15

The va a fun thing, unfortunately so right the skewed so it will be very uneven in frying. otherwise it's fun to be able to make heart-shaped eggs and pancakes :-)

Both happy and yet not

written by Daniel, 14/12/15

For this money, I think not, I will bring the world thing. But the quality was worse than I thought. Burned fixed at once and refuse to come off, though I did clean it exactly as I do with my other ca... Read more

So happy!

written by Felicia, 14/12/15

The frying pan is really nice and has the perfect size, super gift regardless of age! Is very pleased and delivery was fast and smooth!

Fun forehead

written by Monitzzz, 25/12/15

Fun small frying pan that can be used both for eggs and pancakes or pancakes. Funny Christmas gift!

Sweet small boilers

written by Anette, 25/12/15

Heavier than I thought they would be. Will be fun to make pancakes or small heart-shaped eggs. Funny gift for someone you care about.

happy givtagabde

written by Anzi , 29/03/16

Have not had time to try it. But looks good and it is substantial for the price range. Ordered one for myself also

Heart-shaped frying pan

written by Värmlandstös, 06/04/16

Cute, but was difficult to get the shape of the egg when it got stuck in the pan despite lubrication / grease before

Only a gag - nothing else

written by knerzelman, 14/05/16

Rubbishy without end. A rough cast-iron lumps of not plan just turns on the stove. Lack smooth surface bakes everything at 100%. The part is from front to back Chinese garbage. Do not buy! @Coolstuff:... Read more

it is a frying pan!

written by GhS, 26/09/16

It's a frying pan ... seems like a skillet to work ... and so is the brain-shaped ... by ike quite what more can be said about the

Small cast iron

written by Gro Cecilie Bergby , 21/06/18

A very good and solid little frying pan with love.

Heart-shaped frying pan

written by Tommy, 10/08/18

Fast delivery and great prices. The frying pan met my expectation. The product complied with the description.

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