Hickies Lacing System

Throw away your regular old shoe laces and put some elastic ones on instead. Match the colours with your shoes and then turn your regular foot coverings into a pair of really good looking and comfortable slip-on shoes. Never tie shoes again!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Stylish and practical

written by Anna, 03/12/15

When I saw these, I knew immediately that I just had to try a couple. Was about to kill me on the job a while ago when I stumbled over my own shoelaces, which actually is very easy to do! I chose to f... Read more


written by Anton, 11/01/16

Incredibly easy to put on and remove their shoes! Sitting far better than conventional laces. And they adapt perfectly to the foot. I use them on my Jalas working shoes and my regular boots.

meet expectations

written by Ros-Marie, 20/01/16

Bought it as a gift and it was much appreciated. Fast delivery makes the overall impression is the highest rating.


written by Tobbe, 08/02/16

Fun idea, Easy to get to and from the feet. However, if you have something bigger feet (size 46), you should avoid these. The buckles are too small and too tight too tight. Please go by themselves add... Read more


written by Rontas, 15/02/16

Good product, when you can not tie his shoes. Let's see how long they last, yet it looks good. The shoe sits very well on foot. Do they use a pair of walking shoes.

Hickies - brilliant invention :-)

written by Mit, 15/02/16

Purchased through Cool Stuff, hickies elastic laces. They are nothing less than brilliant, no mess to tie shoelaces, quickly get in the shoes. For children who can not yet tie shoelaces is an obvious ... Read more

Getting off laces

written by IN, 15/02/16

Every time I went to the old shoelaces I feared that they should go off when I hurry next time. With Hickies elastic problem is solved and furthermore the shoes sit perfectly.

not stumble more on shoelaces

written by Britta, 29/02/16

AAV has suffered sudden drop 2 times when the laces slithered up many things become difficult when osteoarthritis of the fingers start to come, it will avagare nicely with the color, the shoes for wal... Read more

not tested, yet!

written by Britta, 29/02/16

bought four grandchildren for Easter they see clearly cool the corresponding picture! Now it remains to see if they like the colors and sizes will be right but I am happy to have found a cool Easter g... Read more

Great idea

written by Niklas, 07/03/16

Do me the laces ordered in Orange to the frayed replace so at my shoes. The "installation" was simple but well presented picturized again. It seems to me only so that the individual laces ar... Read more

Very cool

written by Raphi, 10/03/16

The Hickies have my sports shoes really enhanced! Quick replaced the laces, easy threading, done! Shoes sit firmly on the foot, the extension and tightening goes jerk twitch!

Quite a commodity

written by Sunis, 14/03/16

I ordered these two white pairs. Some everyday use and others working shoes. Very easy to put on. Snappy support, if you install a regular style. Flexible well when put on top of the shoe. Look "... Read more


written by Lisa, 18/05/16

Does not work at all on my shoes when my feet are very broad and shoelace went up. Best suited to those who have small feet would say yes. I like the idea very much. If yes, get less feet should I buy... Read more

Works better than I thought

written by Phillip, 22/08/16

Ordered 3 sets of Hickie to both working / training and golf shoes. These acts disturbingly good, no downside (so far at least) that I can get on the move. Only thing that can be mentioned is that the... Read more

too tight

written by Harald Bigseth, 04/09/16

For me it was a bomkjøp as them simply tightens so much that foot fade away after a while. The idea is good, but for my shoes and feet Paser them. Had it been a good idea to manufactured them in two l... Read more

Easy to use

written by Jürgen , 23/09/16

Convenient and easy. For all ages. Should more color options. At my order was unfortunately Black just sold out. Hole I later but after. Depending on the shoe, it could be longer.

Is too easily broken

written by J Bredo, 30/10/16

After using my hickies in just two weeks, they went simply to pieces. Sprang, one by one ... Too bad, because the product worked great!

Smart idea

written by EA, 18/11/16

The idea is smart, they just did not fit the shoes, I was going, so I can not say whether they are good in the long term.

Ansich clever product

written by Chris, 13/12/16

The product is ansich very clever, the price is a little high, but still quite Ok. The problem I have with it is all the same length, what the shoe while very good is keeping the foot, but also a bit ... Read more

Goods not received - 5 stars for service

written by tv, 21/12/16

Hereby I would like to correct my earlier assessment. Goods I have not gone get -Of DHL lost? Cool Stuff has immediately without hesitation the money refunded: 5 stars for the cool Cool Stuff staff.


written by Tor Arild, 28/02/17

I'm having trouble linking shoes - Hickie elastic skohekter makes me have to tie. Very good.

They were too short :-(

written by Connie, 30/03/17

The principle was good, but the elastic bands were so short that the shoes were too tight. Just had to take them off again.


written by Handy man, 05/05/17

Simple and. Simple Good to wear Different color Different shoes. New shoes Away with shoelaces. In. With. New and simple

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